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Monday, March 3, 2008

English Letter and More


— This lesson is based on the theme that those who have over ambitions are punished by fate.life is very strange.A little thing is needed to run or ruin human beings.Chance plays a very important role in human life.To every climax there is an anti-climax.Women love jewellery.They think that it adds to their charm.They do not hesitate in borrowing jewellery.Some times their habbit to borrow the jewwelery creats problems to them.
In the lesson Mathilde loisel was born in a poor family.She was very charming.But she had to marry a clerk.So she was unhappy. She was very proud to her beauty.She was very ambitious girl.She always dreamt about wealth and pleasures.
Mathild was an unlucky woman.She borrowed a necklace to wear in a party.But she lost it in the party.She had to spend 36,000 frances to replace it.She had to lower her standard of living to return the money.She and her husband had to work hard to repay the borrowed money.She was shocked to find that the borrowed necklace was made of artificial diamonds.
Mathilde was a brave girl.To pay off the debt,she had to face many difficulties but she did not lose heart.
—This lesson is based on the working of the mind of a child lost in a village fair.This shows the great love of a child for his father and mother.A child by nature wishes to poises every beautiful,attractive and strange thing when he was ih the company of his parents.But when he is lost,nothing interests or attract him.

This lesson is based on the theme that young school going boys do not like to go to school on Monday after enjoying a holiday of Sunday. They make lame excuse to avoid school.
In this lesson- Tom is a young school going boy. He, his brother Sid and his sister Marry all live with their Aunt Polly. Like all schoolboys, he does not like to go to school after Sunday. For him going to school is like going to jail. He makes lame excuse to avoid going to school. First he cries due to toothache. He wakes up Sid and tell him that he is going to die. Sid gets frightened. He brings Aunt Polly to do something for Tom. Aunt Polly knows the tricks of Tom. She makes the arrangement to pull out his aching tooth. Tom gets frightened. He gets ready to go to school.
This lesson is based on the theme that young school going boys do not like to study during their vacations. They get angry when someone asks them to study. For them holidays mean only enjoyment. They want to play in the company of their friends.
Swami is a young school going boy. He does not like to study during the summer vacations. He wants to roam with Rajan and Mani. He gets angry when his father ask him
to study. Swami has a revengeful nature, when his father tells him to bring a piece of cloth to dust the books. He pulls the cloth from under the baby for taking revenge from his mother. He is very weak in Arithmetic when his father asks him to solve this sum. He cannot solve this sum. He wants to know if the mangoes are ripe or unripe. This silly question makes us laugh.
This lesson is based on the theme that are different types of rules. Some are hard and fast which cannot be broken until the risk of life, like the rules of traffics. But there are some other rules which may apply or not as the circumstances may be. The rule of carrying dogs in buses is of this type. These types of rules should follow in spirit and not in letter.
In this lesson a bus conductor is used the rules to troubling his passengers. He can easily allow the lady to travel in his bus with her dog. But he orders the lady to go on the top of bus in a cold bitterly night. It is very difficult for a lady to go on the top of a bus in a cold bitterly night. The writer advises him to mix up a little good temper and goodwill with the rules.
This lesson deals with the profession of pearl fishing. There are two types of men, thin and fat. The thin men are the divers and the fat men are the rope puller. The thin men must keep their body in fine shape and not to get more food. So they eat little and chew their food very slowly. Their work is very hard. They have to dive into the water about 160 times daily. But the fat men eat a great deal o meal. They need the great strength of muscles. The lives of the divers depend upon the strength of the rope puller. The thin men get the best treatment, but the rope pullers are ignored.
This lesson deals with the life style of Maori people. They are the natives of New-Zealand. They live in villages. They use wooden houses to live, because there is danger of earthquakes and a wood house cause less damage while falling than brick houses. The men do the harder job like cultivation while women do the household work. There are many hot pools in Maori villages. These hot pools are very useful for them. People use these pools for washing, bathing and cooking. For cooking the food they put their eatables in a bag of flux and place. It into the hot pools after a short while it becomes ready to eat. Some hot pools have medicinal properties. People came from far to cure their Skin diseases by bathing in these pools. The Maoris are religious minded people. They often go to church. In this way Maori way of life is very interesting.
This lesson is based on the theme that nature has a rich variety of birds and animals. Penguins are strange Sea birds. They cannot fly. Their wings are small and stiff. They use their wings as paddles while swimming. Their legs are short and thick and are set very far back. Therefore they can walk only in an upright position. They feed on fish, weed and other creatures in sea. They breed on the lonely Island of the Southern seas. They carry their eggs in small pockets near their tails between the legs, to keep them warm. Their behavior and appearance are very amusing. The Penguins have the qualities of fish, animal and bird.
This essay is based on the theme that a man with genius may not get praise from his own countrymen. A very intelligent man may have in his own country.
Alfred Nobel was born on 21st Oct 1833 in Stockholm. His father was an engineer who invented the under water mines. Nobel invented dynamite. This dynamite begin to be used by arms producers. Politicians, Industrialists and the press bitterly criticized him for adding to the horrors of war. This criticism was unfair and unjustified. Nobel’s inventions were also useful for works of peace. They were used in road building, mining and construction of tunnels.
Alfred Nobel is best known through the Nobel prizes which are awarded every year. The awards were first given in 1904. Five prizes are given every year, three to those who have made outstanding contribution to Physics, Chemistry and medicine. One award is a literary award. Another award is given to a person who has done most to promote the friendship of Nations.
This lesson is based on the theme that children fell excited when they receive any gift from their elders. They want to show the gift to their friends and classmates. They want to share their happiness with others.
In this lesson Susan is a young school going girl. She is a loveable child. She receives a gift from her godmother. She feels excited and she gets her mother’s permission to invite some girls on tea. She wants to share her happiness by showing the gift to her friends. Susan is a brave girl, while going to school, she is feeling great. She reaches school late. But she bears the punishment with braveness. In the excitement she invite the whole school to her home. Her mother scolds her to invite so many girls, because it is very difficult to serve tea to so many girls. In the excitement she even forgets to show her gift to the girls.
This lesson is based on the theme that a man who has a very high opinion of him-self often comes to grief.
In this lesson Johnson was a proud and boastful Journalist. He has a very high opinion of himself. He thinks that he knows everything about Jungle Patrol. He was very Stubborn. The army commander told him about the difficulties in the Jungle Patrol but he does not take any attention to it. He boasts that he knows a lot about Jungle Patrol, but actually army men befool him. He is loaded with heavy equipments. Johnson is a big bore. He bores the army men by his endless talking. He has to suffer for his talkativeness. In the end he is flown away to a military hospital. He is made the victim of a practical.
This lesson is based on the idea that he who seeks, finds. A man with strong will can always-faced difficulties. A person with adventureours spirit never loses his heart. He always tries his bests to achieve his target.
Columbus was the man of strong will. He discovered America. He was born in 1457 in Genoa. His father was a weaver. Columbus was a brave adventurer. He had to face many difficulties and challenges during his voyage. Columbus was a very tactful. The sailors in his ship refused to go forward because they have not seen any sign of land for more than a month. He got their acceptance for another three days. But before the time limit they sighted land and Columbus was able to go further. Columbus was rewarded by luck.
This lesson is based on the idea that Science is a great bless as well as a great healer of disease with the help of Science. We are able to cure from dreadful disease like rabies. Louis, Pasteur was the first person who discovered the curing for rabies. He became very famous for his discovery. He was a great achiever. He found preventing against anthrax and silk worms. He helped mankind by many ways. He also found the way for preventing the purity of milk, wine and other liquids. Pasteur faced many dangers during his discoveries. It was very dangerous to get some saliva from a mad dog’s mouth. Pasteur was a great seeker of knowledge. He always tried to get more and more knowledge. Due to his discoveries and knowledge he is a world famous scientist.
This lesson is based on the theme that everything is possible for a man with strong will, man with an adventurous spirit can do extra ordinary things. Such person is become an example for another. He is not bothered by difficulties.
The story of Mihir Sen. is an example of courage and braveness. He becomes a proof for the world that Indian can do every difficult and challengeful deed. To swim, the palk straits, the straits of Gibraltar were the great challengers for the world. But Mihir Sen of India had swum the palk straits and straits of Gibraltar. He was the first Indian to have swum the straits of the 50-mile long Panama canal. The purpose of Mihir Sen behind this to encourage the youth of India to do some extra ordinary things. We can learn a lot from his fine and great achievement.
Character Sketch Of Mihir Sen.- Mihir Sen is a famous swimmer of India. He was born in 1930 at Purulia in Bengal. He is a barrister at the Kolkata High Court. He is married and has four children. He has been interested in swimming since his boyhood. He is a man of determination. When he was a student in England, he tried to swim the English Channel many times. But he did not succeed. However, he did not lose the heart. In 1958 he become the first Indian to swim the English Channel.

1.Write a letter to your father giving him an account of the prize distribution function of your school.
Examination Hall,
Dec 31st 2007,
Respected Father,
In this letter I am giving you an account of the Prize distribution function of our college held on 25th Dec. The Education Minister presided over the function. The Principal and other teaching staff received him at the college gate. The function began with the National Anthem. The principal spoke a few words to welcome the guests and the President. Then the principal read out the college report. Then the principal requested the president to give away the prizes. I was also one of the prizewinners. After giving away the prizes, the president made a short speech. He congratulated the prizewinners. He advised the student to work hard. In the end, the principal thanked the president and the function was over. Tea was served to the guests and the prizewinners.
Regards to dear mother and love for Christ.
Yours affectionately,
Name …… 2.Write a letter of sympathy to a friend who has failed in the Matriculation Examination.
A-2/344, Janta Nagar,
Dec 31st 2007.
Dear Christ,
The result of the matriculation Examination is out today. I am shocked not to find your roll number among the successful candidates in the result Gazette. Your failure quite unexpected.
I deeply sympathize with you. You are an intelligent and hardworking boy. You have always shown keen interest in your studies. It is only a bad luck that you have failed in the examination. Anyhow you should take your failure as a stepping-stone to your success. I am sure you will get good marks next year.
With deepest sympathy,
Your’s sincerely,
Name ……
3.Complaning against postman-
13, Janta Nagar,
Feb.1st 2008,
The Postmaster,
General Post Office,
With due respect, I regret to bring to your kind notice that the postman Sh. Ram Singh of my street is both rude and irregular. He is very careless and does not do his duty honestly. He often comes late. Some-times he does not come at all.
I have put up a letterbox on the outer wall of my house. The letterbox bears my name. The letterbox bears my name. The postman does not put my letters in the letterbox. He gives them to the children playing in the street. Thus many of my important letters are lost. I have requested him many times to do his duty properly. But my repeated requests have not made any desired effect to him.
I request you to look into the matter and warn the postman to be careful in future.
Your’s faithfully,
4.Unfair Means in the examination
Knowledge Foundation,
March 24th 2008.
The Editor,
The Tribune,
I shall be very thankful to you if you kindly publish following views about the growing use of unfair means in the examination.
The use of unfair means has become the order of the day. Examinations are no more a true test of the ability of the students. Those who doesn’t careful about their studies and miss classes pass the examination with high marks by using unfair means.
The use of unfair means can be checked by changing the format of the question paper questions should be set from the entire syllabus. Students should be kept busy for all the three hours. Expected and important questions should not be set. Teachers and supervisors who help the students in the examination should be punished.
Your’s Faithfully,
Name ……
5.Letter About Home News-
13, Janta Nagar,
Jan.28 2008.
Respected Father,
I received your letter yesterday. We are glad to read that you reached Delhi safely. Many things have happened in your absence.
A few days ago Uncle Ramesh visited us. He stayed for a day and then left for Shimla. He missed you badly.
My first quarterly examination started yesterday. I have fared well in English. I am preparing for Economics test. I have received Christ’s report card from typhoid. There is nothing worry about it.
Mother had recovered from typhoid. There is nothing worry about it.
Everyone at home is waiting for your return. Please write about your future programme.
With Regards,
Your’s affectionately,
Name ……
6. Inviting a friend on your Birthday Party-
A-2, Janta Nagar,
Jan 1st 2008.
Dear Sanjeev-
My birthday falls on Jan 13th 2008. I am inviting all my friends and relatives on this occasion. My parents are celebrating it with great enthusiasm. It will give me a chance to meet my old friends. Father has promised to get me a birthday cake. A photographer will also be there. I am giving a grand party on this occasion. The party will be held at 3 o’clock in the evening. I invite you to attend this party.
I have made many new friends in my college. It will be a time to laugh and dance together. We will also hear some sweet songs, from you. Please come prepared. I hope you won’t disappoint me.
With Love,
Yours sincerely,
Name ……
7. In-sanitary Condition
Dashmesh Nagar,
Jan 1st 2008.
The President,
Municipal Committee,
Through this letter, I beg to bring to your kind notice the in-sanitary condition of my street.
It is the dirtiest street. Heaps of rubbish lies here and there in it. Flies swarm over them. The drains always remain dirty. They give out a bad smell. Mosquitoes breed on them. They spread Malaria.
The sweeper does not come up for many days together. I have requested him many times to do his duty regularly. But my repeated requested have not made any effect on him. I request you to visit to the street and see things for yourself. I hope you will look into the matter and set the things right.
Yours Faithfully,
Name ……
8.Write a letter to the Editor of a newspaper complaining against the use of loudspeaker at night.
15, Model Town,
Jan 1st 2008.
The Editor,
The Tribune,
I shall be very thankful to you if you publish following lines in your esteemed paper.
The loudspeaker, like most of the inventions of science, is both a blessing and a curse. It is useful at a public meeting. But it use at night, and early in the morning is in tolerable. Some people and institutions use loudspeakers at night as well as in the early hours of morning. They make it difficult for one to study or to do any serious work. The examinations are fast approaching. It will be greatly appreciated if the Government bans the use of loudspeakers after 8:30 pm.
Yours Faithfully,
Name ……
9. Dowry System-
The Editor,
The Tribune,
I shall be very thankful to you if you kindly publish my views about custom on your esteemed paper.
The dowry system has become a curse for our society. A girl will never get a status equal to that of a boy as long as the dowry system prevails. The parents of the groom demand rich dowry from the bride’s parents. They fell they have spent a lot of money on their son; they want to get their money. The girl’s parent can’t pay that heavy amount. Many girls remain un-married and many girl are teased by their in laws for bringing less dowry. Sometimes the girls burn themselves or are burnt. All this is a blot on the fair name of our society.
I fell that this evil custom should be ended through social rather than legal sanctions. More and more girls should be educated. Young boys and girls in universities and colleges should take a pledge that no dowry will be involved in their marriage. This will solve the dowry problem.
Yours Truly,
Name ……
10. Write a letter to your mother about hostel life-
Guru Gobind Hostel,
Jan 1st 2008.
My dear father,
In this letter I am giving you an account about my hostel life.
Life at hostel is regulated at levels right from getting up in morning to going to bed at night. We work according to the fixed schedule time. The first bell rings at 5 am and every student, gets out of their bed. They are soon absorbed in their studies. The ringing of the bell announces the time for breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner. The last bell rings at 10:30 pm and lights are switched off and every student goes to sleep. This is bringing regularity and punctuality in my life.
Life at hostel is an education in itself. There are students from different sections of society. Life at hostel is enjoyable. We do not fell bored for a moment.
Yours Sincerely,
11.To the Editor against Wreck less Driving.
A-2/244 Janta Nagar,
The Editor,
The Tribune,
I shall be very thankful to you if you kindly publish following lines in your esteemed paper. I want to draw the attention of the authorities concerned toward wreck less driving in my city.
The roads of my city are quite wide. There are least chances of accidents to take place. But these facts encourage wreck less driving. Motor drivers drive at a very high speed. Young college boys drive vehicles at top speed. They neither care for their own lives nor for the others. This creates danger to children, women and old men who can not cross the roads quickly. The rash driving is responsible for serious accident, which take place everybody.
The authorities should limit the speed of the vehicles in the city. The offenders of traffic rules should be punished by low.
Your Faithfully,
Name ……

Q-What according to the author is more astonishing the absent mindedness or the efficiency of the human mind?
Ans-The efficiency of the human mind is more astonishing.
Q-In what sense was the baby also born on installments?
Ans-The fee of the doctor attending on Jill for delivery is paid in installments. It is in this sense that the baby was also born on installments.
Q-What happened at the critical moment when Uncle Podger leaned over the chair?
A-He lost his balance and fell on the piano. A fine musical effect was produced.
Q-How did Professor Ambrik Singh bring about the reconciliation?
A-He handles the greedy husband very clearly. He told him that he would marry his wife to better husband. This made him jealous. He agreed to take his wife back.
Q-What did the professor Ambrik Singh observe when his driver was examining the engine of car?
A-The professor saw a young man and young woman on a cycle. The young woman sat on the bar in front.
Q-How far according to Gandhiji, is the teacher responsible for the errors of his pupils?
A-A teacher is responsible for the errors of his students to some extent because they have been put under his charge.
Q-What arguments does Gandhiji give in favor of letting good boys mix with bad ones?
A-The association with bad boys will be a good displine for bad boys. They will learn to know the difference between good and bad. The good boys may also influence the bad boys.
Q-How did he make the wrong doers at the Ashram realize their faults?
A-He made the wrong doers relies their faults to penance himself.
Q-Why did Gandhiji dislike the idea of corprolor physical punishment?
A-Gandhiji thought that it was brutal and violent. He believed in correcting the students without using violence.
Q- How did Gandhiji want to train his boys at the Tolstoy’s home?
A-He wanted to train his boys mentally as well as spiritually.
Q-Where did Jonas find the Tank?
A-Jonas found the tank by the roadside. It lay there in the tall grass.
Q-How did Jonas and Cora converts the tank into their living place?
A-They first swept the inside. They covered the walls with tarpaper and cardboard. Jonas also made a door for the tank. Cora made a curtain for the window. They built a fireplace inside.
Q-Why could Cora not go high up on the side of the mountain?
A-Because Cora was pregnant. It was neither safe nor easy for her to reach such a high place.
Q-What happened when the policeman came?
A-The policeman pulled down the tank and threw away all their things. Policeman warned them that they would send to jail if they use the tank again.
Q-What outward differences between the Tamil and the Parthian can be mentioned to show the diversity of India?
A-The diversity can be seen in their physical appearances, food, clothing and language.
Q- What kind of unity does Nehru see among the people of India?
A-There are certain moral and mental qualities which are common to all Indians. It shows itself in their way of living.
Q-How has people of other countries looked upon the visiting Indians?
A-Indians visiting foreign countries are looked upon as for foreigners. An Indian Christian visiting a Christian country is looked upon as an Indian. An Indian Muslim country is also regarded as a foreigner.
Q- What trouble Mathilde Loisel?
A-Mathilde Loisel was a charming young girl but she was born and married in the families of clerks. She was not happy with her life.
Q-Why did she refuse to go the party?
A-She had no good dress to wear on the party. So he refused to go to party.
Q- What did she do at the party?
A-She danced at the party. She was drunk with joy. All the officials of the ministry wished to dance with her.
Q-What did they notice after she and her husband had returned from the party?
A-They noticed that they had lost the borrowed necklace.
Q-How did they manage to return the necklace?
A-They purchased a similar necklace for thirty six thousand francs. They borrowed the money on high interest.
Q-What request did the child make to his parents and what results?
A-He demanded a toy, some sweets, a garland and a balloon. His parents rejected his request.
Q-Why did the people trust Dr. Raman so much?
A-Dr. Raman was very frank and efficient. He never gave false hopes to anyone. His opinion is highly valued.
Q-What saved Gopal?
A-Dr. Raman’s word saved Gopal. Dr. Raman assured Gopal that he would recover.

Vacant-Empty. Oppurnity-Chance Intended-Meant.
Shivered-Trembled Cultivate-Develop Haul-Pull.
Erect-Straight Obliged-Compelled Hymn-holy song.
Hostess-Woman who looks after guests Perilous-Dangerous.
Apathy-Indifferent Demonstrated-Shown Terrified-Filled with fear.
Endure-Bear Purity-Cleanse Preserve-Save for the future.
Cremate-Burn Indicate-Show Literally-Word forward sense.
Unexpectedly-Without Hope Chill-Cold.
Pompous-Full of self-importance Insistence-Demanding compelling attention.
Exasperate-Irritate Erect-Upright Stiff- Hard.
Erected-Hoped Offer-Proposal Merely -Only.
Cease-Stop Inhabited-Occupied Stretched-Extended.
Shyly-Slowly Racing-Running Miserable-Wretched
Captivity-Imprisonment Goodwill-Kind feeling Necessary-Essential
Relief-Comfort Atlas-A book of map Fraction-Small part.
1.The Maoris don’t seem to think so- It seems that Maoris do not think so.
2.No ailment was found and he investigated again-He invested again as no ailment found.
3.Take the dog out or bus doesn’t go-If the dog is not taken out this bus does not go.
4.Mihir Sen. was heart broken. But he pressed on-Although being heart broken Mihir Sen pressed on.
5. I don’t see anything harmful in it-I don’t see in it anything, which is harmful.
6.He walked the room and took on of the Servant tubes-After he had walked across the room; he took one of the several tubes.
7. The bus stopped, two women and a man got in together –When the bus stopped, two women and a man got together
8.His mouth began to water at the thought of mangoes – His mouth began to water when he thought of mangoes
9. The beating was painful to him and he carried out of-He carried out because the beating was painful to him.
10.I like doing a little job of this sort-I like doing a little job that is of this sort.
11.They injected dogs with fourteen dogs old medulla-they injected dogs with medulla, which was fourteen days old.
12.The lady felt giddy and sank down on the floor-The lady sank down oh the floor as she felt giddy.
13.I looked at the pulpit made of finely carved wood-I looked at the pulpit which made of finely carved wood.
14.They reached the top and looked for the lost man-They looked for the lost after they had reached the top.
15.The groans ceased and the pain vanished-The grains ceased when the pain had vanished
16.I like doing a sum of this type-I like doing a sum, which is of this type.
17.This was the opportunity to earn some sympathy-This was the opportunity which could earn some sympathy.
18.Hearing his words, we felt ashamed-When we heard his words, we get ashamed.
19.The conductor came in and took the fair-When the conductor came in, he took the fairs.
20.She has been a symbol of India’s age long culture- She has been a symbol of India’s culture which is age long.
21.There are not many men killed by sharks-There are not many men who are killed by sharks.
22.I later found it wanting in accuracy-I later found that it was waiting in accuracy.
23.It was decided to stop making mines-It was decided that they should stop making mines.
24 It seemed all set for an early landing-It seemed that all was set for an early landing.
25.They sat on their short legs- they sat on their legs, which are very short.
26.I can offer you no other guarantee-I can offer you nothing which may be called another guarantee.
27.Swaminathan felt utterly helpless-Swami Nathan felt that he was utterly helpless.
28.The Maoris are the natives of New Zealand-The Maoris are the people who live in New Zealand.
29.No aliment was found and he invested again-He invested again as no ailment was found.
30.I do not expect to see him back here- I don’t expect that I shall see him back here.
31.By wandering he will die of sun store- He will die of sun stroke if he keeps on wandering.

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