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Monday, July 24, 2017

Civil Engineering(Construction Technology & Management)(Ph.D.)

Civil Engineering(Construction Technology & Management)(Ph.D.)   (1077)
1.      If the whole circle bearing of a line is 270 degrees, its reduced bearing will be
A)                N 900 W                      B) S 900 W                  C) W 900                            D) 900 W
2.      The Bending moment Diagram for a simply supported beam carrying a uniformly distributed load of w per unit length will be
A)                A horizontal Line                                B) A vertical Line
C) An inclined Plane                          D) A parabolic Curve
3.      Transverse Fillet Welds are designed for
A)                Tensile Strength                                              B) Compressive Strength
C) Shear Strength                                           D) Bending strength
4.      A Column that fails due to direct stress is called
A)                Short column                                       B) Long Column          
C) Weak Column                                            D) Medium Column
5.      The Efficiency of Sedimentation Tank for a given discharge, can be increased by
A)                Increasing the depth of the tank                      
B)                Decreasing the depth of the tank
C)                Increasing the Surface Area of the Tank
D)                Decreasing the surface area of the Tank
6.      The most common Coagulant is
A)                Magnesium Sulphate                           B) Alum
C) Chlorine                                                     D) Bleaching Powder
7.      Weigh Batching is done by
A)                Spring Dial Scale                                B) Platform weighing balance
C) Portable Weigh Batchers              D) All the Above
8.      Dummy activities are used to
A)                Determine the critical Path                 B) Decrease the Project completion Time
C) Maintain the required network                  D) None of these
9.      Gantry girders are designed to resist
A)                Lateral Load                                       B) Longitudinal Loads C) Lateral & Longitudinal Loads                         D) Lateral, Longitudinal and vertical Loads
10.  The ends of a chain are provided with
A)                Brass               B) Steel                       C) Iron            D) None of these
11.  The deflection due to couple M at the free end of a cantilever of length L is
A) ML/EI                    B) 2ML/EI                  C) ML2/2EI
12. Hydraulic Pressure on a dam depends upon its

D) M2L/2EI
A) Length             B) Depth                     C) Shape
13. Units of Kinemetic Viscousity are

D) Both A & B
A) m2 /s                 B) NS/m2                           C) NS/m3

D) Kg/m-sec
14.  Flow in pipes is turbulent if Reynold’s number is
A)                Less than2100                                                 B) Greater than3000
C) Between 2100&3000                                 D) None of these
15.  A floating body attains stable equilibrium if the meta-centre is
A)                At the Centroid                                               B) Above the Centroid
C) Below The Centroid                                  D) Anywhere
16.  Offset Rods are used to measure
A)                Short Offsets B) Ranging                  C) Contouring             D) None of these
17.  D.O. Concentration falls down to zero anywhere in a natural drain, it indicates
A)                Zone of Degradation                         B) Zone of active decomposition
C) Zone of Recovery                                      D) Zone of clear Water
18.  Average Temperature of Sewage in India is
A)                100c                 B) 200c                        C) 150c                        D) 250c
19.  Standard BOD of Water is taken for
A)                1 Day             B) 2 Days                    C) 3 Days                    D) 5 Days
20.  The Detention time of a settling tank may be defined as the time required for
A)                A Particle to travel along its length
B)                A particle to travel from top surface to bottom sludge Zone
C)                The Flow of Sewage to fill the tank.
D)                None of these
21.  Cohesionless soil is
A)                Sand                B) Silt                          C) Clay                        D) Clay &Silt
22.  The specific gravity and Void Ratio of a soil sample are ‘G’ and ‘e’ respectively. The critical Hydraulic gradient ‘I’ is given by
A)                G-1/1+e                       B) G+1/1+e                 C) G+1/G-e                 D) 1-G/1+e
23.  The coefficient of active earth Pressure Ka is 1/3, then the coefficient of passive earth
Pressure Kp shall be
A)                1/3                   B) 2/3                          C) 3                             D)  3/2
24.  In Concrete Roads, Camber provided is
A)                1in 20 to1in 24                                                B) 1in 36 to 1in 48
C) 1in 60 to 1in 72                                          D) 1in 48 to1 in 60
25.  The minimum grade of concrete for construction under sea water is
A)                M20                 B) M30                        C) M35                        D) M15
26.  For the construction of RCC slabs, beams, columns and walls, the grade of concrete mix used is
A)                1:3:6                B) 1:1.5:3                    C) 1:2:4                       D) 1:1:2
27.  Expansion joints are provided if length of concrete structure exceeds
A)                50m                 B) 45m                        C) 35m                        D) 40m
28.  The shuttering of a hall measuring 4mx5m can be removed after
A)                5days               B)7days                       C) 14days                    D) 21 days.
29.  Gypsum to the cement is added for
A)                Colour                                                             B) Strength                   C) Controlling Setting time                             D) None of these
30.  The Max. Shear Stress qmax in a rectangular beam section is
A)                1.25qmax                             B) 1.5qmax                         C) 2qmax                             D) 2.5qmax
31.  If the diameter of a reinforcing bar is’d’, the anchorage value of hook shall be
A)                4d                    B) 8d              C) 12d                         D) 16d
32.  A couple produces
A)                Translatory motion                               
B)                Rotational Motion
C)                Combined Translatory and Rotational Motion
D)                None of these
33.  A flat slab is supported
A)                On Beams                                            
B)                On columns
C)                On beams and Columns
D)                On columns monolithically built with slab
34.  As the percentage of steel in beams increase
A)                The depth of NA decreases                B) The depth of NA increases
C) Lever Arm decreases                                 D) Lever Arm increases
35.  The Shear reinforcement in RCC is provided to resist
A)                Vertical Stress                                                 B) Horizontal Shear
C) Diagonal Compression                               D) Diagonal Tension
36.  Poisson’s Ratio for steel within elastic limit ranges from
A)                0.15-0.20         B) 0.25-0.33    C) 0.33-0.35    D) 0.45-0.50
37.  For simply supported beam, maximum permissible deflection is
A)                1/325 of the span                                B) 1/425 of the span
C) 1/150 of the span                          D) 1/36 of the span
38.  The field capacity of the soils depends upon
A)                Capillary tension in soils                     B) Porosity of soils C) Both A & B                                         D) None
39.  The difference in level between the top of a bank and FSL of water in canal is called
A)                Berm                                                   B) Free Board
C) Height of bank                                           D) None
40.  A Viaduct is a bridge constructed over a 
A) Valley                    B) River                      C) Hillock                   D) None
41.  The last reading in Levelling operation is always a
A) Backsight                                      B) Foresight C) Intermediate Sight                             D) All the above
42.  Fat Lime Sets in the Presence of
A) Carbon Dioxide                                         B) Oxygen
C) Sulphur Dioxide                                         D) All of these 
43.  Cement possesses the unique property of
A) Settling                                                      B) Decrease in Strength with age C) Increase in Strength with age                    D) None of these
44.  The limiting Gradient recommended in the plain area is
A) 1 in10                     B) 1 in 15                    C) 1 in 100                  D) 1 in 20
45.  Density required in Embankment up to 3m height is
A) 1.55gm/cc        B) 1.67gm/cc 
46. Index Map Shows the
C) 1.44gm/cc  D) 1.77gm/cc
A) Exact Topography of the area  
B) General Topography of the area
C) Contour map of the area                       
47. Abrasion test is conducted to find the
D) None of these
A) Hardness of aggregates                        
B) Impact value
C) Toughness                                 
D) Permeability
48. Sheep Footed rollers are suitable for the compaction of
A) Sandy Soils            B) Clayey Soils           C) Gravels                   D) None of these
49. The position occupied by the centre line of a road is called
A) Super elevation                                          B) Road Alignment C) Camber                                                             D) Shoulder
50. The traffic signs indicating Prohibitions are known as
A) Warning Signs                                           B) Prohibitory Signs
C) Mandatory Signs                            D) None of these 


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