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Thursday, November 22, 2007

M.Phil Sociology Syllabus

M.Phil Sociology Syllabus
M.Phil programme is one academic year. Besides 3 courses during two semester, workshop and dissertation are compulsory
Course No. Title Credits
SO 700 Dissertation 10 (Compulsory)
SO 701 Workshop in ResearchMethods 2 (Compulsory)
SO 702 Education and Modernization 4
SO 703 Sociology of the Underprivileged 4
SO 704 Fertility and Population Growth in India 4
SO 705 Political Sociology of the Peasantry 4
SO 706 Development Theory and the Asian Experience 4
SO 707 Communication and Development 4
SO 708 Philosophical Foundations ofSocial Theory 4
SO 709 Industrialization and Labour 4
SO 710 Sociology of Legal Systems in India 4
SO 711 Patterns of Urbanisation in 4Developing Countries with special Reference to Asia And Africa.
SO 712 Integration and Conflict in Plural Societies 4
SO 713 Social Policy and Gender Issues
SO 714 Family Demography
Knowledge of Social Science Research methodology and Social Statistics of the M.A. level is a prerequisite. Those who do not have this knowledge have to audit the relevant courses offered in the M.A. programme.
(The students may also opt for courses from other social science disciplines upto 4 credits).
The student should prepare a dissertation under the supervision of a teacher appointed by the Board of Control in Sociology. She/He should demonstrate her/ his skills for the formulation of the research problem and the application of the tools of research. M.Phil, is one year course which includes three theory courses and dissertation. If the students are not able to complete that Dissertation within one year, they are entitled for a further extension of one year.
The M.Phil is a stepping stone to Ph.D work. In the M.Phil course both the theoretical and research inputs are given equal emphasis. Out of a total 600 marks, the three theory courses cover 300 marks, and the remaining 300 marks are allocated to research. We have observed that those who have done M.Phil produce better quality research in their Ph.D programme.

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