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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

CLASSICAL MECHANICS and STATISTICAL MECHANICS,B. SC. MICROBIOLOGY,B. Sc. in Radio Imaging Technology,B. SC. GRAPHICS & MULTIMEDIA,M.Sc Journalism, Advertising & Mass Communication



Time: 3 hours M.Marks:60
Attempt any 5 questions. All questions carry equal marks.

Q.1  Explain Digital differential analyzer Algorithm with its derivation.

Q.2 What is Breshenham line generation? Explain its derivation

Q.3 Write Midpoint circle algorithm. Draw a circle at origin with radius=10 using midpoint circle algorithm.

Q.4 What is Rotation in 2D Plane? Explain Rotation with respect to a fixed point. Represent the equation in homogeneous plane

Q.5 What is reflection? Explain reflection with respect to different axis in 2D homogeneous system.

Q.6 What is line clipping? Explain Cohen-Sutherland line clipping algorithm in detail.

Q.7 Explain Sutherland Hodgeman Polygon Clipping using appropriate diagram.

Q. 8 What is Projection? Explain Perspective and Parallel projections in 3D plane.



Time: 3 hours M.Marks:60
Attempt any 5 questions. All questions carry equal marks.

Q.1 Why JAVA is so popular as an Internet Language?

Q.2 What contribution has IAVA made to World Wide Web?
Q.3 what is exception handling? Give an example of exception handling with multiple catch
      Statements & a final method.
Q.4 what are the disadvantages of Multimedia Web Sites?

Q.5 How do we publish web sites?  Explain in details.

Q.6 what are steps to be followed for designing a web site.

Q.7 How CGI is implemented in web designing explains by taking an example?

Q.8 what is Search Engine?  How to search the information in Internet?

B. Sc. in Radio Imaging Technology, YEAR –3

Doppler & Echo Cardiograph

Time: 3 hours M.Marks:60
Attempt any 5 questions. All questions carry equal marks.
1. Explain electrode Theory, bipolar & uni-polar electrode.

2. Describe phonocardiography & vector cardiograph.

3. Explain the working, uses & precautions of colour Doppler system.

4. Explain in details physiology of respiratory system and respiratory rate measurement.

5. Describe system approach to biological system.

6. Write short notes on –
(1) Pacemaker
(2) Echo cardiograph
(3) Ox meter
(4) Defibrillators  

     7. Write the ECG Features of:

(i) LVH (ii) RVH
(iii) RBBB (iv) Mahim’s by Pass (v) LBBB (Complete & Incomplete)

8. Discuss the preparation, procedures and precaution taken while recording an ECG.



Time: 3 hours M.Marks:60
Attempt any 5 questions. All questions carry equal marks.

Q1. If H is a non-empty finite sub set of a group G and if H is closed under multiplication, prove that H is a subgroup of G.

Q2. If G is a finite group and H is a subgroup of G, prove that O(H) is a divisor of O(G).

Q3. Prove that every permutation is the product of its cycles.

Q4. Define conjugate elements in a group G. Prove that conjugacy is an equivalence relation on G.

Q5. Prove that a finite integral domain is a field.

Q6. State and prove the division algorithm for a polynomial ring.

Q7. Define linear span? If S is a non-empty subset of a vector space V, prove that the linear span of S is a sub space of V.

Q8. Let V be an inner product space. If u, v Î V, prove that | (u, v)| £ || u || || v ||



Time: 3 hours M.Marks:60
Attempt any 5 questions. All questions carry equal marks.

1. Write Short Notes On (any four)

a)  Antibiotics b) Microscope.
c) Soil microbiology d) Robert koch
e) Staining techniques.

2. Define the microbes influencing our lives?
3. Describe the experiment and contribution of Louis Pasture?
4. Describe the germ theory of disease?
5. Describe pure culture concept.
6. Define the microbial fermentation and its applications?.
7. Describe the agriculture and environment sanitation?
8. Explain applications of microbiology in human lives.
B. SC. PCB, YEAR – 1


Time: 3 hours M.Marks:60
Attempt any 5 questions. All questions carry equal marks.

Q.1. Write the Parallelogram law of forces.

Q.2. Define coplanar force with figure.

Q.3. Write the principal of equilibrium.

Q.4. Write the advantage of friction.

Q.5. Define Laml’s theorem.

Q.6. A force of 15 N is applied perpendicular to the edge of the door 0.8-meter wide find the moment of force about hinge.

Q.7. Define acceleration.

Q.8. Write difference between Internal and external gear.



Time: 3 hours  M.Marks:60

Note: - Attempt any 5 questions.
All questions carry equal marks.

Q1. State D’Alemberts principle. Obtain the equation of motion of a simple pendulum Using D’Alemberts principle.
Q2. What are generalized coordinates. Using Lagrange’s equation find theacceleration of masses in an Atwood’s machine.
Q3. State and explain Hamilton’s variational Principle. Use it to derive the Euler Lagrange equation.
Q4. a) How do you covert a two body problem into one body problem? Obtain expression for              position and time through equation of motion and first integral.
    b) State and prove Virial theorem.
Q.5 a) Derive the canonical transformation equation.
        b) Explain the canonical invariance of Lagrange bracket.
Q.6 Explain in detail the Brownian motion.
Q.7 a) Explain the theory of small oscillations. Apply it to solve the linear molecule problem.
      b) Write an account on normal coordinates.
Q.8 Discuss the types of statistics in detail. Derive the Sackur-tetrode equation for a mono atomic ideal gas.
M. Sc. Journalism, Advertising & Mass Communication, SEMESTER – III

Media Production

Time: 3 hours M.Marks:60
Attempt any 5 questions. All questions carry equal marks.

1. Describe the various parts of video Camera with diagram & write their functions with illustration.
2. Write short note on :
a) Computer Animation
b) Stages of Video Production
3. Define UPLINKING in Satellite Transmission. Compare Satellite Transmission with Terrestrial Transmission.
4. Define “Layout”. Write the advantages of layout in designing the cover page of Women’s magazine.
5. Write the principle & procedure that followed in offset printing. Discuss the advantages of offset press over letterpress.
6. Describe the Desk Top Publishing process with appropriate diagrams &write the significance of DTP in the age of IT.
7. What is Modulation?Describe Amplitude Modulation & compare it with Frequency Modulation.
8. Describe the importance of sound in Video Production. Describe how various sounds are produced & recorded for Video Production.

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