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Monday, March 3, 2008

About India (Largest & Smallest), Indian Art

1.Highest Airpot-Leh airpot ih ladakh(3256m/16080ft.high).
2.Largest Auditorium-Sri Shanmukhananda Hall,.Mumbai.
3.Largest Public Sector Bank-State Bank of India.
4.Largest Batanical Garden-National Botanical Garden in Kolkata.
5.Longest River Bridge-Mahatma Gandhi Setu over the Ganga at Patna(5,575m/18286ft.long).
6.Longest Sea Bridge-Anna Indira Gandhi Bridge connecting the island of Rameshwaran with Mandapam in Tamil Nadu(2.34km.Long).
7.Biggest Cantilever Bridge-Rabindra Setu(also called Howrah Bridge)Hoogi river in Kolkata(457m/1499ft.iong).
8.Longest Canal-Indira Gandhi Canal or Rajasthan Canal(959km.long).
9.Largest Cave-Amarnath(about 44 km from Pahalgam er in Orrisa(24.4km.long).
17.Largest Delta-Sunderbans(75,000sq.km.)formed by the Ganga and Brahmaputra in West Bengal and Bangladesh.
18.Largest Dome-Gol Gumbaj,Bijapur in Karnatka.
19.Highest Gateway-Buland Darwaja at Fatehpur Sikri near Agra.Built by Akbar(53.5m/175ft.long).
20.Longest Glacier-Siachen Glacier on the Indo-Pakistan border(75.6km.long and 2.8km wide).
21.Largest Gurudwara-Golden Temple at Amritsar.
22.Highest Hydel Power Station-Rongtong Hydel Project in Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh.
23.Largest Lake-Wular Lake,Kashmir.
24.Largest Fresh Water Lake-Kolleru in Andhra Pradesh.
25.Largest Library-National Library,Kolkata.
26.Oldest Monastery-Buddhist Monastery,(situated at an altitude of 3,048m/10,000ft.)at Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh.
27.Largest Mosque-Jama Masjid,Delhi(built by Shah Jahan in 1644-58).
28.Highest Mountain Peak-Kanchenjunga.
29.Largest Museum-Indian Museum,Kolkata.
30.Largest Planetarium-Birla planetarium,Kolkata.
31.Largest Prison-Tihar Jail,Delhi.
32.Longest Railway Bridge-Dehri-on-Sone Railway bridge over the Sone river near Sasaram on Kolkata-Delhi main line.
33.Longest Passenger Train Route-Jammu Tawi-Kanyakumari(3730km.).
34Fastest Train-Shatabdi Express between New Delhiand Bhopal at a speed on 140kmph.
35.Longest Railway Platform-Kharagpur in West Bengal(833m/27333ft.)Also World’s longest.
36.Largest Refinery-IOC refinery at Koyah(Gujarat).
37.Largest Tribe- gond.
38.Largest Concentration of Seheduled Tribes-Madhya Pradesh.
39.Longest River-Ganga(2640km.long).
40.Longest Road-Grand Trunk road from Kolkata to Delhi.
41.Highest Road-Road at Khardungla in thr Leh-Manali Sector.
42.Largest State in Area-Rajasthan.
43.Smallest State in Area-Ooa.
44.Most Populaed State-Uttar Pradesh.
45.Least Populated State-Sikkim.
46.Most Densely Populated State-West Bengal.
47.Least Densely Populated State-Arunachal Pradesh.
48.Most Literate State-Kerala.
49.Most Women State-Kerala.
50.Tallest Statue-Statue of Jain Siant Gomateswara at Sravanabelagola in Karnataka.
51.Largest Stupa-Great Stupa of Sanchi,Madhya Pradesh.
52.Largest Tunnel-Jawahar Tunne,Banihal Pass(Jammu and Kashmir).
53.Largest Union Territory in Area-Andaman and Nicobar Island(8,249 sq.km.).
54.Smallest Union Territory in Area-Lakshadweep(60,595).
55.Most Literate Union Territory-Lakshadweep.
56.Highest Waterfall-Jog Waterfall,Karnataka.
57.Largest Zoo-Zoological Gardens,Kolkata.
1.Alexandria-Nile-Egypth. 2.Amsterdam-Amsel-Netherlands.
3.Antwerp-Scheldt- Belgium. 4.Agra-Yamuna-Uttar Pradesh.
5.Ahmedabad-Sabarmati-Gujrat. 6.Ayodha-Saryu-Uttar Pradesh.
7.Baghdad-Tigris-Iraq. 8.Berlin-Spree-Germany.
9.Bonn-Rhine-Germany. 10.Budapest-Danube-Hungary.
11.Badrinath-Ganges-Uttar Pradesh. 12.Cairo-Nile-Egypth.
13.Canton-Canton-China. 14.Cuttak-Mahanandi-Orrisa.
15.Delhi-Yamuna-Delhi. 16.Dibrugarh-Brahmaputra-Assam.
17.Ferozepur-Sutlej-Punjab. 18.Glasgow-Clyde-Scotland.
19.Guwahati-Brahmaputara-Assam. 20.Hamburg-Fibe-Germany.
21.Hardwar-Ganges-Uttar Pradesh. 22.Hyderabad-Musi-Andhra pradesh.
23.Jabalpur-Narmbada-Madhya Pradesh24.Karachi-Indus-Pakistan.
25.Kanpur-Ganges-Uttar Pradesh. 26.London-Thame-England.
27.Ludhiana-Sutlej-Punjab. 28.Montreal-Ottawa-Canada.
29.Moscow-Moskva-Russia. 30.New York-Hudson-USA.
31.Nasik-Godawari-Maharashtra. 32.Paris-Seine-France.
33.Pandharpur-Bhima-Maharashtra. 34.Patna-Ganges-Bihar.
35.Quabec-St Lawrehce-Canada. 36.Rangoon-Irawadi-Burma.
37.Rome-Tiber-Italy. 38.Sambalpur-Mahanadi-Orrisa.
39.Srinagar-Jhelum-Jammu and Kashmir.40.Surat-Tapti-Gujrat.
41.Tokyo-Sumida-Japan. 42.Tiruchirapalli-Cauveri-Tamil Nadu.
43.Vienna-Danube-Austria. 44.Varanasi-Ganges-Uttar Pradesh.
45.Vijayawada-Krishma-Andhra Pradesh.46.Warsaw-Vistula-Poland.
1.Ai-Aqusa-Jerusalem. 2.Big Ben-London. 3.Brandenberg Gate-Berlin.
4.Brown House-Berlin. 5.Colossium-Rome. 6.Buckingham Palace-London.
7.Downing Street-London.8.Eiffel Tower-Paris. 9.Fleet Street-London.
10.Harley Street-London.11.Hyde Park-London.12.India House-London.
13.Kabba-Mecca. 14.Kremlin-Moscow. 15.Leaning Tower-Pisa(Italy).
16.Louvre-Paris. 17.Merdeka Palace-Jakarta.18.Oval-London.
19.Pentagon-Washigton. 20.Potala-Nanking. 21.Pyramid-Eygpt.
22.Red Square-Moscow. 22.Scotland yard-London.23.Shew-dragon Pagod-Rangoon.
24.Sphinx-Egypt. 25.Statue of Liberty-New York.26.Vatican-Rome.
27.Wailing Wall-Jerusalem.28.Wall Street-New York. 29.Westminster Abbey-London.
30.White Hall-London. 31.White House-Washigton.
1.Green Revolution-Food Production. 2.Blue Revolution-Fish Production.
3.Brown Revolution-Fertilizers Production 4.White Revolution-Milk Production.
5.Red Revolution-Meat/Tomato Production.6.Yellow Revolution-Pulse Production.
INDIRECT TAXES-Income tax,Corporate tax,Wealth tax,Estate tax,Gift tax,Expenditure tax,Interest tax.
DIRECT TAXES-Sale tax,Service tax,Exise tax,Custom tax,Value added tax(VAT),Important duties.
BANKING-The first Bank of limited liability managed by Indians was`Oudth Commercial Bank’founded in 1881.After it,Punjab National Bank was established in 1894.
*The Banking Regulation Act,1949 provided the legal framework for regulation of the banking system by Reserve Bank of India(RBI).The RBI was established in 1935.The Bank is the sale authority for issue of currency in India other than one rupee notes.
*The largest Bank-Imperial Bank of India-was nationalised in 1955 and rechirstened as State Bank Of India(SBI).
*The Government issued an ordinance on 19July,1969 acquiring ownership and control of 14 major bankes in the Country.Six more commercial banks were nationalished from 15 April,1980.
PLANNING COMMISION-The Planning Commision was set up in 1950.It is an advisory body.The Prime Minister is its ex-offico Chairman.It makes plans for the Union as well as the states.The Planning Economy in India is based on the mixed economy system.
NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL-The National Development(NDC)set up in 1952 has as members the Chief Ministers of all states as also members of the Planning Commision.It is presided over by the Prime Minister of India as Chairman.It helps in working out common policies in the important spheres of the country’s economy and thus ensures balanced economic development of the country as a whole.It helps in the mobilization of resources and efforts all over the country.The five year plans are finally approved by the National Development Council.
1.First Plan-1951-52 to 1955-56. 2.Second Plan-1956-57 to 1960-61.
3.Third Plan-1961-62 to 1965-66. 4.Annual Plan-1966-67 to 1968-69.
5.Fourth Plan-1969-70 to 1973-74. 6.Fifth Plan-1974-75 to 1977-78.
7.Annual Plan-1978-79 to 1979-80. 8.Sixth Plan-1980-81 to 1984-85.
9.Seventh Plan-1985-86 to 1989-90. 10.Eighth Plan-1992-93 to 1996-97.
11.Ninth Plan-1997-2002. 12.Tenth Plan-2002 to 2007.

MIXED ECONOMY-China is the example of Socialist Economy while USA and UK are the examples of Liberal Economy. The term-mixed economy clearly supports the co-
existence if both private as well as public sector in the Indian economy. But Indian Economy is gradually leading towards the Liberal Economy’s the result of `New Liberal Policy’ adopted by the government of India since 1991.
VALUE ADDED TAX(VAT)-A tax on the difference between the inputs, and outputs of a process. The tax is levied at each stage in the chain from the raw material, through to the customer who buys the finished product. Every time the items change hands, tax is paid by buyer of items.
Total Population-1027 million[on Ist March,2001].
Men-531.3 million. Women-495.7 Dentisty-324 persons per sq.km.
Sex Ratio-933(Woman per 1000 men) Highest Sex Ratio-Kerala(1058).
Lowest Sex Ratio-Haryana(861). The most densely populated state-West Bengal(904)
The most populated state-Uttar Pradesh. Decadal growth-21.3%.
Urban population-27.78% Rural population-72.22% LiteracyRate-65.38%
Male Literacy rate75.85% Female Literacy Rate-54.16%
State with highest Literacy-Kerala(90.92%) (followed by Mizoram).
State with lowest Literacy-Bihar(47.53%).
1.Bombay Stock Exchange-Sen sex. 2.National Stock Exchange-CNX Nity.
3.New York Stock Exchange-Dow Jones.4.Germany Stock Exchange-Xetra Dax.
5.Singapore Stock Exchange-S.T.Index. 6.France Stock Exchange-CaC 40.
7.Japan Stock Exchange-Nikkel. 8.London Stock Exchange-FSTE.
9.Korea Stock Exchange-Kaspi. 10.Hongkont Stock Exchange-Hong Seng.

1.Rickets occur due to the deficiency of-
(a)Vitamin-K (b)Vitamin-D (c)Vitamin-A (d)Vitamin-B.
2.Country that leads in Life-expectancy-
(a)Norway (b)Peru (c)France (d)Japan.
3.Rocket launching station in India-
(a)Sriharikota (b)Ahmedabad (c)Trivandrum (d)Banglore.
4.A lemon is sour because of-
(a)Oxalic acid (b) Citric acid (c)Acetic acid (d)Tartaric acid.
5.Animals having hair and giving birth to young ones are called-
(a)Pisces (b)Reptiles(c)Birds (d)Mammals.
6.Sound travvele the fastest in-
(a)Water (b)Alcohol (c)Steel (d)Vaccum.
7.Tuberculosis (T.B.)is caused by-
(a)Bacteria (b)Virus (c)Both bacteria and virus(d)None of the above.
8.Cow’s milk is slightly yellowish in hue due to-
(a)Riboflavin (b)Protein (c)Lack of vitamin (d)None of the above.
9.The blue colour of the sky is due to –
(a)Collection of light (b)Refraction of light (c)Reflection of lignt (d)Scattering of light.
10.Gold is noble matal because it –
(a)Is chemically less reactive (b)Is used for making ornaments
(c)Is a costly metal (d)Glitters
11.Which of the following is a bad conductor of electercity-
(a)Iron (b)Silver (c)Brass (d)Rubber.
12.Which of the following statements is true-
(a)DDT is an antiseptic (b)APC is an antiseptic
(c)RDX is an antiseptic (d)LSD is an antiseptic.
13.In oxygen things burn-
(a)Dimly (b)Rapidly (c)Do not burn at all (d)Birghtly.
14.What is water composed of-
(a)Oxygen and Hydrogen (b)Oxygen and Nitrogen.
(c)Oxygen and Carbon dioxide (d)Hydrogen and Nitrogen.
15.Which is the lightest of the following gases-
(a)Oxygen (b)Hydrogen (c)Nitrogen (d)Carbon Dixoide.
16.Domestic electric fitting are connected in-
(a)Series (b)Parallel (c)Both in series and parallel (d)None of the above.
17.Cooking utensils are made up of metals because metals-
(a)do not give shock (b)do not break easily (c)are good conductors of heat (d)are good insutotors.
18.The voltage of electercity used in factories is-
(a)440 volt (b)220 volt (c)120 volt (d)240 volt.
19.The voltage of domestic elertercity is-
(a)220 volt (b)440 volt (c)120 volt (d)240 volt.
20.Which is the major source of the energy in human diet-
(a)Protein (b)Amino acid (c)Vitamins (d)Starch.
21.A satellite is kept in circular orbit due to the gravitational-
(a)force of the earth(b)force of the sun(c)force of the moon(d)all f the above.
22.Hair,on our body,are meant to-
(a)Beautify the body(b)Differentiate sex(c)Be as organs of defence(d)none of these.
23.Velocity of a body is- (a)Change of its position. (b)Rate of change of speed .
( c)Change of its position in a definite direction (d)Rate of change of its position.
24.Dialys is done when-
(a)Kidney fail(b)Heart stops functioning(c)Liver stops functioning(d)None of these.
25.The speed of the Rocket Launcher is-
(a)Greater than 11.6km/second (b)Less than 11.6km/second.
(c)Equal to 11.6km/second (d)None of this.
26.The colour of carrot is red due to-
(a)The presence of red colour (b)The absence of cholorophyll
(c)The presence of pigmets. (d)None of the above.
27.An instrument to measure the density of liquid-
28.The blood pressure of a normal human being is-
(a)100/120 (b)220/100 (c)80/120 (d)120/80 mm/Hg.
29.During sleep,man’s blood pressure-
(a)Increases (b)Decreases (c)Fluctuates (d)Remains constant.
30.Copper is mainly used in-
(a)Coolers (b)Electric wires (c)Heaters (d)None of these.
31.It is known as the silent killer-
(a)Blood pressure (b)Headache (c)Rabies (d)Tuberculosis.
32.Human body’s weight on the earth is maximum at-
(a)Equator (b)Seashore (c)Poles (d)None of the above.
33.Which gas helps in extinguishing fire-
(a)Oxygen (b)Helium (c)Carbon dioxide (d)Nitrogen.
34.Marble is the changed form of-
(a)Limestone (b)Coal (c)Basalt (d)Granite.
35.Insulin is given for the treatment of-
(a)Diabetes (b)AIDS (c)Asthma (d)Arthrities.
36.If a magnet is divided into two pieces-
(a)The magnet will lose its power. (b)Both the pieces become independent magnets.
(c)The power of the magnet will increase (d)None of the above.
37.Dehydration is the loss of-
(a)Water (b)Glands (c)Muscles(d)None of the above.
38.Which part of the body Typhoid affects-
(a)Intestines (b)Eyes (c)Brain (d)Nose.
39.One pound is equivalent to-
(a)815 gms(b)453 gms(c)1000 gms(d)1gm.
40.Diamonds are made up of-
(a)Silicon (b)Carbon (c)Sodium (d)Platinum.
41.Which is the lighest of the following-
(a)Water (b)Gas (c)Dust (d)Sand.
42.Hydrophobia may effect a person suffering from-
(a)Snake bite (b)Dog bite (c)Bacterial infection (d)Bee sting.
43.Carbon-dioxide as compared to air is-
(a)Lighter (b)Heavier (c)As heavy as air (d)As light as air.
44.Distance traveled by light in ine year is called-
(a)Light year (b)Angstorm (c)Micrometer (d)Calorimeter.
45.One is germicide out of the following-
(a)Potassium Permanganate (b)Washing Soda(c)Caustic Soda (d)Baking Soda.
46.Jaundice is disease of-
(a)Liver (b)Urine (c)Eyes (d)Skin.
47.Food poisoning is caused by-
(a)Zygote (b)Vitamin-D (c)Micro-organism (d)None of the above.
48.Formation of rust on iron is what kind of phenomenon-
(a)Physical (b)Simple chemical (c)Chemical (d)None of these.
49.One of the following is the good conductor of electercity-
(a)Rubber (b)Copper (c)Wood (d)Glass.
50.Mercury is used in thermometers because it-
(a)Is a metal (b)Expands uniformly (c)Is a liquid (d) Is heavy.
51.One of the following is considered a balanced diet-
(a)Meat (b)Vegetable (c)Milk (d)Pulses.
52.Scientific study of Micro-organs-
(a)Anatomy (b)Microbiolology (c)Bionics (d)Ecology.
53.When a piece of Ice floats on water, its level-
(a)Increases (b)Decreases (c)Remains the same (d)Fluctuates.
54.One of the following pollutes the environment-
(a)Oxygen (b)Nitrogen (c)Carbon monoxide (d)Hydrogen.
55Which bone is related to head-
(a)Pelvis (b)Coccyx (c)Scapula (d)Skull.
56.Nights are cool when-
(a)The nights are cloudly and the days are clear (b)The days are cloudly and the nights are clear
(c)Both the nights and days are cloudly.
(d)Both the days and nights are clear.
57.Who discovered the steam engine-
(a)Henry (b)Toliat (c)Colt (d)James Watt.
58.Who invented Telephone-
(a)Sholes (b)Graham Bell(c)Colt (d)Baird.
59.Who discovered X-Rays-
(a)Roentgen (b)Goldsmith (c)Sholes (d)Goldstein.
60.Who discovered Radium-
(a)Marie Curie (b)Libby (c)P.Curie (d)Calvin.
61.Who discovered Penicillin-
(a)Louis Pasteur(b)Marie Curie (c)Alexander Fleming (d)C.V.Raman.
62.Who discover the cure for rabies- (a)Madam Curie(b)Louis Pasteur(c)Dr.Raman.(d)Einsten.
63.The inventor of Televison is-
(a)J.L.Baird.(b)Marconi (c)Wright Brothers (d)Marie Curie.
64.Phosphorus is a –
(a)Non-matal (b)Metal (c)Gas (d)Liquid.
65.A plant with green leaves placed in red light with appear-
(a)black(b)green(c)red (d)violet.
66.Light from the sun reaches us in nearly-
(a)2 Minute (b)4 Minute (c)8 Minute (d)16 Minute.
67.The common refrigerant used in domenstic refrigerator-
(a)neon (b)freon/ammonia (c)spirit (d)none of these.
68.A fuse wire is characterised by-
height resistance and high melting point.
Low resistance and high melting point.
High resistance and how melting point.
Low resistance and how melting point.
69.Which metal is commonly used as an electromagnent-
(a)Copper (b)Iron (c)Nickel (d)Coblot.
70.When ice melts in the beaker of water,the level of water,the level of water in the beaker with-
(a)increace(b)decreace(c)remain the same(d)first increase,the decreace
71.The dynamo converts-
(a)mechanical energy into electrical energy.
(b)electrical energy into mechanical energy.
(c)mechanical energy into magnetic energy.
(d)none of these.
72.The Oil in the wick of an oil lamp rises up due to-
(a)pressure difference (b)capillary action(c)low viscosity of oil(d)gravitational force.
73.The flying of birds is a proof of Newton’s-
(a)First law (b)Second Law (c)Third Law (d)both second and first law.
74.When milk is churned cream gets separated due to-
(a)centripetal force(b)centrifugal(c)frictional force(d)gravitational force.
75.A red light used in traffic signal because-
(a)It has longest wavelength and can be easily noticed from a long distances
(b)It is beautiful(c)It is visible even to people with bad eyesight(d)none of these.
76.The most convenitent colour combination that can be used for vehicle running day and night is-(a)Orange and blue.(b)White and black (c)red and green (d)yellow and blue.
77.Metals are Good Conducter of electricity because-
(a)They contains free electron(b)The atoms are lightly packed (c)They have high malting point (d)all the above.
78.The phenomenon of total internal reflection may occur when light is passing from-
(a)air to glass (b)air to water (c)air to oil (d)glass to air.
79.The Velocity of sound is maximum in-
(a)a gas (b)a liquid (c)a solid (d)none of above.
80.The mirage is seen in the hot desert because-
(a)the density of layer of air increase with altitude.
(b)the density of layer of aie decrease with altitude.
(c)the reflection of light from the layers of sand.
(d)the total internal reflection from the sand.
81.The best conductor of heat among liquid is-
(a)Water (b)mercury (c)ether (d)alcohol.
82.Sound of frequency below 20Hz are called-
(a)Audio sounds (b)Infrasonics (c)Ultrasonics (d)Supersonics.
83.A man standing at the finish line is recording the time of a race competition by means of a stop watch.He must start the watch when-(a)He hears sound of the starting gun. (b)He sees the flesh of light coming from starting gun (c)He seems first man living the starting line(d)He either sees the flesh or hears the sound.
84.If a shell from a canon bursts in the air,the total kinetic energy.
(a)increases (b)decrease (c)remain constant (d)may increase or discrease.
85.Alternating current is converted to direct current by-
(a)rectifier (b)dynamo (c)transformer (d)motnr.
86.The pitch of sound is measured by its-
(a)Intensy (b)Waveform (c)frequency (d)loudness.
87.When iron and wood are exposed to sunlight,the iron rod become hot quickly because of-(a)the greater thermal conductivity of iron (b)the lower thermal conductivity of iron.
(c)the greater density of iron (d)the less density of iron.
88.In diesel engines,ignition takes place by-
(a)Compression (b)electrical spark (c)dynamo (d)battery.
89.Cloudy nights are warmer because- (a)Clouds prevent radation of heat from the ground into the air.(b)of low atmospheric pressure(c)of the compact dencity of air.(d)More dust partical gather in the air.
90.A electric bulb produce a loud sound when broken because-
(a)the air rushes into partial vaccum in the bulb(b)the gas in brittle.
(c)the gas inside it explodes (d)the gas inside it suddenly expands.
91.What is the appoximate velocity of sound in air-
(a)3m/s (b)30m/s (c)300m/s (d)3000m/s.
92.In deserts,clouds do not precipiate because of-
(a)low pressure (b)low humidity (c)high wind velocity (d)low temprature.
93.The ink of a pen leaks out in an alroplane because-
(a)atmospheric pressure increase (b)pressure of ink is more than the ambient pressure.
(c)high speed of the aeroplane (d)temp.difference.
94.Coating of iron with zinc is known as-
(a)galvanization(b)electroplating (c)ionsation (d)none of these.
95.A piece of rock was brought from Moon to earth then-(a)It mass alone changed.
(b)its weight alone changed(c)Both mass as well as weight changed(d)Neighter its mass nor weight is changed.
96.Which of the following is not a primary colour?-
(a)blue (b)green (c)red (d)black.
97.Which falls down Faster in a vaccum:
(a)Wooden ball (b)feather ball (c)steel ball (d)all with fall down at same speed in a vaccum because there will be no air resistance.
98.Atmospheric pressure is measured by using an instrument called a/an-
(a)manometer (b)hydrometer (c)altimeter (d)barometer.
99.A rainbow is produced when sunlight falls on drops of rain.Which of the fillowing physical phenomenon are responsible for this-1.diffusion 2.refraction 3.internal reflaction
(a)1,2and3 (b)1 and 2(c)2 and 3 (d)1 and 3.
100.The process of transfer of heat by matter but without actual movement of particle themselves is called-
(a)Cinduction (b)Convection (c)Radiation (d)None of the above.
101.A hydrogen filled ballon rises in air because-
(a)atmospheric pressure decrease with altitude.(b)the density of air discrease with altitude.(c)the acceleration due to gravity decrease with altitude (d)the buoyant force exerted bt the air in the ballon is greater than the weight of the ballon.
102.In an electeric kettle water becomes hot by-
(a)conduction (b)radiation (c)moving partical (d)convection.
103.Tea will cool most easily in a-
(a)Metal cup (b)porcelain cup (c)glass cup (d)clay cup.
104.The source of solar energy is –
(a)nuclear fission(b)nuclear fusion(c)Sihking of sun(d)none of these.
105.A radar that detect the presence of an enemy aircraft uses-
(a)Sound waves (b)radio waves (c)electric waves (d)ultrasonic waves.
106.Light year is a unit of-
(a)Light (b)distance (c)time (d)intensity of light.
107.What is the normal temprature of human body-
(a)36.C (b)37.C (c)38.C (d)39.C
108.A Celsius and a Fahrenhereit thermometer give the same reading at a particular temp.
What is the temprature-(a)-273.C (b)-180.C (c)-400.C (d)0.C
109.In which atmospheric layer are the communication satellites located-
(a)Startosphere (b)ionosphere (c)troposphere (d)exosphere.
110.In an earthen pot,cooling of water depends upon the-
(a)Outside Temp. (b)atmospheric humidity (c)wind (d)all the above.
111.A fuse wire is used to-
(a)To make the electrical circuit strong.(b)Convert AC into DC.
(c)Convert DC into AC.(d)prevent an unduly high electric current from passing through a circuit.
112.The nucleus of an atom consists of-
(a)priton+electron (b)only prtons (c)protons+neutrons+electrons(d)proton and neutron.
113.What happen if water is cooled from 80.C to 0.C?
(a)Its volume decrease uniformly,becoming minimum at 0.C.
(b)its volume increase uniformly becoming maximum at 0.C.
(c)its volume decrease upto 40c and then increase.
114.Which of the following is a good conducter of heat but bad conduter of electricity-
(a)asbestos (b)celluloid (c)pertex (d)mica.
115.A sudden fall in a barometer reading indicates-
(a)Clear wheather (b)hailstorm (c)Storm (d)heavy rainfall.
116.Sound travel with a different speed in different media.In what order does the Velocity of sound increase in these Media-
(a)water,iron and air(b)iron,air and water(c)air,water and iron(d)iron,water and air.
117.Which part of the sun is visible during total solar eclipse-
(a)Corona (b)Chromosphere (c)Photosphere (d)No part of the sun is visible.
118.When a pencil is partly immersed in water in a beaker and held in a slanting position,the impressed portion appears-
(a)bent towards the bottom (b)bent towards the water surface
(c)bent in a Zig Zag manner (d)as if it was not immersed.
119.The three primary colours are-
(a)Voilet,green and red(b)indigo,blue and orange(c)blue,green and red(d)blue,yellow and red.
120.Which part of a camera is analogous to the retina in the human eye?
(a)lens (b)film (c)aperture (d)shutter.
121.When a person walking in bright sunlight enter a dark room,he is not able to see clearly for a little while because-(a)The eye muscle can not immediately change the focal length of the eye lens(b)the retina retains the bright images to some time and become momentarily insensitive(c)the iris is unable to contract the pupil immediately(d)the iris is unable to dilate the pupil immediately.
122.In electric fittings,the wires are earthed because-
(a)in case of a short circuit,current passes to the earth.(b)it reduces fluction
(c)it avoids leakage of electricity (d)it completes the electric circuit.
123.To an astronaut,the outer space appears-
(a)blue (b)white (c)black (d)crimson.
124.Which of the following metal is used in aircraft-
(a)chromium (b)titanium (c)palladium (d)none of these
125.A transformer is used to-
(a)increase DC voltage (b)increase or decrease AC voltage
(c)decrease DC voltage (d)convert DC into AC.
126.The element used in an electric filament is-
(a)Copper (b)aluminium (c)iron (d)tungsten.
127.The sky is blue in colour due to-
(a)refraction (b)reflection (c)diffraction (d)dispersion.
128.When a ship floats in water-(a)it displaces no water.
(b)the mass of water displaced is more than the mass of the ship.
(c)the mass of water displaced is equal to the mass of the ship.
(d)the mass of water displaced is less than the mass of the ship.
129.The S.I. unit of electric field is-
(a)Newton per metre(b)Volt per metre (c)ampere per meter (d)coloumb per meter.
130.During rusting-(a)iron gains weight(b)iron loses weight (c)iron Volatillises(d)the weight of iron remains unchanged.
131.A unit of energy is same as that of-
(a)work (b)Power. (c)force (d)acceleration.
132.In hour homes,electricity is supplied of 220 AC.The value 220 represents-
(a)constant voltage(b)effective voltage(c)peak voltage (d)average voltage.
133.Which of the following metals is the best conductor of electricity?
(a)Copper (b)aluminium (c)iron (d)Silver.
134.When water boils,its temprature-
(a)begins to increase(b)begins to discrease(c)remains constant(d)fluctuates.
135.What has maximum density at-
(a)room temprature (b)0.C (c)40C (d)100.C
136.Natrual radioactivity was discovered by-
(a)Marie Curie (b)Ernest Rutherford (c)Hennery Baquerch (d)Enrico Fermi.
137.When a recorded tape is played after being subjected to a magnectic field,then-
(a)reproduction is exellent (b)recorded information is best.(c)only high frequency reproduction take place(d)only low frequency reproduction take place.
138.The terminal colour of the rainbow are-
(a)Voilet and red(b)Voilet and green(c)red and green(d)red and blue.
139.A fresh egg sinks in pure water but floats in soft water.This is because-
(a)Saline water is denser than pure water(b)Salin water is lighter than pure water
(c)the viscosity of saline water is higher than that of pure water(d)the surface tension of salino water is lower than that of pure water.
140.The neuton was discovered by-
(a)Chadwick(b)Rutherford (c)Fermi (d)Bohr
141.A shooting star is basically a-
(a)meteor (b)supernova (c)comet trail (d)disturbance in atmosphere.
142.Graphite and heavy water are two common moderator used in a nuclear reactor.The function of the moderator is to-
(a)slow down neutrons(b)absorb Newton (c)cool the reactor (d)control the Newton.
143.Conservation of energy means that-
(a)energy can be created as well as destroyed. (b)energy can be created but cannot be destroyed.
(c)energy can not be created but can be destroyed .
(d)energy can neither be created nor destroyed.
144.Cadmium roads are used in nuclear reactor for-
(a)Showing down neutrons(b)Speeding up slow neutrons.
(c)absorbing neutrons (d)regulating the power level of reactor.
145.Which is the smallest constellation?
(a)Crux Austrolis (b)Cepheus (c)Apus (d)Corona Boreolis.
146.The period of revolution of geo-stationary satellite is-
(a)24 hours (b)30 days (c)365 days (d)changing continuously.
147.A heavenly body that emits radio signals at regular interval of time is called a-
(a)quasar (b)White draft (c)red gaint (d)pulsar.
148.If an apple is realeased from an orbiting spaceship,it will-
(a)fall towards the earth(b)move along with spaceship at same speed.
(c)move at higher speed (d)move at a low speed.
149.A shooting star is-
(a)a small fast moving satellite that shines by sunlight.
(b)a small star moving away from the earth at a very high speed.
(c)a heavently object that shines because it is heated by the friction of the earth’s atmosphere as it falls at a great speed.
(d)a star of an extremely high density.
150.One gets the feeling of uneasiness when air-
(a)is perfectly dry(b)Contains a little amount of water Vapour (c)is saturated with moisture.

1.Which is script of English language-
(a)German (b)French (c)Roman (d)Italian.
2.Which language is spoken widely in the world-
(a)Chinese (b)Hindi (c)German (d)English .
3.How many plays did Shakespeare compose-
(a)Thirty six (b)Thirty four (c)Forty seven (d)Thirty seven.
4.How many Sonnets did Shakespeare write-
(a)154 (b)144 (c)156 (d)186.
5.William Shakespeare is often called-
(a)The Swan of England (b)Bard of Avon (c)King of Writers (d)Poet’s poet.
6.Who is popularly known as “Swan of Avon”-
(a)John Milton (b)William Shakespeare(c)William wordsworth (d)John Keats.
7.Which character of Shakespeare says “I like it not “-
(a)Antonio in “The Merchant of Venice”(b)Duke Senior “As you like it”.
(c)lago in “Othello” (d)Cassius in “Julius Caesar”.
8.Which Character of Shakespeare speaks “Fraitly thy name is women”-
(a)Hamlet in “Hamlet”(b)Cordelia in “As You Like It”
(c)Portia in “Julius Caesar”(d)Desdemona in “Othello”.
9.To which period did Shakespeare belong-
(a)Victorian period (b)Puritan Period (c)Elizabeth Period(d)None of the above.
10.The author of “Othello”, “Macbeth”, Hamlet’and “King Lear” is-
(a)Raja Rao (b)C.V.Raman (c)Shakespeare (d)Kipling.
11.The utterance “I like it not”occurs in-
(a)Antony and Cleopatra (b)Othello(c)Much Ado About Nothing(d)Hamlet.
12.What are hymns-
(a)Songs in praise of God(b)Verses (c)Songs in praise of king(d)Elegies.
13.Shylock of “The Merchant of Venice”is-
(a)A Chirstian (b)A Muslim (c) A Jew (d)A Hindu.
14.Who is known as the Shakespeare of India-
(a)Kalidasa (b)Tagore (c)Tulsidas (d)Valmiki.
15.Shakespeare’s first Roman play is-
(a)Coriolanus (b)Hamlet (c)Julius Caesar (d)Antony and Cleopatra.
16.Who is the heroine of “The Merchant of Venice”-
(a)Portia (b)Helen (c)Jessica (d)Nerrisa.
17.The most popular villain in a play of Shakespeare’s-
(a)Cassius (b)Casca (c)lago (d)Shylock.
18.Lago,the villain,is a character in shakespeare’s-
(a)Macbeth (b)Hamlet (c)King Lear (d)Othello.
19.Shakespeare’s play which refers to “ideas of March”is-
(a)King Lear (b)Hamlet (c)Julius Caesar (d)Macbeth.
20. “As you like it”by Shakespeare is a-
(a)Tragedy (b)Romantic comedy (c)Historical Play (d)Farcical Play.
21.Who said’ “Sweet are the uses of adversity”-
(a)Shakespeare (b)Oliver Glodsmith (c)John Jewel (d)Carles Dickens.
22.Which play says, “Cowards die many time……”.
(a)As You like it (b)Merchant of Venice(c)Julius Caesar (d)Henry II.
23.The last play of Shakespeare was-
(a)Othello (b)The Tempest(1612).(c)Macbeth (d)King Lear.
24.What is an Elegy-
(a)Short story (b)Long story (c)Mourning song (d)Joyful song.
25.Who is known as “Fancy’s Child”-
(a)Shakespeare (b)Browning (c)W.B.Yeats (d)Lord Byron.
26. “The light of Asia”is a popular book of-
(a)Edwin Arnold(b)Stephen Spender (c)Robert Bridges (d)W.B.Yeats.
27.The poem “Daffodils”is written by-
(a)Tennyson(b)Browing(c)Wordsworth(d)John Milton.
28.The poem “The daffodil”is written by-
(a)Robert Bridges(b)Byron(c)John Jewel (d)Auden.
29.Which English dictionary is the most popular one-
(a)Concise Oxford Dictionary(2,40,000 words)(b)Oxford Dictionary
(c)Cambridge Dictionary (d)None of the above.
30.Name the writer of “My Experiments with truth”-
(a)J.L.Nehru (b)Dr.Rajendra Prasad (c)Sarojini Naidu (d)Mahatma Gandhi.
31. “The Guide”is written by-
(a)R.N.Tagore(b)R.K.Narayan (c)Tolstoy (d)Khushwant Singh.
32.The author of “Arms and the man”is-
(a)Shakespeare (b)Charles Dickens (c)Jane Austen (d)G.B.Shaw.
33.Who is the author of “Pride and Prejudice”-
(a)Charles Dickenes (b)Jane austen (c)Tolstoy (d)Hardy.
34.The author of “Arms and the Man”is-
(a)Thomas Hardy (b)Charles Dickenes (c)Galsworthy (d)Walter Scott.
35.Who is the author of “A Psalm of Life”-
(a)Wordsworth (b)H.W.Longfellow (c)V.K.Gokak.(d)Kamla Dass.
36.Name the writer of “If I am Assassinated”-
(a)Z.A.Bhutto (b)Indira Gandhi (c)John Kennedy (d)Abrahim lincoin.
37.The writer of the Novel “War and Peace”is-
(a)Leo Tolstoy (b)Shakespeare (c)Dickens (d)Shaw.
38.Name the writer of “Letters from a father to a daughter”-
(a)Sardar Patel (b)Gandhi (c)J.L.Nehru (d)Shastri.
39.Maximum poems in English are written by-
(a)Lord Byron (b)Wordsworth (c)Robert Frost (d)Shakespeare.
40.How many vowels has English language-
(a)3 (b)5 (c)11(d)9.
41.How many alphabets has English language-
(a)26 (b)35 (c)46 (d)40.
42.Who among the English poets,is known as the “Poet of Nature”-
(a)William Black(b)William Shakepeare (c)William Wordsworth(d)William Cowper.
43.The hero of “Pride and Prejudice”is-
(a)Collins (b)Bingley (c)Wickham (d)Darcy.
44.The heroine of “Pride and Prejudice”is-
(a)Jane Bannet (b)Elizabeth Bennet (c)Lydia (d)Mary.
45.Who is the author of the poem “A Nation’s Strength”-
(a)M.Longfellow (b)Aurobindo Ghose (c)Sarojini Naidu (d)Emerson.
46.Which poem is the swan song(last writing)of Keats-
(a)Lamia(b)Ode to Autumn (c)Hyperion (d)Endymion.
47.Which of the following English poets was blind-
(a)W.H.Auden(b)Thomas Nashe(c)John Milton (d)Shakespeare.
48 Who is the author of the book “Apassage to England”-
(a)Nirad Chaudhari (b)R.L.Stevenson (c)D.H.Lawrence (d)William Blake.
49.A’ Tale of two Cities’is a famous novel of –
(a)Thomas Hardy (b)Charles Dickens (c)Jane Austen (d)William Cowper.
50. “The Mayor of Castebridge”is a famous novel of-
(a)Charles Dickens (b)Jane Auston (c)D.H.Lawrence (d)Thomas Hardy.
51.Who said, “God made the country,man made the town-
(a)William Wordsworth(b)William Blake(c)William Shakerpeare(d)William Cowper.
52.The writer of the famous “Lucy poem”is-
(a)William Blake(b)William Cowper(c)William Wordsworth(d)William Shakespeare.
53.Smallest book of the world-
(a)Madam Bovary(b)Aric-1.(c)Tamas (d)Godan.
54.Who is the writer of the book “Unto This Last”-
(a)Tolstoy (b)Bondaref (c)Thoreau (d)Ruskin.
55.Shelly’s “Ozymandias”is- (a)a ballad (b)a sonnet (c)an ode (d)A lyric.
56.Georage Bernard Shaw,the great dramatist,was a/an-
(a)Englishman (b)Welsh (c)Scotsman (d)Irishman.
57.Shakespeare was born in the year-
(a)1572 (b)1464 (c)1672 (d)1564.
58.Shakespeare died in year-
(a)1516 (b)1716 (c)1616 (d)1416.
59.The writer of “Swami and his father”is-
(a)R.K.Narayan (b)Munshi Prem Chand(c)Max Multer (d)Collins.
60. “Nature never died betray the heart that loved her,” is said by-
(a)P.B.Shelly(b)Lord Byron (c)John Keats (d)William Wordsworth.
61.Who has writteh “Anna Karenina”-
(a)Boris Pasternak(b)Victor Hugo(c)Leo Tolstoy(d)Lewis Carol.
62.Who is distinguished as a writer in English-
(a)Vijay Tendulkar(b)Kamaleshwar(c)Anita Desai(d)Amrita Shergil
63.Who said “Child is the father of the man”-
(a)John Dryhen(b)Walt Whitman(c)Robert Bridges (d)William Wordsworth.
64. “Tess of D’Urbervilles”is a novel by-
. (a)Charles Dickens(b)Oilver Goldsmith(c)Thomas Hardy(d)Somerset Maugham.
65. “Ancient Mariner”is a very popular poem of-
(a)Charles Sandburg (b)Robert Frost(c)Walt Whitman(d)Coleridge
66. “The Prelude”by Wordsworth deals with his-
(a)Altitude to man(b)Altitude to nature(c)Altitude to Politics(d)Altitude to love and romance.
67.Change play an important part in the novels of-
(a)Thomas Hardy(b)George Meredith(c)Walter Scott(d)Henry Fielding.
68.Who is the authoe of the book “Cocktail Party”-
(a)Richard Burton(b)Maxim Gorky (c)T.S.Eliot (d)Andrew Boyle.
69.Which of the following did Jane Austen write-
(a)Emma(b)Divine Life (c)Escape (d)Go down Moses.
70. “An Elegy Written In A Country Churchyard”is a poem of-
(a)Thomas Hardy(b)Thomas Gray (c)Thomas Moore (d)Lord Byron.
71.Which character of Shakespeare speaks “How weak a thing the heart of a woman is”-
(a)Portia in Julius Caesare(b)Lady Macbeth(c)Portia in “The Merchant of Venice”(d)None of the above.
72. “An Elergy Written In A Country Churchyard”is a poem of –
(a)Thomas Hardy(b)Thomas Gray(c)Thomas Moore (d)Lord Byron.
73.How many Romans plays did Shakespeare write-
(a)Four (b)One (c)Two (d)Three.
74.Who said “Water water everywhere but not a drop to drink-
(a)S.T/Coleridge(b)John Milton (c)William Butler Yeats(d)William Cowper.
75.The father of English Literature is-
(a)John Milton (b)John Donne (c)Shakespeare (d)Chaucer.
76. “Leaves of grass”is a book of poetry by-
(a)W.B.Yeats(b)Walter Scott (c)W.H.Auden (d)Keats.
77.John Keats was known for-
(a)Ballads (b)Lyrics (c)Sonnets (d)Plays.
78.The most famous poem “My Native Land”has been composed by-
(a)W.B.Yeats(b)W.H.Auden (c)Lord Tennyson (d)Thomas Gray.
79.English is the official language of-
(a)Bihar (b)Nagaland (c)Karnataka (d)Assam.
80. “Main Kampt”is the autobiography of-
(a)Adolt Hitler (b)Bismarck (c)Goethe (d)Max Multer.
81The most popular poem “Kubla Khan”was authored by-
(a)Wordsworth (b)Coleridge (c)Browing (d)Tennyson.
82.Which is the Script of Hindi Language-
(a)Gurumukhi (b)Khari Boli (c)Dev Nagari (d)None of the above.
83.Which language is the mother of Hindi-
(a)Prakrit Bhasha(b)Sanskrit (c)Apbhransh (d)Vedic Language.
84.Who is the propagator of Experimental Poetry in Hindi-
(a)Dinkar(b)Dharam Vir Bharati(c)Apbhransh (d)Vedic Language.
85.How many vowels has Hindi-
(a)3 (b)5 (c)11 (d)9.
86.How many alphabets has Hindi-
(a)26 (b)35 (c)44 (d)40.
87.Which is called the “Golden Age”in Hindi Literature-
(a)Veer Gatha Kaall(b)Bhakti Kaall(c)Reeti Kaall (d)Adhunik Kaall.
88.Who is the first Hindi poet of “Modern Age”-
(a)Shridhar Pathak (b)Bharatendu Harishchandra(c)Nirala(d)Maithilli Sharan Gupt.
89.Who is the progressive writer among the following-
(a)Maha Devi Verma(b)Bachan (c)Ram Kumar Verma(d)Naga Arjun.
90.Who has sung hymns in praise of Lord Krishna-
(a)Tulsidas (b)Kabir (c)Tagore (d)Meera Bai.
91.Name the poet who was blind-
(a)Kabir (b)Surdas (c)Kalidasa (d)Nissim Ezekeil.
92.Who is called the Meera or “Modern Age”-
(a)Usha Priyambda(b)Nirmal Varma (c)SubhadrabKumari Chauhan(d)Maha Devi Verma
93.In which language did Amit Khusro write his poetry-
(a)Dingal (b)Braj (c)Khari Boli (d)Persian.
94.Whom did Kabir mare his Guru-
(a)Ramdas (b)Rama Nand (c)Chaitahya Maha Prabhu (d)Guru Nanak.
95. “Satyarth Prakash” is written by-
(a)Kalidasa(b)Surdas (c)Vivekanand (d)Dayanand Saraswati Swami.
96.Seth Gobinde Das is famous for-
(a)Novel (b)One Act Play(c)Drama (d)Essay.
97.Who wrote the book “Andha Yug”-
(a)Dr.Dharam Vir Bharati (b)Ram Kumar Verma.
( c)Ramdhari Singh Dinkar.(d)Girija Kumar Mathur.
98.Who wrote the novel “Tamas”on which T.V.serial is based-
(a)Prem Chand (b)Balraj Sahni(c)Upendar Nath Ashk.(d)Bhisham Sahni.
99. ‘Beejak is a collection of hymns by-
(a)Guru Nanak Dev Ji(b)Ravidas (c)Dabu Dayal (d)Kabir.
100.Who is the author of ‘Padmavat’-
(a)Kabir (b)Raheem (c)Jayasi (d)Surdas.
1.The Raman Magsay say award is named after the farmer President of-
(a)Indonesia(b)Philippines (c)Thailand (d)Singapore.
2.Indian Military Academy is located in-
(a)Dehradun (b)Hyderabad (c)Mount Abu (d)Cochin.
3. ‘Hindu Vishwavidyalaya’is situated in which City?
(a)Banaras (b)Ujjain (c)Haridwar (d)Chennai.
4.What was built to celebrate the visit of King George V?
(a)Fort George (b)Gateway of India(c)India Gate (d)Victorial Memorial.
5.The Carbett National Park is located in-
(a)Nainital (b)Gaya (c)Mumbai (d)Gangtok.

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