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Monday, March 3, 2008


USA-Congress, Senate (Upper house) House of representatives (Lower House)
UK-Parliament: House of commans (Lower house) House of lords (Upper House)
China- National people’s Congress GERMANY-Bundestag (Lower house) Bundesrat (Upper House) Iran- Majlis ISRAEL-Knesset,
NEPAL-National Panchayat, NETHERLANDS-The States General
NORWAY-Storting, KOREA, NORTH-Supreme People’s Assembly
RUSSIA- Duma, SWITZERLAND – Federal Assembly

Durand Lines – between India and Afghanistan
Mac. Mohan line – between India and China
Red Cliffe Line – between India and Pakistan
Maginet Line – between France and Germany
Hidenburg Line – between Poland and Germany
38th Parallel – between North Korea and South Korea
49th Parellel - between USA and Canada

1. White Paper – India 2. Blue Book – Britain
3. White Book – Portugal, China, Germany 4.Yellow Book – France
5. Grey Book – Japan and Belgium 6. Orange Book - Netherlands
NOBEL PRIZES –The honour of winning the Nobel Prizes go to the following 7 Indians:

1. Rabindar Nath Tagore Literature 1913
2. C. V. Raman Physics 1930
3. Hargobind Khurana Medicine 1968
4. Mother Teresa Peace 1979
5. S. Chandrashekhar Physics 1986.
6. Prof. Amaritya Sen Economics 1998
7. V. S. Naipaul Literature 2001

New Name Old Name
Bangladesh East Pakistan
Beijing Peking
Cape Kennedy Cape Canaveral
Ghana Gold Coast
Ho Chi Minh city Saigon
Indonesia Dutch East India
Iran Persia
Iraq Mesopotamia
Istanbul Constant In Pole
Myanmar Burma
Malaysia Malaya
Namibia South West Africa
The Netherlands Holland
Some Important Knowledge
1.International Court of Justice has its headquarters at-The Hague.
2.The General Assembly of UNO meets regularly-Once a year.
3.The head quarters of the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries(OPEC)are at-Vienna.
4.Which of the following organs of the UN has the basic responsibility for the maintenace of peace and security-Security Council.
5.Who amongst the following UN Secretary Generals,was killed in an air-crash-Dag Hammarskjoeld.
6.The headquarters of SAARC are located in which city?-Kathmandu.
7.The headquarters of International Atomic Energy Agency(IAEA) are located in-Vienna.

8.India become a member of United Nations in-1945.
9.The group of 77 is a/an-Economic group.
10.What is the Commonwealth of Independence Staates(CIS)-Group of 12 former republics of dissolved USSR.
11.What does BIMSTEC stand for-Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Secrtoral Technical and Economic Conference.
12.The headquarters of the Organisation of Peteroleum Exporting Countries are at-Vienna.
13.Presently known as the European Union ,the EEC was established in –1960.
14.India become a member of the United Nations-1945.
15.Where are the headquarters of European Union located-Brussels.
16.Who is the chairman of the UN Human Rights Commission-Najat Ai-Hajjaji.
17.Who is the President of the International Olympic Committee?-Jacques Rogge.
18.Which day is observed as the Commonwealth Day by member countries?-24th May.
19.Admission of States to the membership of the UN is made by-Two-thirds majority of the General Assembly members present and voting on the recommendation of the Security Council.
20.The noemal term of office of the UN Secretary-General is-5 years.
21.All of the following countries are permanent members of the UN security council,expect-Canada.
22.The number of permanent members of UN Security Council is-5.
23.The total number of members of UN Security Council is-15.
24.The General Assembly meets regularly-Once a year.
25.Which of the following UN agencies has its headquarters in Paris-UNESCO.
26.To which country does the present UN Secretary-General belong-Ghana.
27.To which country did the first Secretary-General if the UN belong-Norway.
28.Which of the following statements in regard to the UN Security Council is not correct?-The Presidency of the Council is alternated on a monthly basis confined to the permanent members.
29.Which of the following organs of the UN has the basis responsibility for the maintenance of peace and Security?-Security Council.
30.The number of principal organs of the United Nations-6.
31.Of the various agencies related to the United Nations,the one that has been in existence for the longest period is-Universal Postal Union.]
32.The only Indian woman who become President of the World Health Organisation so far is/was-Raj Kumari Amrit Kaur.
33.The normal term of office for which thf President and Vice president of the International Court of Justice are elected is-3 years.
34.The term office of a judge of the International Court of Justice is –9 years.
35.Thr headquarters of the International Court of Justice-The Hague.
36.Which of the following countries is not a permanent member of the UN Secuirty Council-Germany.
37.The total number of judges of the International Court of Justice is –15.
38.The Director-General of the World Health Organisation is-Jong-wook Lee.
39.Who is the President of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development?-Paul Wolfowitz.
40.The Director General of UNESCO is-Koichiro Matsuura.
41.Who among the following is the President of International Court of Justice-Gilbert Guillaume.
42.The headquarters of a few agencies related to the UN are located in Vienna,which is an-Austria.
43.Which one of the following principal organs of the UN specifically works on economics,social,cultural and humanitarian problems?-Economics and Social Council.
44.East Timor,Which became the 191st member of the U.N. is in the contient of-Asia.
45.The International Crimical Police Organisation has its headquarters at-Paris.
46.The headquarters of the Warsaw Treaty Organisation were at-Moscow.
47.The Warsaw Treaty Organisation which was created on May14,1955,had its member nations from-Erswhile Siviet bloc of countries.
48.What does NATO stand for-North Atlantic Treaty Organisation.
49.The Treaty which ushered in NATO,was signed by the member-nations at-Washigton.
50.The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation was created in-1949.
51.The secretary-General is required to submit an annual report on the work of the UN to-The General Assembly.
52.When was the International Monetary Fund established?-1945.
53.All of the following organizations have their headquarters at Geneva,expect-Food and Agricultural Organisation.
54.Which of the following countries is not a member of the United Nations-Taiwan.
55.The UN charter was ratified in 1945 by-29 Nations.
56.Which of the following organizations is,among other things,concerned with human rights and freedoms without distinction of race,sex,language,or religion-UNESCO.
57.Under article 61 of the UN charter,the membership of the Economic and Social Council was increased in which of the following years from 27 to 54-1973.
58.In which of the following years,the membership of the Security Council was increased from 11 to 15-1965.
59.The first meeting of the UN General Assembly was held in which of the following cities?-London.
60.In which year a resolution ‘Uniting for Peace’was adopted by UN General Assembly?-1950

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