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Friday, March 14, 2008


Cold Hot Live Die Lead follow employ dismiss
Dry wet Long Short Land water liberty slavery
Love Hate Like Dislike Bow stern think guess
Question Answer Gay Grave Stationary moving work rest
Asleep Awake Rejoice Mourn Dynamic static worker drone
Front Back Pleasant Disagreeable centrifugal centripetal familiar strange
Joy Sorrow Success Failure oriental occidental freedom captivity
Begin Cease Harmony Discord miser spendthrift extravagance thrift
Find Lose Blessing Curse sober intoxicated sacred profane
Friend Enemy Generous Mean spacious limited virtue vice
Dead Alive Velour Cowardice future past wisdom folly
Busy Idle Bravery Cowardice abundance scarcity polite rude
Sweet Sour Advance Retreat common rare proper common
Bright dull Arrive Depart simply complex Attack Defend barren fruitful agree contradict saint sinner height dept
True False Before After ally enemy bashful bold quick slow Engage Dismiss flow ebb indolent diligence
Start finish Appear Vanish teach learn inhale exhale
Ugly beautiful Everywhere Nowhere natural artificial expand contract
Near far Earth Sea polite saucy victor vanquished
Kind cruel Hill Valley summit base antecedent consequent
Empty full Mountain Plain apex base eager reluctant
Ever never Right Left cloudy clear order chaos
Bless curse Public Private dawn duck certain doubt
Adult child Acute Obtuse ascend descend venial unpardonable
North south Lazy Industrious vacant occupied rigid flexible
Absent present Master Servant hope despair novice veteran
Poor rich Arrive Depart interior exterior industry sloth
Right wrong Remember Forget permanent temporary accelerate retard
Win lose Appoint Dismiss obey command benevolent malevolent
Peace war Knowledge Ignorance negative positive compulsory voluntary
Rough `smooth Placid ruddy conceal reveal analysis synthesis
Coarse fine Raw cooked hide show surplus deficit
Top bottom Help hinder singular plural prosperous indigent
Buy sell Accept refuse foreign native consent dissent
Life death Robust feeble smile frown include exclude
Proud humble Good bad multiply divide transverse longitudinal
Easy difficult Big small wax wane attract distract
Cheap dear Clever stupid prosperity adversity amateur professional
Inside outside Here there victory defeat confine release
Give take first last superior inferior orthodox heterodox
Hit miss early late level steep pure adulterated
Wide narrow fat thin liquid solid lovely repulsive
Loud soft join separate pardon punish graceful hideous
Clean dirty light dark complainant defendant pugnacious peaceful
Weep laugh Day night debtor creditor hostile friendly
Collect disperse Many few rural urban gentile Jew
Youth age All none emigrant immigrant monotony variety
Modern ancient often seldom optimist pessimist survive succumb
Former latter fresh stale sincere insincere prospective retrospective
Least greatest straight crooked numerous sparse premature overdue
Slender stout Weak strong transparent opaque caution recklessness
East west Deep shallow pedestrian passenger force compel
High low Open close powerful feeble colleague antagonist
Upper lower Black white guilty innocent prudence indiscretion
Higher lower praise blame heaven hell motionless agitated
Better worse This that heroic base accurate inaccurate
Entrance exit These those ancestor progeny Indigenous Exotic
Active passive Morning evening assemble disperse Apprehend Release
Noise silence Summer winter condemn exonerate Gaiety Melancholy
Quiet noisy Young old slim stout Solitary Populous
Inner outer Giant dwarf minimum maximum Sparse Populated
Lend borrow Wild tam arrival departure Predecessor Successor
Go come Gain loss reward punishment Confusion Orderliness
Hard soft Happy sad economy extravagance Pleasure Pain
Old new Daily nightly increase decrease Convict Acquit
Junior senior Health sickness majority minority

Adandon desert, forsake, leave fate lot, destiny, end rude insurrection, revolt
Abbreviate curtail, abridge, compress fault error, flaw, defect rule govern, manage, supervise
Abundant ample, copious, plentiful fear terror, dread safe secure, sure, locked
Adore worship, idolize fearful timid, cowardly, nervous scandal slander, calumny
Alive lively, vivacious fight battle, contest, combat scorn despise, abhor, deprecate
Ally colleague, helper, partner float glide, drift, slip see behold, perceive, view
Frank candid, open, plain Fond affectionate, loving silent reticent, tactiturn, speechless
Alms offertory, dole, gratuity Friend comrade, companion sin transgression, offence, misdemeanour
Amend improve, ameliorate frugal thrifty, sparing, economical sly wily, artful, subtle
Anxiety misgiving, foreboding, solicitude Fruitful fertile, fecund, prolific small tiny, puny, little
Assent consent, acquiesce, agree game pastime, sport, fun smooth level, evel, flat Bad evil, wicked, devilish, naughty gay merry, jolly, lively souvenir token, relic, memorial
Beautify adorn, decorate general universal, common speech oratory, rhetoric, eloquence
Beg implore, solicit, beseech genuine pure, real spread disperse, diffuse, broadcast Value esteem, worth, appreciate Victory success, triumph stranger foreigner, alien, immigrant Behaviour conduct, emeanour, deportment good just, true, virtuous striong able, sturdy, lusty
Big huge, great, large habit custom, way, usage suitable appropriate, befitting, becoming Weak feeble, frail, flimsy ugly hideous, horrid, squalid surrender yield, submit, capitulate
Blame censure, upbraid, reprove. Hateful detestable, execrable trick hoax
Blessing benediction, benison Help aid, support, assist trust rely, believe
Brave courageous, fearless, daring. High tall, lofty, elaborate try strive, essay
Bright clear, intelligent, lustrous hinder thwart, impede, obstruct Fashion custom, style, form regent viceroy, deputy, substitute Fasten bind, tether, fix Fatal deadly, mortalr
Brittle frail, fragile Home abode, dwelling, residence riot insurrection, revolt, mutiny
Disaster misfortune, calamity, adversity Obedient meek, servile, respectful Discourse lecture, sermon, exhortatio Oblation gift, offering
Busy lively, alert, nimble Infinite endless, limitless, boundless
Map plan, outline, chart
Candid frank, open, outspoken Care anxiery, solicitude Insolvent Bankrupt
Catch seize, arrest, appreshend Invasion raid, attack
Cause reason, purpose, motive Invoke call, summon Character reputation, Irritate tease, provoke
Charity benevolence, philanthrop Kind thoughtful, good, affectionate
Choose select, discriminate, differentiate Lazy slothful, idle, inert
Clever ingenious, versatile, precocious Lure coax, entice, seduce
Clothes attire, dress, garb,
Confess admit, own, acknowledge,
Constant incessant, eternal, perpetual Marry gay, jolly, jocund
Cross fretful, crusty, ill-humoured Mistake blunder, fault, error
Cruelty oppression, tyranny, persecution Motive reason, purpose
Dangerous perlous, risky, hazardous Narrate tell, say, report
Dear expensive, costly Necessary needful, requisite, essential
Decrease contract, lessen, curtail Necessity want, need
Difficult hard, involved, intricate Obey yield, submit
Malice spite, hate, rapacity

Above all (chiefly, mainly)
On Account of (due to, for the reason)
On no account (not for any reason)
Above board (honest, beyond reproach)
To give a good account of oneself (to act with credit to oneself)
A fidus Achates (a faithful friend)
The heel of Achilles (a week point)
An Adonis (a very handsome man)
To build castles in the air (To day dream)
To assume airs (to affect superiority)
To air one’s opinions (to give vent to one’s feeling in public)
To stand aloof (To keep to oneself and not mix with others)
To lead to the altar (to marry)
An Amazon (a warlike masculine woman)
An Ananias (a liar)
An Apollo (a man with perfect physique)
The apple of discord (cause of quarrel)
To upset the apple cart (to disturb the peace)
Apple pie order (in perfect order)
Arcadian life (a blissful ,happy , rural and simple life)
To keep a person at an arm’s length (to avoid and keep distance from a person)
To take up arms ( to fight , to go to war)
To have an axe to grind ( to have some selfish objective in view)
Not to know a B from a bull’s foot ( to be ignorant of even the simplest things)
A Babel (a confused noise)
To break the back of any thing(to perform the most difficult part of it)
To get one’s back up (to rouse one’s anger)
To backbite a person (to slander or speak ill of someone)
He has no backbone (he has no will of his own)
To cause bad blood (to cause enmity)
Bag and baggage (with all one’s belongings)
To keep the ball rolling ( to keep things going0
Baptism of fire ( a soldier’s first experience of actual war)
To call to the bar (to admit as a barrister)
Barmecide’s feast ( imaginary benefits)
To beat about the bush (to approach a matter in an indirect and round about manner)
To be dead beat (worn out by fatigue)
Bed and board (lodging and food )
As you make your bed, so must lie on it (you will have to bear the consequences of your crimes or your own mistakes or misdeeds)
To take to one’s bed (to have to be confined to bed as a result of sickness)
Bee- line (the shortest distance between two places)
To go a -begging (to be sold very cheaply because no one cares to buy)
Behind one’s back (without one’s Knowledge)
Behind the scenes (in private, out of sight)
To bell the cat (to undertake a dangerous task and the enemy is common)
To hit below the belt (to act unfairly in a contest)
His better half (a man’s wife)
A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush (certainty is better then possibility)
An old bird is not to be caught with chaff (experienced people are not easily fooled or deceived)
To take the bit between one’s teeth (to get out of control)
To bite the dust (to be defeated in battle)
The biter bit (to cheat the cheater)
His bark was worse than his bite (he usually makes a lot of vain verbal threats)
A wet Blanket (a person who is a discourage)
In cold Blood (deliberately)
Blood is thicker than water (One usually takes the side of ones relation against another who is not one’s own blood)
To blow hot and cold (to do one think at one time and the opposite soon after)
A blue stocking (a learned woman)
Once in a blue moon (a very rare occurrence)
Blue ribbon (the highest prize in any sport competition)
At first Blush (at first sight)
In the same boat (in the same misfortune or circumstances)
A bolt from the blue (a sudden )
A bone of contention (a cause of dispute)
A Book-worm (a person always poring over books)
By leaps and bounds (with remarkable speed)
Breach of promise (failure to keep a promise to marry one of whom you are betrothed)
One’s bread and butter (one’s means of livelihood)
His bread is well butter (he is in fortunate circumstance)
The bread winner (one who provides the means of livelihood for himself and his family)
To Break in (to tame, to control in a gentle manner)
To break the news (to reveal something pleasant in a gentle manner)
To break the ice (to be the first to begin)
To breadth one’s last (to die)
To breadth freely again (to be no longer in a fear or anxiety)
To make bricks without straw (to attempt to do something without proper materials or due preparations)
Never cross the Bridge until you come to it (don’t anticipate difficulties
It is an broad as it is long (it is the same whichever way you view it)
To brow beat (to bully)
To kick the bucket (to die)
John bull (an Englishman)
To burry the hatchet (to forget past quarrels and be friends again)
Good wine needs no bush (there is no need to advertise something good)
To raise cain (to rebuke severely)
To take the cake (to take the first prize)
To burn the candle at both ends (to expend energy in two directions at the same time)
If the cap fits, wear it (if you think the remarks refer to you)
Capitan punishment (the death sentence or penalty)
To put the cart before the horse (to do first what ought to be done afterwards)
To let the cat out of the bag (to expose the trick)
To fight like cats and dog (to be always quarrelling and fighting)
Care killed the cat (don’t fret and worry yourself to death)
See which way the cat jumps (sit on fence)
To rain cats and dogs (to rain incessantly)
He is a cat’s paw (one used as a to something dangerous)
To Catch one’s eye (to attract attention)
To take the chair (to preside a meeting)
She is no chicken (she is older than she says)
Chicken hearted (weak, timid)
Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched (don’t calculate your gains before they are realized)
A chip of the old block (a son resembling his father in face disposition, habits etc.)
Hobson’s choice (no alterative)
To pick and choose (to make a careful selection)
Every cloud has a silver lining (adverse conditions do not last for ever)
To square the circle (to attempt something impossible)
Close fisted (mean)
To have one’s head in the cloud (to live in dreamland)
To carry coals to New castle (to do any thing superfluous)
Cut your cloth according to your cloth (live within your income)
A cock and bull story (a foolishly incredible story)
To be cock sure (to be absolutely certain)
To throw cold water upon anything (to discourage effort)
Off color (not in the usual form)
To came off with flying color (to succeed brilliantly)
To commit to memory (to learn by heart)
Too many cooks spoil the broth (when there are more worpkers than necessary)
To send to Coventry (to boycott)
An admirable Crichton (a very talented person)
Crocodile tears (hypocritical tears)
By hook or by crook (by fair or foul means)
As the crow flies (in a direct line)
To take up the cudgels (to champion or flight for someone)
To curry favour (to seek favour by flattery)
Cut and dried (ready made)
To cut a dash (to make an impression)
To be at daggers drawn (to be deadly enemies)
A dare-devil (a fearless, reckless man)
Up to date (recent, modern)
Out of date (obsolete)
Evil days (a period of misfortune)
Halcyon days (A time when there is peace and happiness in the land)
To step into dead man’s shoes (to come into an inheritance)
To give the devil his due (give a person credit for his good qualities however worthless he may be)
Go to the devil (be off)
Devil’s playthings (playing cards)
Devil’s bones (dice)
To be between the devil and the deep sea (to be faced with two dangerous situations, each of which is to be dreaded as much as the other)
To be on the horns of dilemma (to in such a position that it is difficult to decide what to do)
Give a dog a bad name and hang him (once a person loses his reputation)
To be a dog in the manger (to prevent others from using what one can’t use oneself )
Every dog has his day (sooner or later, every one has his share of good fortune)
To be in the doldrums (to be in low spirits, to be out of spirits)
Ups and downs (varying fortunes; changes and chances of life)
To throw dust in one’s eyes (to try to deceive some one )
Dutch courage (bravery induced by alcoholic liquors)
Eagle -eye (quick to discover; very discerning )
A bad egg (a worthless person)
Don’t put your eggs in one basket (Don’t stake all your money on a single industry)
A white elephant (a useless possession which is extremely expensive to keep )
At the eleventh hour (at the last moment)
To make both ends meet (to keep expenses within one’s income)
An eye for an eye(tit for tat to return evil for evil ;retaliate
Bad faith (dishonest intentions)
A breach of faith (to act contrary to what one had professed)
To fall out (to quarrel)
To fall through (fail)
Birds of a feather flock together (people of similar tastes and dis- positions crave each other’s company)
To set the Thames on fire (to do something sensational or remarkable)
A burnt child dreads the fire (one who has had a previous unpleasant experience is always scared of situations where such experience are likely to be repeated)
A fish out of water (anyone in an awkward)
Other fish to fry (more important business to attend to)
By fits and starts (spasmodically)
Foul play (cheating)
To jump from a frying pan into fire (to come out of one trouble and get into a worse)
To gain ground (to make progress in any undertaking)
To play to the gallery (to endeavour to gain cheap popularity)
To give up the ghost (to die)
Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones (people who do not live blameless lives should not find fault with others)
All that glitters is not gold (things are not always as attractive as they appears)
A good for nothing (a worth less person)
A good Samaritan (a friend in need)
A wild goose chase (a vain attempt)
To kill the goose that laid the golden egg (to lose a valuable source of income though greed)
To cut a Gordian knot (to solve a difficult problem by adopting bold and drastic measures)
From hand to hand (from one person to another)
Hard and fast rules (strict rules)
Hard to hearing (almost deaf )
Back in harness (to resume work after a holiday)
To die in harness (to continue at one’s occupation until death)
More haste less speed (work done hurriedly is apt to be badly done)
Make hay while the sun shines (take advantage of all opportunities)
To be in hot water (to be in trouble or difficulty)
To eat an humble pie (to submit oneself to humiliation and insult)
To kiss the book (to take an oath in a produce or commodities)
To kiss the dust (to be defeated in battle)
A laconic speech (a concise)
To look to one’s laurels (to take care not to lose one’s place)
To win laurels (to gain distinction or glory in s contest)
To smell of the lamp (to show signs of strenuous preparation for an examination or a speech etc)
Look before you leap (think before action)
To stand on one’s own legs (to depend entirely on one’s own resources)
To give the lie to (to prove to be false)
To bring to light (to reveal)
A Lilliputian (a pygmy)
The lion’s share (the largest part)
Lock, stock and barrel (the whole of everything)
A Martinet (a very strict disciplinarian)
A miss is as good as a mile (comes nowhere near it)
To move heaven and earth (to exert all efforts)
To hit the nail on the head (to mention the true facts of a case)
A stitch in time saves nine (If we give our attention to the little details of life)
In a nutshell (Summed up in a few words)
Out of temper (angry)
To pick to pieces (to analyses critically)
The proof of the pudding is in eating (people are judged by their actions)
To put down a person (to degrade or humiliate a person)
To make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear (to attempt to accomplish great things with inferior materials)
Pyrrhic victory (a victory that is as costly as defeat)
To be like a drowned rat (to be soaking wet)
Red flag (the symbol of revolution)
To be caught red-handed (to be caught in the very act of committing a crime)
Red letter-day (a memorable day)
Red tape (a team used to describe the delay in attending to matters in government department because the official routine and formality)
Rome was not built in a day (it takes time to accomplish anything really worthwhile)
To be between Scylla and Charybdis (to be faced with two dangerous alternatives)
To see daylight (to begin to understand)
A close shave (a narrow escape)
A skeleton in the cupboard / the family skeleton (a dreadful domestic secret)
By the skin of the teeth (very narrowly)
A snake in the grass (an enemy who strikes under cover)
A Spartan life (a life of extreme self discipline)
To call a spade a spade (to be brutally frank)
A rolling stone gathers no moss (unstable people never achieve anything worthwhile)
One swallow does not make a summer (it is unreliable to base one’s conclusions on only a single test or incident)
Empty vessels make the most noise (those who know or have little knowledge often shout the loudest)
If wishes were horses, beggars might ride (if all people’s wishes came true every body would be rich)
A nine days’ wonder (an event which relates a sensation for a time but is soon forgotten)
Yellow press (newspapers which publish sensational and unscrupulous stories about crime, sex etc.)
A bad beginnings makes a bed ending.
A bad excuse is better than none at all.
A bad husband cannot be a good man.
A beggar can never be bankrupt.
A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.
A burnt child dreads fire.
A cat may look at a king.
A cheerful look makes a dish a feast.
A cheerful wife is the joy of life.
A clear conscience is a coat of mail.
A drowning man will catch at a straw.
A drunkard’s purse is a bottle.
A fault confessed is half redressed.
A fool and his money are soon parted.
A fool may give a wise man counsel.
A fool may make money, but it takes a wise man to spend it.
A friend in need a friend indeed.
A friend is easier lost than found.
A friend’s frown is better than a fool’s smile.
A full purse makes the mouth to speak
A good dog deserves A good bone.
A good husband makes a good wife.
A good man is better than riches.
A good name is sooner lost than won.
A great talker is a great liar.
·26 A guilty conscience needs no accuser.

A wise man changes his mind sometimes, a fool never.
A wonder lasts nine days.
A word to the wise is enough.
Absence makes the heart grow founder.
Action speaks louder than words.
Advice when most needed is least heeded.
After a storm comes a calm.
All covet, all lose.
All that glitters is not gold.
All work and not play makes Jack a dull boy.
All play and no work makes Jack a mere toy.
A rolling stone gather no moss.
A rose between two thorns.
A short cut is often a wrong cut.
A switch in time saves nine.
A thing begun is half done.
All’s fair in love and war.
All’s fish that comes to his net.
All’s well that ends well.
Among the blind the one -eyed man is king
A miss is as good as a mile.
A penny for your thoughts.
A pound of the care won’t pay an ounce of debt.
An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
A man is as old as he feels.
A man’s house is his castle.
An army marches on its stomach.
An empty bag will not stand upright
A hungry man is an angry man.
An idle brain is the devil’s workshop.
A man in debt is caught in a net.
A heavy purse makes a light heart.
An old bird is not to be caught with chaff

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