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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Visual Basic M.sc (IT) 2007-08

M.sc (IT) Third Sem Visual Basic-114 In 2007-08
Section A
1. What do you mean by event oriented language ? Give its characteristics. How event driven programming is different from procedural programming ? Is VB an event driven language ? Justify your answer.

2.What do you by dynamic arrays in VB ? Explain thier use with the help of a suitable example.

Section B
3. (a) Define and distinguish between single and multi document interface.
(b) What are the various common dialog boxes available in visual basic ?

4. What are the major differences between ActiveX EXE and ActiveX DLL components ? Which of these is in process and which is out process server ? What is meant by these terms ? Explain.

Section C

5. (a) What are various capabilities of web browsing object ?
(b) Discuss the various properties of document object.

6. What are the various web browser controls ? Briefly discuss the features of each control.

Section D

7. (a) What do you mean by Bound data controls ? Explain.
(b) What are the various types of Bound data controls available in VB 6.0 ?
8. Write a detailed note on ADO data control explaining its key properties.

Section E
9. All question are compulsory.
(a) what is a slider control ?
(b) What is the purpose of a spin control ?
(c) What do you mean by an intrinsic control ?
(d) Which function is used for displaying messages ? Write its syntax.
(e) How tab setting are done on the control of a dialog box ?
(f) What is the difference between slider control and spin control ?
(g) What are ActiveX controls ?
(h) What are container applications and server applications in ActiveX terminology ?
(i) How data validation is done ?
(j) What is the difference between ADO and ODBC ?

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