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Friday, January 11, 2008

Computer Network Question Paper

Computer network MS-214 M.sc (IT) 2007-08
Section A
What are various ways of connecting nodes in a network? Compare these in terms of cost, expandability and speed.
Explain those layers of OSI model where the following functions are performed :
(a) Routing of packets
(b) Framing
(c) Data compression and security
Section B
Compare and contrast pure ALOHA and slotted ALOHA. Show mathematically efficiency of both in terms of performance.
Discuss the different categories of collision free protocols with examples.
Section C
Explain the various routing algorithms. What are the properties desirable in these kinds of algorithms?
What is congestion? Discuss the main causes of congestion. Discuss different techniques to combat congestion.
Section D
(a) Difference between Transparent and source-routing bridges.
(b) Discuss IPV6
8. (a) What are the different sources of network threats?
(b) What do you mean by a network firewall? Also explain its working.
Section E
9 Write short answer of the following:
What are VTAM and FTAM?
What do you mean by remote login?
List different categories of modems.
Write the ATM cell format.
Define socket. Also list its types.
What is RPC?
Which network topology is most suitable for the computer lab of your institute and why?
What is multiplexing?
What is packet switching?
Differentiate between star and ring topology.
Write demerits of Co-axial cable.
Write the frame format of IEEE 802.2.
What is data compression?
What is CDDI?
Define router.
What is the role of ISP in internet communication?

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