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Friday, March 14, 2008


1.The study of bones is called ostelogy
-Total no of bones 206
-Smallest bone-Stapes(ear boe)
-Longest bone-Femus(Thigh bone)
-Strongest bone-Tibia(leg bone)
-Total no of muscles-639
-Largest grand-liver
-Longest gland-thyroid
-Longest nerve-Sciatic
-Hardest bone-Tooth enamal
-Tolal amount of blood in the body is (1/15 of body weight)
-Normal body Temperature-98.6F(37C)
2.Govt.of India banned the student Islamic movement of India (SIMI)because it had linked with Osama Bin Laden’s a1-Qaeda Group
3.The Salary of member of parliament and higher perks is ehanced from Rs.4000 to 12,000 per month and constituency allowance from Rs.8000 to 10,000 per month and daily allowance of Rs.400 to Rs. 500 for a period of five year
4.Competition bill to replace MRTPC (Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practice Act.)
5.Supreme court ruled on August 2,2001 that a public servant convicted in corruption case should not hold office till he was cleared of the charges by a superior court
6.Number of amendments in constitution is 8 till now
7.The terrorist out fit that brought the WTC and destroyed part of Pantagon in Washington is A1-Queda.the network association with Osama Bin Laden
8. ISI-Inter Service Intelligence
9.Durent line boundary between India and Afghanistan
11.Mc Mohan Line:-boundary between India and china
12.Redcliff Line:- boundary between India and Pakistan
13.Palk Strait:- boundary between India and Sri Lanka
14.Prithvi:-Surface to surface missile.It has a range 250km
15.Agni:- Is Surface to surface missile.it has a range1500-2000km
16.Akash:- Is Surface to surface missile.it has a range of 25km
17 Nag: It is an anti tank missile having range of 4km
18.Bank rate is the rate at which the reserve Bank of India gives credit to commercial Banks
19.Amicus Curiae-Lawyer appointment by the court to represent a poor person.it means friend of court
20.C.R.R- Cash Reserve Ratio
21.Medico Legal case-Accidental Case
22.The most important influence of the moon on the earth is the effect on ocean tides
23.Ranthambore:- Ranthambore National park in Rajasthan(410 sq.km)was ones the private tiger reserve of the Maharaja of Jaipur
24.Ghana Bird Sanctuary-Bharatpur Rajasthan
25.Standerd Deduction in income tax-30,000/-
26.Maximum income not liable to tax-50,000/-
27.American’s Robinson Walton(Bill gates)is the richest person in the world
28.Bio terrorism:-It refer to the use of disease causing micro oganism as terroist weapons to cause devastating ipack on the people.for example.Anthrax
29.Public University founded in 1982 at Lahore.After partition in was re-established in India on 1st of October 1947.the University moved to Chandigarh in 1956,vice chancellor of Punjab university is -K.N.Pathak
30.Kapil Dev has been chosen the wisdom Indian cricketer of the century.
31.Akshardham Temple is in Gandhi Nagar (Gujrat
35 people were killed by terrorist )
32.Metro rail Delhi 24 Dec,2002(Shahdra to is Hagari -8.3km)
33.CAG- V.N.Kaul
34.Chairman of SBI-A.K.Purwar
35.Guru Nanak born in Talwandi now called ‘Nankana Sahib’ in 1469 .He died in 1539.Guru was founder of Sikhism
36. Guru Angad Dev- introduced langer system
37. Guru Amar Das- social reformer and discarded sati pratha
38. Guru Ram Das- founded city of Amritsar
Guru Arjun Deb- Built GoldenTemple and compiled Aadi Granph or Guru Granth Sahib. Guru Arjun Deb compled Granth Sahib in 1604 with the of bhai Gurdas Bhalla ji. Guru Arjun Dev was executed by Jahangir on the advice of Chandu Singh. Guru Arjun Dev got the foundation of Harmandir Sahib laid down by a Muslim Faqir main mir.
Guru hargobind singh - stared the system of
Akal takht and miri,piri

42.Guru Har Rai
43.Guru Harkishan
44.Guru Teg Bahadur-Guru Teg Bahadur executed by Aurangzeb
45. Guru Gobind Singh -Founder of Khalsa 13th April,1699,Baisakhi, Khalsa means military
brotherhood Zafarnama :- This is Letter written by
Guru Gobind Singh to Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb.
This letter was written because Aurangzeb was committed many atrocities on people. Guru Gobind Singh asked Aurangzeb to give up the policy at Anandpur Sahib on the 1st Baisakh 13th April,1699 A..D
46.Dasam Granth was compiled by a devoted sikh mani singh after passing away Of Guru Gobind Singh .
47.Guru Ki kashi-Takhat Damdma Sahib. It is famous Gurudwara, Which is situated at Talwandi Sabo. It is called Guru Ki Kashi
48.Guru Ki Wadali - it is Birth place of Guru Hargobind Ji . it is famous Gurudwara of Punjab
49.Banda Bahadur- Was born on 27th October, 1670. His real name was Lachaman Das. Once,
during hunting an arrow of Banda Bahadur stuck a pregnant she deer; Banda Bahadur was greatly pained to see the tragic death of the deer and its two kids. He renounced the world and become a Bairagi. Banda Bahadur adopted the name Madho Das after becoming a Bairagi. Madho Das (Banda Bahadur) met Guru Sahib. He said “I am your Banda (Servant)”. Thus Madho Das become Banda. Guru Gobind Sahib called him Banda the brave. Thus acquired the name Banda Bahadur
50. Sharomani Gurdawara Prabandhak Committee was established on 15th Nov. 1990, at Akal Takhat Amritsar.
51.Aklis launched a non-movement in 1921 with the aim of -Librating Sikh Guru Gurudwara from Mahants.
52.Creator of Asa-di-war,Japuji sahib-Guru Nanak
Dev ji.
53.Creator of Bachittar Natak- Guru Gobind Singh
54.Creator of Jab Sahibh- Guru Gobind Singh
55.Creator of Anand Sahib- Guru Amar Das ji
56.Creator of Sukhmani Sahib -Guru Arjan Dev ji
57. Compiler of Guru Granth Sahib - Guru Arjan Dev ji
58.Writer of Adhi Granth at the time of its compilation of - Bahi Gurdas Bhalla ji
59.Creator of Bani written in Dasam Granth-Guru Gobind singh ji
60.Most famous writer of Qisa Puran Bhagat -Fazal Shah.
Maharaja Ranjit Singh and his Administration:-
61.Date of Birth of Maharaja Ranjit Singh-Nov.2,1780.
62.Name of the parents of Maharaja Ranjit Singh- Father name:-Maha singh ,Mother name :-Raj Kaur
63.Time of treaty of Amritsar between Maharaja Ranjit Singh and British -25th April,1809
64.Name of the Foreign minister of Maharaja Ranjit Singh-Faqir Azizudeen
65.Head of Finance minister at the the time of Maharaja Ranjit Singh- Deewan Kaura Mal
66.Most famous prime minister of Maharaja Ranjit Singh- Dhian Singh Dogra
67.Meaning of Kankut system started by Maharaja Ranjit Singh- Tax on standing crop in the field
68.’Nazim Adalat’ at the time of Maharaja Ranjit Singh state level- Court
69.Capital city of maharaja Ranjit Singh- Lahore
70.First war between Sikh and British - 1845 A.D.
71.Second Anglo Sikh War-1848-1849 A.D.
72. Ranjit Singh (Thein) Dam has been constructed on the river- Ravi
73.Which Dam is built on Beas near Talwara- Pong Dam.
74. Dam built on the river Satluj- Bhakrha Dam
75.The Dusi dam has been constructed on the river Beas
76.The old name of the Amritser -Ramdas nagar
77.Which Guru got constructor Akal Takhat -Guru
Hargobind Sahib
78The real Granth Sahib has been placed at -Kartarpur
79.Guru Nanak Dav Ji was enlightenment at- Sultan
80.Which Guru built Buraj Baba Atal- Guru Hargobind Sahib
81. The old name Punjab- Sapat Sindhu
82.The Gurudwara situated at present where foundation of Khalsa Panth was laid -Gurudwara Kesgarh Sahib.
83.The other name of Harmandir Sahib is-Darbar Sahib.
84.The Guru;who founded Anandpur Sahib was -Guru Teg Bahadur
85.Bhagat Singh was hanged on-23rd March, 1931
86.Number of district in Punjab-17, Lok Sabha seats-13
87. Highest Gallantry Award-Param Vir Chakra
88.NOBLE PRIZES;-The Honors of Wining the Noble Prizes go to the Following 7 Indians
(i)Rabinder Nath Tagore win the noble prizes from literature in 1913.
(ii)C.V. Raman win the noble prizes from physics in 1930.
(iii)Hargobind Khurana win the noble prizes from medicine in 1968.
(iv)Mother Teresa win the noble price from peace in 1979.
(vi) S. chandrashekher win the noble prize from physics in 1986.
(vii) Prof. Amaritya Sen win the noble prizes from Economics in 1998.
(viii) V.S.Naipal win the noble prizes from Literature in 2001.
90.Highest Gallantry Award- ParamVir Chakra
91.Highest Civilian Award- Bharat Ratana
92.First Olympic Game held at Athens in 1896
93.First Deputy Prime Minister of India-Sardar Patel
94.2nd deputy Prime Minister of India-Morarzi Desai
95. 3hd Deputy Prime Minister of India - Choudhari Charan Singh
96. 5th Deputy Prime Minister of India - Y.V.Chauan.
97.6th Deputy Prime Minister of India -Dev Lal
98. 7th Deputy Prime Minister of India- Lal Krishan
99. AIDS:Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
100.HIV: Human Immunodeficiency Virus
101.AIDS:Is caused by Virus Aids is due to Human Immunodeficiency Virus
102.Classical Dance of India:-
-Manipur of Manipur
-Oddisi of Orissa
-Katha-Kali of Kerala
-Kuchi-Pudi of Andhra Pradesh
-Bharat Natyam of Tamil Nadu
-Kathak of Utter Pradesh
-Bihu of Assam
103.Legal Service Clinic:-A Legal Service Clinic open 24 hours on all days, has been established in Ahemdabad to provide free service of retired high court judge and reputed lawyear.
105.The State of Haryana-:Came into begin on , Nov.1,1966 as result of the re- organizations
of the old Punjab state into two separate seats.It consist of the Hind speaking area of Punjab,secong language status has been given to Punjab(1996)
106.Book and Author:-
-Life Diving
-Ain-I-Akbari -Aourbinbo Ghosh
-Panchtantra -Abdul Fazal
-Mahabharta -Vishnu Sharma
-India wins Freedom -Ved Vyas
-Discovery of India -Maulana Abdul Kalam
-My Experiment with Truth -Gandhi
-Madhushala -Harivansh Rai Bachan
-Prisoner’s Scorapbook -L.K.Advani
-Agha Khan Cup -Hockey
-Durant Cup -Football(India)
-Duleep/renjit Trophyre -Cricket
-Santosh Trophy -National Football
-Thomas Cup -World Bedminton(Men)
-Davis Cup -Lawn Tennis
108.Buddhism:Buddhism was founded by Gautam
Buddha. His Original name was Gautam Siddhartha , A Kashatriya, Boran in 563 B.C at Lumbini in Nepal . He attended enlightenment at Bodhgaya under papal tree.Budha died at the age of 80 years in 483 B.C at Kushinagar (District Utter Pradesh).He gave 8 fold paths to control the desire.1st sermon was delivered by him at Srnarth at Banaras .The Language used by Buddhist people was pali .
109.Red cross was founded by-J.H. Durant , Established in 1864 World red Cross day iscelebrated on May 8,The Birthday its founder J.H. Durant.
110.Sir Robert S.S Baden Powell is the founder of scouting
111.Who gave the call go back to Vedas-Dayanand
112.The construction of Qutab Minar was begun by Quatab-ud-din Aibak but it was complateed by lltutumish.
113.Who built the Sanchi Stupa- Agratala.
114.Who founded slave dynasty in 1206 A.D.- Quatab-ud-din Aibak.
115.The Capital of Tripura is Agratala.
116. The Capital of Mizoram is aizawl.
117. The Capital of Australia is -Canberra.
118.Spring tides occurs on- Full moon day as well on new moon day.
119.Tides in the oceans are caused by-Attraction of the moon.
201.Buddhism place of worship is-Pongda.
121.Jews place of worship is-Synagogue.
122.Holish book of Jews-Talmud.
123.Malguddi days written by -R.K. Naraynan
124.Das capital-Karl Marx
125.The father of Economics- Adam smith.
126.The Chipko Movement was associated with-preventing felling of trees.
127.Pashmina is a breed of -Sheep.
128.What is the meaning of Buddha -An enlightened one.
129.Which is the holy book of Parsis- Jorah
130.Parliament of U.S.A is known as- Congress
131. Parliament of Afghanistan- Shoora
132. Parliament of Russia-Duma.
133. Parliament of Japan -Diet.
134.SARS:-It Stands for Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome. SARS is caused by viruses from the corona and paramyxo virus family.
135.New Governors of India:-
-Kailashpati Mishara - Gujrat
-Ram Parkash Gupta -Madhya Pradesh
-O.P Verma -Punjab
-V.S Kokje - Himachal Pradesh
-Nirmal Chand - Rajasthan
136.LCA(Light Combat Aircraft)is named as “Tejas”
137. Lakshva is Pilot Less target Aircraft
138.Kalpna Chawla: She was an Indian born American Astronaut. She died with other six astronauts in the Columbia shuttle crash on feb.1,2003.She embarked on her second Voyage in the United State space shuttle Columbia on Jan 16,earlier.She was an Indian born American Astronaut.She died with other six astronauts in the Columbia shuttle Columbia on jan 16,earlier.She
was one of the six astronaut crew that flew the
Columbia Flight STS-87in nov.1997 Chawla who had her schooling in Karnal (Haryana)and college education in Punjab did her Masters in Aerospase Engineering from the university of Taxes in in 1984 and Doctorate from Colorado University two year later. An avid flier, she held certified flight instructor’s license with Airplane and Gladder ratings, commercial Pilot L icense for single and multi-engine land and seaplanes
139.Jan. 9,the day Mahatma Gandhi return from South Agrica in 1915-was chosen to celebrate the Pravasi Bharatiya Divas
140.The five day 90th session of the Lndian science congress conclude in Bangalore on Jan.7,2003.The focal theme of the congress was Vision for the global Space community.
141.Sriska and Ranthambore are the reserve for lion.
142.International Criminal court was launched formally in the mid march in the Hauge . The first eighteen judges took Oath in the grand ceremony. The court has been set up to handle genocide and the Worst case of war crime or mass atrocities against civilians when no national court
is able or willing to do so.
143.Right to Education:-article 21A provides the free and compulsory education to all children of
the age of six to fourteen.
144.Freedom of information bill:- The parliament approved the “Freedom of information bill”.Now it is statutory right of the citizen to access information from the Government.
145.Right to Education :- article21A provides the free and compulsory education to all children of the age of six to fourteen
146.Freedom of information bill:- The Parliament approved the “freedom of information bill”. Now it is statutory right of the citizen to access information from the Government.
147.Minister of state for defence is prof. Chaman lal gupta
148.Ajit singh is Agriculture Minister.
149. Sapan is not a member of G-8 group.
150. APSARA is the name of the India’s first Nuclear Reactor.
151.The world environment day is celebrated on june 5.
152.Jainism:-Founded by (Rishabha)Varhamana Mahavira. He was a great 24th Triathankras (Pathfinder).Or prophet of Jainism .Mahavir was a
greast Kshtiya ,born at Kundagram (Vaishali) in bihar. He came to be known as Mahabirs of jina. The conqueror of passing; his following are known as Janis. He passed away at age 72 in 462 B. C at Pavapuri, a place near modern Rajgir . Mahavira Teaching are known as the “Tri Ratna” or the three jewels of Jainisn,which lead to the attainment of salvation . They are (I) Right Knowledge and (II) Right Action .The Janis used and developed Prakrit,The language of the common people .Their religious literature was written in Ardhamagadhi.
153.Vasco da Gama landed in Calicut in 1498.
154.Ist Chinese traveler, Fahein came to India during the period of chandra Gupta-II(Vikramaditya)
155.2nd Chinese traveler Hieun Tsang came to India during the region of Harshvardhana
156.Who is the Napoleon of India -Samundra Gupta for his military exploits.
157.Harshvardhana written three books-1.Priya Darshika 2.Rattanavali 3.Naga Nanda. The official poet of harshvardhana was bana bhatt .Bana bhatta
composed harsha chirtra and kadambari
158.first battle of panipat in 1526 and founded
the Mugahal dynasty in India
159.Second battle of Panipat was fought between
Akbar and Ibrahim Lodhi at Panipat in 1556 Akbar
Defeated Himu and became the ruled of Delhi and Agra
160 Third battle of Panipat fought between Ahmed Shah Abdali of Afghanistan and Marathas in 1761.In this third battle of Panipat Marathas were completely routed by Ahmed Shah Abdali.
161.Indian National Army was founded by Subash Chander Bose in 1943 in Singapore alongwith Rasbihari Bose. The main aim of Azad Hind Fauz
was to liberation of India.
162.The Brahmo Samaj was established by Raja Ram Mohan Roy in 1828 whose leadership was later taken by Debendernath tagore and Keshub Chande Sen.
163.The Arya Samaj founded by Swami Dayananda Saraswati in 1875 attempted to reform the Hindu religion from its decadence.
164.The Ramakrishana Mission was founded by
Swami Vevekananda in 1896 .
165.Annie besant:- Founded Theosophical society started home rule league in 1916. She was the first woman president of Indian National Congress.Indian National Congress Founded by A.O.Hume in 1885. However first President of Indian national congress was W.C. Banerjee.
166.Swadeshi movement was started in 1905.
167.Gadder party was founded by lala Hardayal singh in 1913 at Francisco.
168.Home rule league founded by Annie Besant and Bal Ganga Dhar Tilak in 1916.
1916.Rowlatt Act. Passed in 1919.
170.Non-Co-Operation movement started in 1920 by Gandhi ji. This movement ended in 1922 after Chauri Chaura incident.
171.Simons commission -1928
172.Civil Disobedience movement-1930
173. “Do or die” -Mahatma Gandhi
174. “Nightingale of India”-Saorjini Naidu.
175. “Father of Indian Unrest”-Bal Ganga Dhar Tilak.
176. “Architect of India”- Pandit Nehru.
177. “
Man of Peace”-Lal Bhadur Shastri.
178. “Iron Man of India”-Sardar.
179. “jai hind” -subash chander bose
180. “Grand old man of India” -Dada Bhai Narogi.
181.Mughal Dynasty (1526-1540and 1555-1857)
1.Babur (1526-1530)
3.Sher Shah Suri (1540-45)
4.Akber (1556-1605)
5.Jahangir (1605-1627)
6.Shah Jahan (1628-1658)
7.Aurangzeb (1658-1707)
-Founder of Mughal Empire
-1st battle of panipat between Babur and Ibrahim lodhi
-Son of Babur
-Humayun Tomb at Delhi-1st Mughal Monument
-He was an Afghan
-Introduced a brilliant administration
-Issued a coin called ‘Rupia’
-Build Grand Trunk Road Linking Peshawar to Calcatta
Eldest son of Humayun
Real founded of Mughal empire
Good works done by him
Popular for his toleration
Foundation of Din-e-illahi(code of conduct)
Akbar Tomb -Sikandria
Largest building built called ‘Agra Forte’
Abdul Fazal was a famous Poat who has written Aaine -Akbari ,Akbar -Name
Real name Salim
Son of Akbar
He is known for his strict administration of Justice
He married Mehr-un-nissa or Nurjahan in 1661.
Jahangir’s Tomb built at Lohore
Exeecuted Guru Arjun Dev at the advice of Chand Singh
Son of jahangir
His wife Mumtaz Mahal died in 1631
Built Taj Mahal in her memory in Agra
Known for promotion of Art
‘Red Fort’ and ‘Jama Masjid’ got built by him
Shah Jahan was imprisoned by his third son Aurangzeb till he died in 1666
Third son of shah jahan
Ruled for 50 years and he was a cruel king
Banned all religious festival and demolished Hindu Temples
Executed Guru Teg Bahadur Ji (9th Guru) when he refused to embrace Islam
A Persian King during the region of Mohamd Shah took the ‘Kohinoor’ diamond to Afghanistan
190.Who was the first Governor of free India -Lord Mountbatten
191. Who was the first Governor General of free India - C Rajagopalchari
192. Who was the first Governor of free British India -Warren Hasting(1772-1793)
193. Who was the first father of Civil Service in India-Lord Cornwallis (1786-1793)
194. Who abolished sati Pratha and other cruel rites -Lord W.Bentick (with the help of Raja ram Mohan Rai in 1829
195. Who introduced Widow remarriage Act.In 1856 -Lord Dalhousie
196.TRAI -Telecom Regulatory Authority of India
197.VAS-Voluntary Retirement Scheme
198.VAT-Value Added Tex
199.STD-Subscriber’s Trunk Dialing
200.ISD-Internationl Subscriber’ s Dialing
201.PAN - Permanent Account Number
202.PIN -Postal Index Number
203. NATO-North Atlantic treaty Organization
204.SAARC -South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation.
205.C.R.R.-Cash Reserve Ratio.
206. I.S.R.O. -Indian Space Research Organization.
207.NASA-National Aeronautics and Space Administration.
208.V.D.I.S. -Voluntary Disclosure Income Scheme
209. P.C.O. -Public Call Office
210. L.P.G. -Liquefied Petroleum gas
211.C.T.B.T. -Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty
212. V.P.P. -Value Payable Post
213. L.C.A. - Light Combat Aircraft.
214. P.O.W. - Prisoner of War.
215. T.E.L.E.X - Teleprint Exchange.
216 L.C.C -Line of Actual Control.
217. CNG-Compressed Natural Gas.
218. SMS -Short Messaging Service.
219. OAPEC -Organization of Arab Peteoleum Exporting Copuriers.
220.OPEC -Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
221.Interpol-International Crimunal Police Organisatiom it’s headquarter is in Lyons (Paris)
222.Who was the first man go to space- Yuri Gagran
223.Who was the first Indian go to in Space- Rakesh
224. Who was the first Indian woman go to in Space -Kalpna Chawla.
225. Who was the first man land on moon -Neil Armstrong on 21, July , 1969.
226.Bangalore is the Silicon City of the India.
227. Hyderabad is the hil - Tec.City of India.
228. 2004 Olympics to be held in Athens.
229. Misslie man of the India -A.P.J.Abdul Kalam Azad.
230. Capital of Fiji - Suva.
231. World’s largest river in South America’s Amazon which flows into South Atlantic. The source is Glacier -Fed- Lakes.
232. Which of the first Indian state to be recognized on the basis of language - Andhra Pardesh.
233. When were the Indian states re-organized on linguist basis - 1956.
234. Which scheduled deals with matters relating to
anti defection - 10th
235. Which scientist laid the foundation of atomic energy research in India - Homi J. Bhabha.
236. Which branch of science studies the relationship between matter and energy - Physics.
237. Which planet have no atmosphere -Mercury
238. Convex lenses are used for correction of -Short Sightedness
239. Which mirror is used as a rear view mirror in vehicles -Conves
240. Filament of an electric bulb is maid of -Tungsten
241. The oil in the wick of an oil lamp rises up due to -Capillary action
242. The best conductor of heat -Silver
243. A radar which defects the presence of an enemy air craft uses -Radio Waves
244. Velocity of round is maximum in -Steel
245. The terminal colure of Rainbow are -Rd & Blue
245. The gas extinguish fire is -Carbon Monoxide
246. The purest form of carbon is - Diamond.
247. Which mettle is always found in free state in nature - Gold.
248.Bauxite is an aro of - Aluminum.
249. Material used for bleaching pulp is - Sodium Hypochloride.
250. Which gas is leaked in Bhopal gas tragedy - Methlyisocyanides.
251. The chemical name of table salt is - Sodium chloride.
252. Chemical name of Vitamin C is - Ascorbic Acid.
253. Bone is used as fertilizer because it contains the plant nutrient - Phosphorus.
254. Baking soda is - Sodium Bicarbonate.
255. Plaster of paris is made from Gypsum.
256. Which element is common in all acids - Hydrogen.
257. Which elements is common in all organic compounds is - Chlorine.

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