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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

RDBMS Question Paper

M.sc examination Third Semester RDBMS Question Paper
Note: - Attempt any five questions. All questions carry equal marks.

(a) Describe the three schema architecture. Why is mapping required between different schema levels?
(b) What is DBMS? What should be its characteristics?
2. (a) What is integrity? Explain entity integrity and referential integrity. Why is each considered important?
(b) What is relational algebra? Discuss how it differs from relational calculus?
3. What is ER diagram? Discuss the conventions for displaying an ER schema as an ER diagram. Draw and explain ER diagram of a company.
4. (a) What is normalization of data? Why is it required? What are various techniques for normalization of a relational model?
(b) Consider the universal relation R={{A,B}->{C},{A}->{D,E},{B}->{F},{E}->{G,H},{D}->{1,7}}.
What is key of R? Decompose R into 2NF and then 3NF relations.
5. (a) What is query processing? How is Heuristic used in query optimization?
(b) Discuss the cost components for a cost function that one used to estimate query execution cost. Which cost components are used most often as a basic for cost function?
6. (a) Discuss the problem of deadlock, livelock and starvation and also discuss the approaches to deal with these problems.
(b) Discuss multiversion technique for concurrency control.
7. (a) Describe the shadow paging recovery technique. Under what circumstances does it not require a log?
(b) Discuss the deferred update technique of recovery. What is main advantage of this technique? Why is it called the NOUNDO/REDO method?
8. (a) What additional functions does a DDBMS have over centralized DBMS? How is vertical positioning of a relation specified? How can a relation be put back together from a complete vertical positioning?
(b) Explain how a DDBMS processes and optimizes a query.

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