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Saturday, November 24, 2007

The forces that drive client / server system

Client/Server Architecture, Configuration, Implementation
We offer multiple services to create a Positive Impact to your Client/Server environment including: architecture definition, network configuration, and network implementation.

Architecture Definition
COMPASS will define your client/server architecture in terms of:

Functional Needs
Design Options
Short and Long Term Resource Planning (Personnel and Facilities)
Connectivity Issues
Specifications for:
Network Operating System
Cable Plant/Physical Layer
Backup, Recovery, and Strategies
Client/Server Configuration
Our client/server services include configuration of the following:

File, print, and communication servers
Network peripherals
Systems, software, and languages
Client/Server Implementation
COMPASS will install and pilot test your client/server network to assure quality. After tuning the performance of the network, we will issue Network Management and User Training to your organization. Finally, procedures for the operation and maintenance of the client/server network will be developed to ensure continued operation.

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