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Friday, July 18, 2008

HCL interview Papers

1) General apti test
2) Technical paper( asked in computer networks, unix and c)
and a harware technical paper for those who are interested in that. i wrote only for software test..
Those who r shortlisted in aptitude test are called for the interview on the next day.
We had two rounds of Interview 1) Technical 2)H.R
only one interviewer in the panel..i m an ECE student and my area of interest in microprocessor 8085. so following questions are asked for me..
1) Introduce yourself
2)Tell me about your projects done so far
3)What s a pointer and write a program to print the address of that variable.
4)How to access a pointer using structure and write a program using that
5)What s the difference between structure and union
6)Write a program using union
7)What are the advantages of pointer
8)Whats a static variable
9)What s a micro controller and the difference between microprocessor and microcontroller
10)Tell me the major advantages of microcontroller compared to microprocessor
HR Interview: female HR came to our panel.. she asked the questions so fastly and didnt wait to answer the questions fully. .I didnt expect that she ll ask technical questions in HR interview.. so BE READY FOR ANYTHING
She gave a c program and asked the output, then asked whats a pointer
1)What s ur aspiration? 2) Why HCL and wat do u know about HCL? 3) About family background...

Aptitude is an online round. There were only 2 rounds for us.
1.Aptitude(2 Apps for IT and CSE)
a. General aptitude(60 que in 50 min)
b. Technical Aptitude(Data Structures,C,OS)[25 que in 20 min]
In General Aptitude there were questions based on the following:
LAT(Learnability Aptitude Test)
1.two on blood realations
2.6 reading comprehension (hint: See the question given below there will be a direct answer. If u are not sure then just click at random mostly b or c.)
3.one train problem(i just bypassed it)
4.computing values based on flowcharts(very easy, Be carefull simple decision boxes were given)
5.Using Bar Charts to answer the questions.Easy one.
6.One correct the sentence question was also asked.
Others i couldnt remember, but easy one. Be Quick in answering them.
Technical Aptitude Test(CSE & IT)
1. 5 small logical situations in C
1.-----> int (*ptr)[10] What it means ?
2.-----> Program based on printf arguments...
printf(+7"%c","sundaram"); o/p ?
3.------>program with post and pre increment situation
int count=0;
int incre()
return count++;
int arr[10];
4.Two choose the correct option
2.Data Structures:
1.__________ Queue has a overflow problem even if there a few elements present.
2.Two questions about graphs and trees.. simple one.
3.Which sorting is optimum even in worst case..
1. quick 2. Insert 3. Merge 4.8yrs.
4.One simple question related to stack. Others I forgot..
1.questions on sheduling
2.On swapping ___________is used to implement virtual memory.
3.____________is used to allocate contigious memory locations.
4.One on Assembly level programming
5.Semaphores are used for___________
6.Modulation in modem(0,1) to (0,2).
Next Day we attended HR
I was to attend the 13th pannel and it was an lady HR. She asked some general questions no technical and this session moved so friendly.
1. Introduce myself.
2. Some cross questions from the first que..
3. About my specality..
4. She asked the difference b/w school life and coll life.
i said and included that both were same and also included about the rules on talking with girls. She asked me to justify it. I gave an ans as " depends on the situation and persons". Think so she was satisfied.
5. Asked about my hobbies. I said playing volley ball on sundays and spent more time in computers in week days.
6.Asked about my strengths and i said it with an incident to add value to that point.
7. Asked me about the lase movie i saw. I said i dont see movies often and she was ok with it .
8.She asked for Higher Studies...please say No..
9.Asked about working abroad. I accepetd it with a big smile and said not only abroad accross any where in india too. She asked me that reason.. I said that i can increase my Linguistic Profeciency and can analyse myself with other state people and can learn more. She was really satisfied with it.
10. About the bond for 18 months and i gave a big hopeful smile for that too.
We wer called by the hcl technologies for recuritment in their office only.
The written papre consisted of 2 sections 1-apptitude 2-branch specific.
Apti paper was damn easy.thr wer 60 questions to b done in 55 minutes.no special practice reqired 4 ths.
Kep ur eyes open mind alert and chck on the time.thts it
Some of the questions wer:-
1 if a+b means a is son of b and a-b means a is daughter of b and a*b means a is wife of b thn
p+q-r*t.wat is the relation between p&t?
2 english Rc.very easy one.4 passeges having 10 questions.
3 flow chart questions.thr wer 6 questions on flow chart.
4 pie chart question.Tht is the di section.u dnt even need to use ur pencil 4 solvin it
5 some technical questions like how s virtual memory implemnted-demand paging
1) question was on article whose option wer a,a & a,the &the,a & the,the.the answer was the,the
two meaning question wer thr whose answer wer mass killing and formal statement.
Analogy question wer thr like:-
(analogy:bmbkpfz) and 4 option wer given the relations 4 analogies wer quite simple as u can see.
Number series wer given like 122433566412864278 and question wer asked like hw many consecutive even number pairs
Are thr whose sum is a single digit ie >= 9;
All the question wer easy.jst keep the chk on the time
The second test was branch specific.each 4 computer, it and of vlsi 4 electronics students if thy want to be
vlsi specialsts.
Mine was computer test.it was a little bit tricky bt surely not difficult.
Thr wer 25 questions to b done in 20 minutes
Questions wer on c and c++ only.some of the questions i could recall wer
1-wat s the position of partition item in quick sort ansis statrtin(first)
The new malloc calloc allocate memory 4m heap
One question was on virtual base class in c++.type of error was asked bt thr was no error
One question on 2d array.
Some questions on c programs.one was insertion sort
One on binary search tree
On question on the preorder sequencing of b tree.ie 1st visit root thn visit left subtree in preorder
Again u need to keep a chk on time here also.
Thn finally thr was HR round
Same questions wer asked 4m each student and those wer vry vry general.
The questions wer 1-tell about urself 2-about family 3-why hcl? 4-academics trend i.e if ur % is decreasing thn why is it so
and if its increasing thn will u b able keep it like tht?
It dint last 4 mre thn 10 minutes.
3. HR
1. 35 Aps question
2. 20 Technical questions
Aps was almost logical and one or two sums on quants. (Prepare logical deduction, blood relation, seating arrangements, pbs on ages, percentage, time and work, time and distance)
Technical was based on C, C++, and some questions on networks, os, and ds.
Had section wise cut off and negative marking…

1. Why HCL?
2. Questions on my area of interest.
3. Difference bet TCP/UDP—and which is better?
4. Whether tcp/udp is reliable?
5. Asked to choose any one like C, C++, Java. I said C++ So,
6. Num>>2(num value given and asked the o/p)
7. A prog and its o/p.
8. What is port..
9. Socket?
10. Where we use port..
11. Inheritance and its types
12. Polymorphism
13. If extern is used within private what will happen.
14. Types of networks.
15. Extranet?
16. Using static, extern keywords many questions were asked..
This is Abhisek from MCKV Institute of Engineering, I am going to share my experience about the HCL Technologies Campusing procedure which took place in our college on 1st & 2nd March 2007.
It took 2 days for the whole process to end.
The who process is based on .....
1. PPT
2. Aptitude = 35 Apti questions( 1 hr ) + 20 Technical questions ( 15 mins )
3. Technical Interview
The reporting time was 9:30am ........ but the flight was late ........ so the mam along with two sirs came after a short delay ....... at abut 10-30 ....... and the PPT tated around 11. there was a nice video at first, I recognized that was a "HCL Anthem" ( http://www.hcl.in/anthem.asp )video and a bit modified from HCL s website. them mam explained the facts of HCL and 18 month bond, statistics etc.
Try to listen the PPT carefully ....... though its boring, that comes handy in HR. Mam asked me only abut HCL in HR.
The Aptitude part was mainly composed of ...
1. Some Puzzles( From RS Agarwal,s Non-verbal and Sakuntala Devi )
2. Some DI problems( very easy if u focus )
3. Some CAT standard passages ( i.e. 2 questions for 1 page long passages )
So My suggestion will be first attempt the DI,then eng, then take rest of time to solve puzzles .
The paper was a bit tough ...... but DI and English was much easy though.
The Technical part was a bit easy ...... mainly composed of C,C++,OS and mainly pointer based problems. ECE guys may hav some problems with that.
127 given d exam ....... and 86 cleared d aptitude.
Section I: computer awareness (i.e general things about computer) Q.15 -ve marks -1/4
Section II: Simple C- language Q. 15 & -ve marks: -1/4
Section III: On pointers & structures and C++,JAVA( only 1 on this) Q.10 each quetion ->2 marks-ve marks: -1
Section IV: Analytical Q.20 each quetion -> 2 marks.-ve marks: -1/4

1. Piggy backing is a technique for
a) Flow control b) sequence c) Acknowledgement d) retransmition
ans: c piggy backing
2. The layer in the OST model handles terminal emulation
a) session b) application c) presentation d) transport ans: b application
3 ans: a odd numbers of errors
4. Q. In signed magnitude notation what is the minimum value that can be represented with 8 bits
a) -128 b) -255 c) -127 d) 0
5 c 20
6 a 120
7. b synchronise the access
8. a system call
9. b the operating system
10. a 177333
11. d used as a network layer protocall in network and windows system
12. b has to be unique in the sub network
13. Q. there is an employer table with key feilds as employer no. data in every n,th row are needed for a simple
following queries will get required results.
a) select A employe no. from employe A , where exists from employe B where A employe no. >= B employe
having (count(*) mod n)=0
b) select employe no. from employe A, employe B where A employe no.>=B employ no.grouply employe
no.having(count(*) mod n=0 )
c) both a& b
d)none of the above
14. Q. type duplicates of a row in a table customer with non uniform key feild customer no. you can see
a) delete from costomer where customer no. exists ( select distinct customer no. from customer having count )
b) delete customer a where customer no. in
b rowid
c) delete customer a where custermor no. in ( select customer no. from customer a, customer b )
d) none of the above
15. c Volatile modifier
Section II is not covered completly But it is very very easy . You can do it very easely.
1. ans: recursion
2. long int size
a) 4 bytes b) 2 bytes c) compiler dependent d) 8 bytes ans: compiler dependent
note: order of a,b,c,d are doubt but answer is correct.
3 x=2,y=6,z=6
printf(%d",x) ?
4 if(x>2)?3:4
7. ans: c 6 ( quetion on enum )
8. ----
14. c : class A,B and C can have member functions with same name.
15. ans: d none of the above
1. ans: b It does not work when rp is the last element in the linked list
2. ans: a always
3. ans: b 13
4. ans: b 16
5. ans: d 55,55
6. ans: c 5,10,10,3
7. ---
8. ans:d 4
9. ans: c 5
10. ans: c semicolon missing
2. M > D > Y ans: (a)
6. 10 in 4 seconds, ? in 6 minutes = 10x6x60/4 = 900 ans: (a)
7. a=2, b=4, c=5 (a+b)/c - c/(a+b) = 11/30 (ans).
8. 100(100000000+100000000)/10000 = 2x1000000 (ans).
9. what does the hexanumber E78 in radix 7. (a) 12455 (b) 14153 (c) 14256 (d) 13541 (e) 131112 ans: (d)
10. Q is not equal to zero and k = (Q x n - s)/2 find n?
(a) (2 x k + s)/Q (b) (2 x s x k)/Q
(c) (2 x k - s)/Q
(d) (2 x k + s x Q)/Q (e) (k + s)/Q
(from GRE book page no: 411) data: A causes B or C, but not both F occurs only if B occurs D occurs if B or
C occurs E occurs only if C occurs J occurs only if E or F occurs D causes G,H or both H occurs if E occurs
G occurs if F occurs
11. If A occurs which of the following must occurs
I. F & G
II. E and H
(a) I only (b) II only
(c) III only (d) I,II, & III
(e) I & II (or) II & III but not both ans: (e)
12. If B occurs which must occur
(a) D (b) D and G (c) G and H (d) F and G (e) J ans: (a)
13. If J occurs which must have occured
a) E (b) either B or C (c) both E & F (d) B (e) both B & C ans: (b)
14. which may occurs as a result of cause not mentioned (1) D (2) A (3) F
(a) 1 only (b) 2 only (c) 1 & 2 (d) 2 & 3 (e) 1,2,3 ans: (c)
15. E occurs which one cannot occurs
(a) A (b) F (c) D (d) C (e) J ans: (b) 11 to 15:- ---- e , a , b , c , b------Below are in order:
16. to 20. answers:

Sample test paper conducted on 10th sep 2003.
write the program/algorithm or pseudo code to do
following operation given matrix
Input Matrix
1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9
Output Matrix
9 8 7
6 5 4
3 2 1
the algo or program should be able to do this.
Hotel owner to teacher: u know that mohan came here with 3 girl friends. if multiply their ages the result will be 2450. and the sum of their ages is equal to u,r age. the eldest girl is elder than mohan can u tell me mohan age.
One more question answer approach is 2+3+.....127
ans: 137 (check it)
One more question about 4 ships do it well there are 7 conditions and 7th condition will not be
satisfied.dont go for that consider the first 6 conditions
Interview questions:
difference b/w c and c++.
polymorphism, declaring functions in structures, virtual base class.
If it is HTML
A: I,am a doctor B is a barber and C is the taxi driver.
B: I,am an employee of water works dept, A is the taxi driver and
C is the doctor.
C: I,am a lawyer A is a taxi driver and B is the doctor.Who is the thief?
In one country they prefer only boys to have. If it is a girl in the
first birth then there must be the other child to have,
if it is also a girl then they will go for the next birth and stops when
they got the boy. Then what is the proportion of
girl to boys in that country?
Ans: (n+1)/2:1
While three friends Abe, Bob, Cort in a restaurant taking their snacks one lady came and she asked them how many
children you have. One of them replied "By looking at the total number of children we have you can uniquely identify
the no of children I,am having" but she failed to guess then he made the following statements Abe is having atleast one
girl and twice as many boys as girls. Bob is having atleast one girl and thrice as many boys as girls. Cort is having
three more than boys that he have girls The no of children they have is less than 25.Who has replied to that lady and
how many children he have. How many total no of children they have?
Ans: Abe, and is having 3children (1G+2B), total is 12

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