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Friday, December 1, 2017

Indian Theatre (Ph.d)

1.        Gautami is a character from Kalidasa’s play
A)      Malavikagnimitram                             B)Vikramorvashiyam
C) Abhijyanashakuntalam                                      D)Meghaduta
2.        Vivek is a character from folk theatre
A)      Naqal               B) Jatra                        C) Bhand-Jashna          D) Nautanki 
3.        What is Prakarana?
A)      Kalpita                        B)   Prakhyata             C)  Mishra                   D)  None of these
4.        The movement avant garde originated from which country?
A)      Italy                 B) France                    C) Germany                D) Russia
5.        Who wrote Shariputraprakarana?
A)      Kalidasa                      B) Bhasa                      C) Ashvaghosha         D) Bhavabhuti
6.        Who got Magsaysay Award?
A)      Utpal Dutt       B) Habib Tanvir          C) B.V.Karanth          D) K.V.Subbanna        
7.        The term Verfremdungseffekt is related to
A)      Theatre of Cruelty B) Poor Theatre    C) Epic Theatre           D) Third Theatre
8.        Pick the odd one out.
A)      Hasa                B) Sringara      C) Vira                        D) Adbhuta
9.        Math the List I with List II
List-I                      List-II
a)         Nautanki         (i) Kathakar
b)        Yakshagana     (ii)  Kaunangi                
c)         Kuchipudi       (iii)  Bhagvata
d)        Vithinatakam (iv ) Ranga Codes:
   (a)                (b)                    (c)                  (d) A)  (ii)                  (iv)                  (i)  (iii)
B)                                        (iv)             (iii)                   (ii)                    (i)
C)                                        (iii)             (i)                   (iv)                    (ii)
D)                                        (ii)               (iii)                   (i)                     (iv)        

10.    Match List I with List II



a)  Vijaya Mehta          

i)   Oriya Theatre

b) Heisnam Kanhailal 

ii)  Marathi Theatre

c)  Kali Charan Patnaik  

iii) Gujarati Theatre

d)  Pravin Joshi            

iv) Manipuri Theatre
(a)                    (b)                    (c)                     (d)
A)      (ii)                    (i)                   (iii)                     (i)
B)       (iii)                    (i)                    (ii)                    (iv)
C)       (ii)                    (iv)                   (i)                     (iii)
D)      (iv)                    (iii)                  (ii)                     (i)
11.    Neena Tiwana is bestowed Sangeet Natak Akademy Award for
A)      Direction         B) Acting                    C) Costume Design                 D) Writing
12.    Constructivism a concept in stage design is espoused by
A)      Vsevolod  Meyerhold                                     B)  AdolpheAppia       
C)  Gordon Craig                                      D) None of these
13.    What is curtain raiser?
A)      Opening of a play performance           
B)       A song sung before the main play performance 
C)       A one act play performed before the main play performance             
D)      All of the above
14.    What is empathy?
A)      The act of an audience’s identifying with the characters in a play performance.
B)       An act of emotional memory of an actor
C)       An act of an audience’s distancing from a character.
D)      None of these
15.    Who has coined the term theatre of the absurd?
A)      Samuel Beckett           B) EugeneIonesco        C) Jean-Paul Sartre D) Martin Esslin     
16.    The fatal flaw that causes the downfall of the hero of Greek tragedy is known as
A)      Hamartia         B) Parados                  C) Exodos                   D) None of these
17.    What is the objective of grand drape? A)  It decorates the main curtain of the stage 
B)    It is used for the masking of the top of the stage
C)    It is used for the partition of the stage              
D)    None of these 


18.    What is imagery?
A)      Dramatic language       
B)       Ornamentation of language
C)       Subtext                                     
D)      Words that paint picture in the mind of the audience 
19.    Who wrote the book Towards a Revolutionary Theatre?
A)      Badal Sircar    B) Utpal Dutt              C) Gursharan Singh  D)Safdar Hashmi
20.    Who is known as the father of Modern Hindi Theatre?
A)      Jaishankar Prashad                              B)Jagdish Chandra Mathur      
C) Bharatendu Harishchandra                   D)Agha Hashr Kashmiri
21.    Who was the first director of National School of Drama?
A)      Ebrahim Alkazi                                               B) Nemichandra Jain                           
C) Sheila Bhatia                                         D) Satu Sen
22.    Stanislavski theory instructs an actor to read his character in 
A)      Second person             B) First person            C)Third person            D)None of these
23.    Krishnattam belongs to which state?
A)      Tamilnadu       B)  Orissa                    C) Karnataka  D) Kerala
24.    Match List I with  List II.
                    List-I                          List-II
a)   Kalidasa                                     i) Malatimadhava
b)  Bhasa                             ii)Malavikagnimitram
c)   Harsha                            iii)Dootavakyam
d)  Bhavabhuti                     iv) Nagananda
(a)                 (b)                     (c)                  (d)
A)      (iv)                  (ii)                  (i)                       (iii)
B)       (iii)                   (iv)                   (ii)        (i)
C)       (ii)                    (iii)                  (iv)                    (i)
D)      (ii)                    (i)                     (iii)                   (iv)
25.    Match List I with List II.
                   List-I                                      List-II
a)   Anka                                          i) Malatimadhava
b)  Natika                                        ii) Malavikagnimitram
c)   Prakarana                                   iii) Urubhanagam
d)  Nataka                                        iv) Nagananda 

(a)                    (b)                  (c)                     (d)
A)                (ii)                 (iii)                   (iv)                     (i)
B)                (iii)                   (iv)                   (i)                    (ii)
C)                (iv)  (ii)        (iii)  (i) D)  (i)  (ii)  (iv)  (iii)
26.    Match List I with List II.
                        List-I                          List-II
a)     Norway                              i)   Arthur Miller
b)    America                             ii)  Henrik Ibsen
c)     Spain                                  iii) Lady Gregory
d)Ireland                                 iv) Federico Garcia Lorca
(a)                 (b)                   (c)                     (d)
A)      (iii)                 (ii)                     (i)                     (iv)
B)       (iv)                   (i)                     (iii)                   (ii)
C)       (i)                     (ii)                    (iv)                   (iii)
D)      (ii)                    (i)                     (iv)                  (iii)
27.    V Ramamurthy is known for
A)      Light Design   B) Costume Design     C) Set Design              D) Make-up
28.    A town Ram Nagar in Uttar Pradesh is famous for
A)      Ras Leela        B) Ram Leela              C) Nautanki                D)Swang
29.    Which Punjabi playwright and director bestowed Kalidasa Award?
A)      Atamjit                                                            B) Kewal Dhaliwal      C) Gursharan Singh                      D) Ajmer Singh Aulakh
30.    Pick the odd one out.
A)      Key Light                    B) Fill-in Light            C) Kick Light              D) Flood Light
31.    Which of the following are primary colours of light?
A)      Red, Green, Blue                                B) Red, Yellow, Green            
C) Red, Cyan, Yellow                                    D) Green, Blue, Violet
32.    Which of the following are elements of design?
A)      Line and Colour                                  B) Line and Texture  C) Tint and Shade                                        D) Line, Colour and Texture 
33.    Which make-up is used to rectify the defects of an actor’s face?
A)      Straight Make-up                                B) Corrective Make-up            
C) Character Make-up                                    D) Fantasy Make-up 
34.    Who has directed Indian epic Mahabharata?
A)      Peter Brook                                        B) Jerzy Grotowski      
C) Vsevolod Meyerhold                                 D) Augusto Boal
35.    Arms and the Man is written by
A)      Eugene Ionesco                                               B) Luigi Pirandello   C) Maxim Gorky                                           D) George Bernard Shaw
36.    What is casting?
A)      The process of blocking the scenes     B) The process of selecting actors for roles 
C) The process of composing the scenes        D) None of these
37.    Which of the following is known as the first theatre director?
A)      Elia Kazan                                           B) Emile Zola
C) Duke Saxe-Meiningen                               D) Erwin Piscator  
38.    Who has espoused the concept of Third Theatre?
A)      Badal Sircar                                        B) Utpal Dutt                           
C) Habib Tanvir                                              D) B.V.Karanth
39.    Who has directed play Andha Yug for the first time? 
A)      Rajinder Nath                                     B) Ebrahim Alkazi       
C) Satyadev Dubey                                        D)  B.M.Shah
40.    Choose the right sequence of the structuralgraphof a play? A) Rising Action, Exposition, Falling Action, Resolution, Climax
B)                Exposition, Rising Action, Climax, Falling Action, Resolution 
C)                Resolution, Exposition, Falling Action, Rising Action, Climax D) Climax, Exposition, Rising Action, Falling Action, Resolution
41.    What is the first step in Research Methodology?
A)      Selecting a sample                               B) Data collection                                            
C) Writing a research report                D) Formulating a research problem
42.    Who has written and directed the play Chakravyuha?

A)  Ratan Thiyam  

B)  Habib Tanvir

C)  B.V.Karanth    
43. Pick the odd one out.

D) Alyque Padamsee

A)  Anuradha Kapur      

B) Teejan Bai

C) Amal Allana     

D) Neelam Man Singh Chowdhary

44. Colour cyan is a mixture of

A) Red and Blue    

B) Blue and Red                      

C) Green and Blue             

D) None of these

45.  Globe theatre was built in
A) 1576                       B)1558                        C)1644                        D)1613
46.  Which of the following Asian actors helped Brecht to find alienation in acting?
A) Mei Lanfang                 

B) Zeami Motokiyo

C) Tripti Mitra                    
47. Who has introduced the term Epic?

D) Rendra,W.S.

A) Bertolt Brecht B) Aristotle 48. What is Plagiarism?

C) Karl Marx 
D) Hegel
A) Copying                 B) Cheating
49. NCPA is located in

C) Stealing       
D) None of these
A) Chandigarh            B) Calcutta  

C) Delhi           
D) Mumbai
50. Who is known as the mother of Indian Opera?
A)  Shanno Khurana                                       B) Norha Richards       
C) Sheila Bhatia                                              D) Madan Bala Sindhu


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