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Friday, November 23, 2007

Maintenance and evolution

Database Design & Maintenance Services
Your company's database can be a powerful tool. It provides important data on your customers, data that has to be retrieved quickly and efficiently. While most companies have staff to enter customer information into the database, many do not have the staff to upgrade and change the technology to make the database more useful and efficient. Intelligent Evolution, Inc. (IE) can do that part for you, by working directly with you to determine the best and expanded uses of the database, and to incorporate system changes resulting in information being retrieved more quickly and efficiently.

IE personnel has a clear understanding of the role a database should play in enhancing your organization's profitability. We specialize in design, existing database integration, complete documentation and on-site training.

Database Design and Production
IE staff works with your management to define the database objectives, by tying them to company strategies, operations and growth expectations. From rough draft design to polished concept, we provide you with the database infrastructure to meet your company's needs. Following an implementation plan and schedule, we develop and test the database to ensure reliability, maneuverability and report results.

Existing Database Integration
The growth of an information infrastructure often takes on a life of its own. One change necessitates others. Select people throughout an organization have system expertise in their particular functional area, but no one may have a handle on the big picture. IE explores all processes of your organization: goals, business processes, corporate culture, and information technology needs. Applying this knowledge, we work with you to assess where you are and where you need to be, recommending technology-based strategies to get your outcome.

Documentation complete meta-data layout of the database design is accomplished by our programming staff, if desired. Documentation services can accomplish the following:

Users' time on learning how the database works is diminished
Users locate exactly what they need, when they need it
Users learn how to use the database to efficiently get their jobs done
The documentation deliverables include:

Reference and training manuals
User guides and procedures

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