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Friday, July 18, 2008

Accenture’s recruitment procedure & Questions

There were mainly 4 rounds in accenture’s off campus recruitment procedure.
1. Written aptitude test
2. Group discussion
3. Technical Interview
4. HR Interview
On 18th august there was a written exam at KIET Gaziabad, there were approx 8500 students from various collages who gave the written test. Students were divided in 2 slots and written test was held 4 two days.

In this aptitude test there were questions from
1. English comprehension (2 paragraphs related to IT)
2. simple word meanings (2 or 3)
3. Fill in the blank with articles and other grammatical stuff……… (5)
4. Simple mathematical questions like age, time, and binary conversions.
5. Puzzle questions (1 problem and 5 to 6 questions on that puzzle)
6. Sets (Venn diagrams) questions. (1 problem and 5 to 6 questions on that)
7. Essay writing (Topic: IT impact in India )
It was a 1 hr paper, after 3 or 4 days, result of written test was declared on site: alltestresult.com
Out of so many students they selected only about 1600 students……….

Again these students were divided into 2 slots and we were given Date for rest of the rounds as 1st September.
On 1st sep, 1st round was GD round in which students were divided into batches. And every batch had 12 students……
It was a warm discussion!!!!!!!!!

Form my group those who spoke well got selected. There were 6 students who cleared GD round from my group including me.
Few other topics that were given to other groups were…….
1. Nuclear deal
2. IT impact in India
3. Is China ’s economy is affecting India
4. Sex education in institutes (should it be there or not?
They usually give current affairs topic.
GD was over at 11. am at 1’o clock I was called for tech interview
There were 17 panels and mine was panel no 1
He was really friendly and asked me very simple questions as……..

1. Tell me about yourself?
2. Why did ur % fell from 82 %( 10th) and 83% (12th ) to 69% (B.tech)?
3. Do u know anything about JAVA?
4. What about C?
5. What is Inheritance?
6. What are pointers?
7. And other simple basic questions.
8. What do u think, hw well u have performed in this interview?
9. Do u think we shud select u?
10. Do u have any problem in relocation? (He asked 4 Madras )
11. Any questions that u wud like to ask me?
It was fun!!!!!!! It was more of HR then tech.
The interviewer then asked me to wait outside the cabin and just after 3 to 4 min a volunteer came and told me that I have been selected 4 the HR round……….
At around 3:30 my turn for HR round came……He was also toooooo friendly……

Questions that he asked
1. Tell me about yourself?
2. Tell me about ur family?
3. Why do u want to join accenture and why not other IT firms?
4. Which are the companies that u would love to join other than accenture?
5. What do u known about those companies?
6. “we know what it takes to be a tiger ” in this punch line of accenture what is the link between “tiger” and “High performance delivered”?
7. What is Best?
8. What do u mean by Success?
9. Who is ur role model and why?
10. Why should we hire u?
11. Why communication skills are needed when u r joining a firm?
12. and may be few more questions…………………
again I was asked to wait outside for 5 min, and then a volunteer announced the biggest achievement of my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I was the happiest person on this earth when he said u r SELECTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Finally at the end after such long procedure 400 (approx) students got selected.

2. GD
1. WRITTEN-(1 hour)
Easy to clear, It has 3 sections
Total 20 questions.10 Fill in the blanks of prepositions, synonyms & antonyms,
2 passages related to computers.
Refer R.S.Agarwaal.
Topics on which questions were asked are:
• Blood Relations
• Directions
• Time & Distance
• Questions like if 100 people like to watch cricket, 200 like to watch football & so on…..
Refer R.S.Agarwaal
Topics on which questions were asked are:
• Mathematical Operations
• Data Sufficiency
• Logic
• Puzzle Test
450 people cleared the written test out of 3000 people.
ON 25th August we had our GD & Interview. We reached our centre at 10:00AM.
Firstly we had a 40-45mins PPT (Pre-Placement Talk). Listen carefully as it will help you in HR interview also.
2) GD-
Firstly the coordinator asked us to suggest some topics but he gave us the following topic: “IMPACT OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY IN INDIA AFTER 10YEARS. "
In GD you must put your points confidently & speak something. If you put your points confidently they will select you. In our group 6 people were selected from 12. In GD 150 students were selected from 450.
3) HR-
• Tell me about yourself?
• Why your 12th % was low?
• Do you know C?
• What is linked list?
• What is stack pointer? (I didn’t know the answer & I simply said” I don’t know.” Remember if you don’t know the answer tell them. It will be beneficial.)
• What is a register?
• What is the difference between LAN & WAN? (As I have asked her to ask from Computer Networks.)
• What is the difference between Routers & Switches?
• What is OSI?
• Name all the 7 layers of OSI.
Then the interviewer asked me if I was having any questions. I asked her that I want to pursue my MBA, how will Accenture help me out?
The HR interview carried out for about 10-15 mins. After my interview the interviewer told me to wait outside. I was told that I had cleared my HR & be ready for my Technical interview. After 10mins I was called for my technical interview.
It was carried out for about 15-20mins.
• Tell me about yourself?
• Which sport do u like?
• Why Accenture?
• Why should I hire you?
• Why your 12th% was low?
• Some concepts of addressing.
• Which subjects have you studied?
• What was your GD topic & questions related with GD topic?
• Why were u selected in GD?
The interviewer told me to wait for the results.
At around 9:30PM our results were announced. My name was also there. 34 students were selected on that day & some of the students were having there interviews the next day as it was very late.
We were given the offer letter. The package is Rs.3,10,003.
Science and Technology,Bhopal.

WRITTEN (conducted by merittrack consultancy)
Thanx 2 freshersworld.com..the pattern ws the same...only thing that matters is the time management..55 Qs to be done in 1hr..
I started wid the english section first since I,m strong in that...bt felt short of time in the logical-section.
d 2 comprehension passages in the english section wr tough... wr based on s/w bt wr slightly tough...directly go 2 Qs n then find the ans.rather than reading the given passage.also thr wr QS for antonyms & synonyms...easy
maths section ws moderate....practice RS AGGRAWAL....all Qs wr frm it... specially work,time&distance...
didn,t attempt all Qs...went on 2 the nxt
Logical section is the most easy one..vry simple...
as thr is no negative marking attempt all Qs...
jst focus n try 2 finish in time..
Aftr that they will give u a topic for essay-writing...mine ws "Impact of IT industry in India"... mostly the essay topics r the same frm previous pprs...i hadn,t prepared 4 the essay bt hd sm points in mind...
after d written d result ws announced @ 10 pm,ws given a form 2b filled n brought d nxt day...reporting time 7:30 am

GD(on 8th sept)
accenture ppl came late so GD strtd @ 9am.thr wr 140 who cleared writtn among d 2000 students.
my group had 12 ppl...our topic "Crime is Rewarding".tkcr not 2 speak too much widout givng othrs a chance coz a guy & a girl in our group did that n wr nt selected... wt u speak n hw u speak matters... wn the discussion strtd becoming a fish-mrkt i urged evry1 2 cntinue it peacefully...i guess that wrkd 4 me....b confident wn u speak..ur english matters.


He : Hi asha...nice 2 meet u
I : Thanku sir... (shaked hands)..may i take d seat sir?
He : Ya..sure
I : Thanku sir
He : So asha tell me abt urslf..
I : (said all in my resume) Anything more u wnt 2 knw abt me sir?
He : Y ur 12th % ws low?
I : Coz i ws into sports etc... (hd prepared 4 this Q)
He : So u appeared 4 ny othr cmpny?
I : yes..TCS & TechMahindra bt cudnt clear them..
He : hv u learned ny programming language?
I : Yes sir...C bt dat ws self-study... n currently i,m learning java
He : Wt r the basic features of OOPs?
I : ( told all the 5 of them - abstraction,polymorphism...)
He : Wt is polymorphism?
I : (explained)
He : Anything u want 2 ask?
I : Since i,m frm Electrical&Electronics, will my training b different frm CS ppl?
He : No,everybody does d same thing...
I : Thanku sir...
He : ok,thanku

Waited outside the room...ws thru 2 the nxt round....
Thr ws a 1hr break...so waited


He ws abt 29..a cheerful person

He : Hi asha...
I : Hello sir
He : Take ur seat
I : thank u sir
He : so asha...tell me abt urslf
I : (told the same ans. again)
He : Tell me abt ur family background
I : (told)
He : Wt do u knw abt accenture?
I : (told everything i knew frm their site since dis is a frequent Q i hd prepared well)
He : So u say Tiger Woods is oyr brand ambassador?
I : Yes sir
He : No he changed last night
I : Sir atlest till 1 day b4 he ws the 1 , i dont knw abt ystrdy since i hd gone back aftr d writtn @ 11pm & hd 2 report back @ 7:39 am 2dy
He : I,m jst kidding...he is the 1 (smiled)
He : Wt r ur strengths?
I : Oratory skills,confidence,good communication skills......etc
He : Give eg
I : Sir i hv been winning prizes in state-level debate,extempore....
He : Ok...gud..ya, abt ur confidence i cn c that
I : Thank u sir
He : Ur weakness?
I : I,m a bit short-tempered sir
He : a bit ? (smiled)...a bit is fine...
I : (smiled)
He : R u ready 2 sign d service agreement wid us?
I : Yes sir
He : For 2 yrs?
I : Yes sir
He : Widout a pay-hike?
I : Ok sir
He : Y?coz this is ur 1st job?
I : yes sir (smiled)
He : preffered job-location?
I : pune
He : y?
I : its a nice place sir...i hv been thr
He : i,ll giv u chennai
I : fine sir
He : ok asha... gud luck
I : thanku sir
He : bye
I : bye sir

The results wr announced 3hrs later...ws 90% sure of getting in :)
They annonced the result after an interactive session wr v asked our queries
My name ws there wn the result ws announced....
Thankgod....its surely coz of my faith in God,the support frm my parents n ofcourse my best frnds...
all d best 2 all u ppl...hv faith in God n wrk hard...

I (NITIN DWIVEDI,,CS,,,,, GHAZIABAD) got placed in "Accenture" my dream company....!!!!!!!
KIET was d HOST colg.Written held on 19Aug,,,Result on 23Aug,,,,GD & interview on 25 nd 26.....!!!!
but u know it...dis success i got after rejecting 5 companies......
1) US Tech
3)L&T Infotech
4)NIIT Technology

My Saga of success began when i qualified written Xam(first time,,,keep it secret plzzzz) of ACCENTURE ... den i was unstoppable....... GD,,,,, HR,,,,,Technical
all rounds cleared smoothly(so000 talented).....!!!!!
i cant forget dat day....wen results got declared,,,,,26 August 07.
Now like others i ll give u some tips,,,,,but in a comprehensive manner...!!!!
Written requires speed....which can only be achieved thru more n more practise.....Questions asked were....55 Ques in 60 min. nd after
dat 1 essay(10 min) on topic like Impact of IT industry in India.

Passages(2),,,Synonyms,,,grammer...articles n prepositions....!!!
2)Reasoning----------->RS agarwal,,,CAt material of TIME,IMS,Carrier Launcher.
ur presence of mind really help a lot....
3)u must go thru quantitative aptitude selected topics like percentage,,,average,,,,,simple interest,,,relative motion(trains n boats problems)set theory(venn diagrams),,,,probability simple concepts...!!!!

GD round---------->my topic was SHOULD EDUCATION BE MANDATORY
FOR POLITICIANS....(1 min to think nd 10 min to discuss)
speak in a impressive manner.......initiate or not but be invoved in conversation.6 out of 15 made it. i was d FAV speaker of HR person!!!!! I dominated d GD....!!!!!

HR--------> OOH La LA....she was a lady...rest u can understand...!!!!
SHe took my precious 25 mins.Asked abt MY family,,,Strength,,,weakness,,,role model,,,,,wid eg to prove...Hobbies...she asked me to sing a song..(i m damn good at it!!)
den started asking general ques like y ACCENTURE...??
any problem in relocation..???
any priority..??
year gap...nd back log..???
LAST but not d least TECH ROUND.......(elimination round,, be careful)------>
dey may ask any subject,,,,for CS (OS,CN,S/W ENG,DBMS,OOPS,DAta Structure).
basic knowledge of C.C++ or JAVA.
For my EC frends---> C,C++ .MICROPROCESSOR,SWITCHING THEORY.b cool nd confident if u dont know d ans,,,den also.
CUSAT campus on 19th august 2004.

1. data model is
a) Entity b) Constriants c) Entity relationship d) All the above
ans:- c
2. Choise the correct one select emp.name ,emp.age from emp1,emp2 where emp.sno = 456;
a) cluster b) non-cluster c) index d) none of these
3. What is index?
a) atrendum selectio of colum
ans) a
4. Match the following
1- one to one a) manager to employ
2- one to many b) employ to employ
3- many to one c) unique object
4- many to many d) employ to manager
a) 1-a ,2-b ,3-c,4-d b) 1-c,2-d,3-a,4-b c) 1-c,2-a,3-d,4-b d) 1-d,2-b,3-a,4-c ans) c
1 max 222
2 allen 333
3 rony 444
6. Select first.name from first where first.age = (select first.age from first where first.sno = 3);
a) max b) allen c) rony d) noneof these
7. THERE were 3 question on same type of queries(u should be good in foreign key relationship and relationship with in a single table).
8. One question was based on INDEX
9. Also one more mapping relationship given based upon the figure.
10. Questions based upon equality of number’s …means three no’s given ……
a) if all equal
b) if 1,2 same
c) if 2,3 same
d) none…..
DAM –easy
11. Questions based upon equality of symbols …means if + means * and * means / and – means + and + means –
then mean of 28*40/4+2-6
12. Question upon set theory means if 100 r selecting in maths and 90 in physics 120 in chemistry & 22 in phy& maths both ,33 in maths & chemisty both 44 in ches & phy…11 in all then
1. How many only in maths…….
2. Only in physics…
3. Only in chemistry…….
4. How many in atleast 2……
12. Question on pointers
13. On file handling…
14. On functions….
15. Structures and unions
16. From bitwise

17. Inheritance
18. Scope of protected
19. Static member function
20. File handling
21. Copy constructor

HR – Interview
22. If u have any question then ask me…..( it was asked as a first question in interview from many….)
23. UR family background…
24. UR education background…
25. If i will not select u then what u will do ????
26. Tell me abt urself.
27. what u think…u should devolp in urself..
28. why u want to join accenture…

Technical Interview
29. What is the need of normalisation in data base.
30. 1-5 all normalise forms( from many they directly asked 4th and 5th normanilise..(mostly from m.c.a.’s)
31. What is semafore in o.s.
32. What is paging and demand paging.
33. How memeory works in a computer system.
34. How recursion works in c
35. Which data structure used in recursion.
36. deference between structure n union.
37. What is erp…..(accenture having work in erp…as we m.c.a’s having erp in 3rd sem so…the person highlighted or wrote sth in resume ,they asked abt erp from them only).
38. What is reengineering in erp
39. If u have too much cash in ur hand, then what u will do in behalf of the company…..
hi friends, Iam placed in accenture .It was an off campus recruitment at chaitanya and i would like to tell u about the procedure
Written test:. English(20 marks): Includes prepositions ,articles,2 rc,s.Apptitude(20marks):venndiagrams,ratios,datasufficiency. Critical resoning(10 marks),essay writing(5)and the time was1hr followed by gd,hr&tech.
The written test was easy and the cut off was something around(35).some of the questions which i remember r ,$ represents 1,* rep 0 and the substitutions + sub *,- sub / sort of questions.
Some of the essay writing(only for last 5 min) topics are "mycollege life","career in IT".Time management is really an important factor.It would be better to answer the questions in two parts first the easy ones & then the difficult ones.
gd was cool.we were ask to choose the topic and our topic was"should orkut be banned or not".some other topics are Azim premji vs Amitabh,"should cell phones be banned in the college"
my hr round lasted only about 2 mins.The ques are
what r ur positive &negative points?
what r ur hobbies?
would u like to be relocated?
top 3 IT companies in India?
why accenture?
he asked me to explain about my project?
My tech was difficult.He went through all my sem subjects and asked me questions.some of my ques r
what is the probability that i get 3 heads when i toss a coin thrice?
what is a turing machine?
os def?how was the working when there was no os?
difference b/w object oriented &structure oriented?
arshalls algo working?
what is a stack and its real time application?
he asked me about my project in depth?(prepare well)
wap to generate all the primes within a given range?
what r the various visibility modes?
what is a friend function?
what is the difference b/w a balance sheet and a profit&loss account?
tell me abt ur self?
It lasted nearly for half an hour.Electrical people were asked to draw various circuits. Try to revise all ur sem subjects.Prepare well& all the best
Place of test: cet bhubaneswar. (centralised campus)
Date: 29-08-2004 75 questions, 75 min. No negative marking.
Pattern of test:
1. Written (non tech + tech).
2. HR interview.
3. Final interview. (tech + hr)
1. I sow her -__ airport
At , on , in , across
2. Masi specialises __ plesent ,well balanced wines
into, about ,in, with
3. By the time I arrived __ the pub she all ready left
in, on , at, into
4. erbiage
the act of doing something
the use many words witout nessecity
a vegitable
non of the above
5. frutful means
6. aestheically means
7. ___panda & white tiger are in denger species ? a ,an ,the ,none
8. __ doctor who you met yesterday was my father ? a, an, the, none
9. __ university of its status does’nt eevn need to advertise ? a, an, the , none of the article reqiuered
10. 45students , 12 in debate only ,22 in singing only how many in both ? 9 ,11 ,25 ,45
11. 10 play cabaddi,20 play kho kho only ,5 both how many in total ? 35,28 ,40,can’t say
12. 100 spoke english, 40 speek french ,20 both at least one? 110,100,140,120
13. 200 total 125 like piza 115 berger both? 15,40,72,80
14. 10 friends meet for movie 20 for picnic and 5 for games 4 for m& pic 2 for m&g 0 for p&g 2 for all hoe many are students? 11,16,25,35
15. A poll poniting towards east by accident started to point towards south. A man was travelling thing west what is the actual dir ?N,S,E ,W
16. Sagar was riding bike towards north,turned left road 1 km turnes towrds left &road 2km found himself 1km west of starting how far did he road north? 1,2,3,5
17. 600 to be seated.10benches are less.so 2 more persons are required to be seated in each bench.so how many benches.
18. Selling a ac gains 25% on SP.what %gain on CP.
19. Students from different universities.
A speaks hindi and bengali.
B hindi and english.
C english and bengali.
D tamil and hindi
E bengali and tamil
20. Interpretor between C and D
A only
B only
E only
A ,B and E
21. Can,t speak without interpretor
22. 5 children were born on the same day but on different years in b/w 1999 - 2003 . Abhya is younger than dinesh and frahan vaskar is naughtiest of all. girish is older than dinesh and farhan. If Abhay is born in 2002, then in which year farhan is born :
2000- 2001
1999, 2000, 2001
23. Order in which childrens are born ?
24. * = +, / = *, + =- , - = / 2/9*11+10- 8
A) 20.8
B) 27.8
C) 27.8
D) 25.8
25. *= -, /=+,+=/,-=*
26. ------stores a log of changes made to db,which are then written to _,which are then written to _,which is used if db recovery is necc.
a) db buffer share pool
b) program global area,shared pool
c) system global area,large pool
d) redo log buffer,online redo log
27. ----means allowing objects of difference types to be considered as examples of a higher level set :
ans: Generalization
28. The primary characteristic of key field is that it must be unique
29. Manager-------------- --emp managed by ans:one of many recursive relationship
30. If a member initialiser is not provided for a member object of a class .The object - is called
a) static fn
b) non static fn
c) default constructor
d) none
31. class constest
const int i;
32. Inheritance
b) abstract base class
c) specifies a way to to define a const member data
d) none
33. Iimplement polymorphism when by object belonging to different class can respond to the same message in diff ways.
a) late binding
b)dynamic binding
c) dynamically created object
d) virtual fun
34. Member function---------- and ----------- set and reset the format state of flags.
a) set,reset
b) set,get
c) set, unset
d) set ,unsetf
35. #include
struct abc
int i;
abc(int j)
{ i=j;}
void display()
{ cout< }

void main()
abc ob(10);
b) error : constructor is not accessible
c) abc: i not accessible
36. # include
class sample
public :
sample(int **pp)
int **p;
int **sample:: *ptr=&sample ::p;
37. In a file A...Z characters are written.if we open the file using fopen and
what will be the output.?
Ans . Y.(please verify Here last parameter is the integer value to seel_end
38. Same question with
ans. 11th character will be printed "K" verify.

39. Theory question about far pointers.

Hint: Far pointers are 4 bytes in size and local pointers are 2 bytes in size. important: i saw in a previous question paper of accenture which is in the chetana database, some lady wrote that size of an integer in C is 2 bytes and for C++ it is 4 bytes. This is absurd.The size of types is entirely dependent on the compiler used.for DOS Turbo C sizeof int is 2 and float is 4 bytes for windows borland C,C++ size of int is 4 bytes for linux gcc, size of int is 2 bytes. All these depends on the Operating system.Please keep this in mind.

40. Now some questions about extern variables.

41. #include
char str[]={"hell"};
int i;
note that str[i] and i[str] are the same.in the question paper, the original word is "hello".
42. Which of the following is not defined in string.h strtod,memchr,strspn,strchr
ans . strtod.(defined in STDLIB.H) it is used to convert a string to double.
43. Questions on macros with arguments .same pattern given in TEST UR C SKILLS
eg.#define SQUARE(x) x*x
ans. when the macro expands we get 2+3*2+3 = 2+6+3 =11.11 is the correct answer not 25.
44. Remember an inline function does type checking and so it is better than a macro a question on this.
45. Some memory is allocated using memalloc and then realloc is called. and now to write the size of the variable.better learn memalloc and realloc. what it does and syntax.

HR Interview.
46. First they will ask u to intro urself.
47. Ur strength and weakness.Be clear abt this
48. Ur acheivements
49. hey are very particular abt the GAPS in our studies.
50. Ur Hobbies
51. Why u choose accenture and tell abt it
52. Willing to relocate.(Say Yes &.ready to work anywhere for accenture)

Technical Interview
53. Abt Ur project.(u will be grilled by them)
54. Be confidence.(They will check ur temper by asking some questions)
55. Abt software development life cycle
56. Abt ur interest area in computer field
57. Abt memory management in Operating System.
58. Abt Unix basic commands
59. Abt doubly linked list
60. Fibonacci series and palindrome program in C
61. Abt Gates(Be prepare on Digital Circuit Logic Design)
62. Abt complier design(phases)
63. bt TCP&IP and OSI Model.
64. Abt OOPS concepts.

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