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Monday, December 12, 2011

Serial Keys Starting from B


B-Jigsaw v1.1.5 : Name: the beeman [ECG] Code: 26449167
B-Jigsaw for Windows v1.2 : Name: the beeman [ECG] Code: 26449167
B-Jigsaw v2.0 : Name: TheDon[Fluke] Code: 85193217
B-Jigsaw v3.00 : Name: Shaligar^Lash s/n: 36679822
B-Plan Business Planner v4.5 : s/n: 915413157
B-Puzzle for Windows v1.0 : Name: the beeman [ECG] Code: 63376258
B-Puzzle v1.1 : Name: Fluke Code: 22744654
B-Puzzle v2.0 : Name: Fluke Code: 22744654
B's Recorder Gold v1.06se : s/n: 11P6-ACZY-5119-1899
Baan Front Office 98.4 : Name: Jaydee s/n: 98333366
Baan Front Office 2000 : Name: PFT s/n: 98333366
Babylon II v2.8 Win9xNT : Name: (Anything) Code: bejcakos
BackBurner 2.6 or 3.1 : 22-9033-8680 or 22-9043-5686 or 22-9063-2682 or 22-9073-9678 or 22-9093-6674
Backer v4.10e : Name: BaRT s/n: 17249
Backer v4.10 : Name: Jumanji [WkT!99] s/n: 28001
BackGround Master v1.0 : Code: MBAK-5698-RSTR-YAGRI-02H19
Back Ground Screen v3.12 : Name: justarius of dsi s/n: 3753-6570-7977
BackGroundScreen v3.14 : Name: justarius of inside s/n: 3753-6570-7977
BackStreet v1.4 : Name: Predator/FAITH2000 RegNum: 01234567890123 s/n: 007007
Backup ASSISTANT v1.0 rev.2 : Type EUREKA in both boxes
Backup Assistant v1.2 : Code: EUREKA s/n: 666C766D47 (or EUREKA)
Backup Assistant v1.3 : Code: EUREKA s/n: (Anything)
Backup Assistant v1.5 : Code: EUREKA s/n: DARKSTAR99
BackUp Exec EnterPrise Edition : s/n: 0-5-343-0-000-6-031689
BackUp Exec EnterPrise Edition v6.1 for WindowsNT: s/n: 0-5-425-5-000-0-010207
Backup Exec 7.0 : s/n: 0-2-376-2-000-2-018035
BackUp Exec EnterPrise Edition v7.01 for Novell NetWare: s/n: 0-1-362-9-000-9-010101
Backup Exec 7 Enterprise addon : Single edition: 0343841783012345 Enterprise editon: 0243941784012345 Quick start edit: 0143721780012345 Not for resale: 0344151785012345 Adsm module: 0244251786012345 Autoloader module: 0542711783012345 Exchange agent: 0070721788012345 Macintosh agent: 0370131784012345 Netware agent: 0170621787012345 Oracle agent: 0844621786012345 SQL agent: 0970501784012345 Unix agent: 0570251787012345 Migration utility: 0044741789012345 Disaster recovery: 0166671780012345
Backup Exec 7 : s/n: 04-4382-0006-031770
Backup Exec for Novell Netware Enterprise Edition: 0-3-371-8-000-8-014689
Backup Exec v8.0 Final For Netware 4.X : s/n: 06-5399-0004-013437 s/n: SBE-NW25-0004
Backup Forever v1.5 : Name: Arfa [PCY] s/n: A10935
Backup Forever v1.6 : Name: fallen s/n: B6898
Backup Plus v2.0 : Name: SpriteX Code: 1063401
Backup Plus v4.0 : Name: SpriteX Code: 1063401
Backup Plus v5.2 : s/n: DR-10074
BackUpXpress v0.99.031 : Name: Black Thorne - PC'98 s/n: 7883-04-5265-BK
BackUpXpress v1.00.000 : Name: ls - Warp s/n: 6674-55-0070-IE
BackUpXpress v1.00.001 : Name: ls - Warp s/n: 6674-55-0070-IE
BackUpXpress v1.00.002 : Name: ls - Warp s/n: 6674-55-0070-IE
BackUpXpress v1.00.004 : Name: ls - Warp s/n: 6674-55-0070-IE
BackUpXpress v1.00.006 : Name: ls - Warp s/n: 6674-55-0070-IE
BackupXpress Pro v2.03.036 : Name: BaRT SiMPSoN s/n: 1494-41-5351-VI
Baikal Wordpad v2.0 : s/n: Baikal Wordpad v2.0
Balance 95 v1.1 : Name: EzD s/n: CIMA-981829
Bali Tools v5.24 : s/n: LordFritz/315
Bali Tools v5.25 : s/n: Registered/9
Bali Tools v6.0 : s/n: PREMiERE/-1008
Bali Tools v6.22 : s/n: DESTINY Corp./2249
Ballade v1.0 for Windows : s/n: 2004100460
Balloon Telecom Manager v2.52 : s/n: 9800 2281 9804 5490
Bandwidth Buster : User Name: Brian O`heiley s/n: 023BV3K3N5UPLHXQ28ME
Banner 3 : s/n: 507230300326
Banner*Show 1.02 : s/n: AA3852-AA912-45AAA-12345-789AAA5
Barclock v4.1 : Name: tHATDUDE s/n: ZVDTH-00WEM
Bargello Designer 32 v2.2 : s/n: rp-Pk9gVA
Bar Tender v1.1 : Name: KAC Code: 18575633
Baseball Kardz v2.01 : Name: IBH-RiP [Blizzard] s/n: R122633371
Basta Splitty v1.6 : s/n: 18725032-01230567
BatCat v3.0 : Name: TUC PC99 s/n: BCT-67-28-5746
Batch It! 1.0 : 53060XXXXX (x=Any Char)
Batch It v1.2e : Name: CORE/DrRhui Email: Code: 050880195941019557610249101948009802313827282540
Batch converter : 130-0001302-265500
Batch Converter v2.2 : Password: croatia
Batch File Creation Utility 1.01 : Name: Raymond Roberts Code: 7sRo-E17V-h71c-BEB1-r9St
Batch File Creation Utility 1.02 : Name: Raymond Roberts Code: 7sRo-E17V-h71c-BEB1-r9St
Batch File Creation Utility 1.03 : Name: Raymond Roberts Code: 7sRo-E17V-h71c-BEB1-r9St
Batch File Creation Utility v1.04 : Name: VERSUS Code: 1pEa-R09Q-o67p-YLL1-p2Sp
Batch File Creation Utility v1.0.6 : Name: Gorgeous Ladies of Warez\GLoW Code: 9tHh-D10L-y54m-IEG8-v0Rv
Batch File Creation Utility v1.0.7 : Name: Spider] Code: 9wXq-D10T-y71v-SQN7-x1Rg
Batch It v1.2f : Name: CORE/DrRhui Email: Code: 050880195941019557610249101948009802313827282540
Batch It v1.2g : Name: CORE/DrRhui Email: Code: 050880195941019557610249101948009802313827282540
Batch It v1.2h : Name: CORE/DrRhui Email: Code: 050880195941019557610249101948009802313827282540
BattleStar v2.6 : Name: n03l Organization: Faith98 Code: 2605443734
BattleStar v2.8 : Name: Jumanji/C4A Organization: Jumanji/C4A Code: 2953082091
BBFinder v3.01 : Name: The Exterminators s/n: fDSZnEybYszVLE00
BBPrint v1.0 : Code: 12552631
BBS Bowl +v1.7 : name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 18384 or name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 17684
BBS Bowl v1.5 : name: Batman s/n: 15766 or name: ??? s/n: 12363 or name: *** s/n: 8142
BBS Bowl v1.7 : name: You! s/n: 19689
BBS Drag Racing v2.39 : sysop: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL bbs: G.!.$ s/n: GB2<8AN?15N
BCM Diagnostics v1.02 : Name: [Abaddon] s/n: 226-45-3456
BeachBox 98 v2.07 : s/n: 14 87 32
Beach Box v2.14 : s/n: 14 87 32
BeachFront Quizzer v2.2 : Networking Essentials: 245729272024 Windows 95: 899434824108 687 Windows NT 4.0 Workstation: 256680827789 687 Windows NT 4.0 Server: 372972596463 689 Windows NT Enterprise Server: 292782708885 MS-TCP/IP 4.0: 814353441227 MS Exchange 5.0: 199326253313
Beam Splash! Web Author v1.0 : s/n: M6FCA01592
Beam Splash Web Author v1.1 : s/n: NS-100-000-001 Key: CCC8-2B1A
Beam Splash! Web Authoring v1.2 : s/n: J8BIA19419
Beame and WhiteSide BW-connect NFS for Windows NT: s/n: 015-005345
Bear Soft Alarm Clock v2.1 : Name: SpriteX Code: 2635854
Beat Me v1.01 : Name: CHAFE Keyword: ABF s/n: 22445009710139
Beat the Market : Name: godenver s/n: 109722013434
Becky Internet Mail v1.24.13 : s/n: 6608-3437-Z338
Becky! Internet Mail v1.24.16 : Name/Email: (Anything) s/n: 3705-3437-G295 or 3705-3437-G296
Becky! Internet Mail v1.25.04 : Name: dLLord Email: [tNC'99] s/n: 3306-3437-N744
Becky! Internet Mail v1.25.06 : Name: CoKeBoTtLe99 Email: s/n: 9201-3437-D411
Been There, Done That v1.2 : Name/Company: (Anything) Code: unmuzzle
Been There, Done That v2.0 : s/n: unmuzzle
Been There, Done That v3.2 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: unmuzzle
Beer! 2.3e : Name: Riz la+ Code: 40843197
BeHierarchic 3.0.x : 2572311E 'Anonymous'
BeJeanie v2.02 : s/n: 002060072032
Bench 32 v1.07b for Windows 95/NT : code: CGP-152kGGx-PE002q-iUsB
Best Proto v2.07 : s/n: camelus bactrianus
Best Proto V2.09A : s/n: camelus bactrianus
BestWeb v1.0 for Windows : s/n: 01000100101
BetaDesigns Picture Explorer v1.2.1 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: x5x6x7seXy
Better File Rename v1.0 : s/n: BFR-ASTH-1289-3939-4595
BetterWriter 1.0.1 : BW9112131832
Beyond Compare v1.5c win95/NT : Name: :MARQUIS: Org: UCF Key: 2BB27304
Beyond Compare v1.7a : Name: wizdaz Company: Warp key: AEB07A02
Beyond Compare v1.7b : Name: wizdaz Company: Warp98 Key: C38C1E83
Beyond Compare v1.7c : Name: wizdaz Company: Warp98 Key: C38C1E83
Beyond Compare v1.8b4 : Name: justarius Company: inside Key: 803A5619
Beyond Compare v1.8a : Name: rubor Company: Syntax 2oo1 Key: C084B89E
Beyond Compare v1.8b : Name: ultraschall Company: blizzard Key: 232DAA98
Beyond Pyramid! v2.0 : Name: GZI s/n: P22082
BFM Casino 2.0x : First Name: fungus Initial: of Last Name: blizzard Password: 1847
BFM Casino v2.00 : First Name: Phrozen Last Name: Crew Password: 40
BGFax +v1.55 for Dos and OS/2 : name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 921343110 pop nr: 4FAD154D
BGfax v1.30 : name: Batman s/n: 123456 pop nr: C9659F6D
BGFax v1.55 for Dos and OS/2 : name: You! s/n: 1234 pop nr: 9CF6FBA6
Bible Decoder v1.0 : Name: Larry Holder s/n: 0f7b-650f-1bac-2622
Bible Decoder v1.54 : Name: Gorgeous Ladies Of Warez s/n: 36dd9815fb89115c
BiblioGraphica Light/Pro v5.7 Build 725 : Name: CORE DrRhui Light: 87536712 Pro: 78359921
BiblioGraphica Light/Pro v6.0 : Name: CORE DrRhui Light: 95246781 Pro: 59429918
BiblioGraphica Light/Pro v6.1 : Name: CORE DrRhui Light: 76416738 Pro: 67149983
BiblioGraphica Light/Pro v6.2 : Name: CORE DrRhui Light: 76416738 Pro: 67149983
BiblioGraphica Light/Pro v6.5 : Name: CORE DrRhui Light: 76416738 Pro: 67149983
BiblioGraphica v7.0 : Name: CORE DrRhui s/n: 67149983
Bibliography Pro 2000 : Password: inkhorn
Bicycle Bike'alog on Disk v1.3 : s/n: WWUXPQVYP
Bicycle v1.3 bike 'alog on disk : WWUXPQVYP
Bicycle Diary v1.10 : Name: Azrael [PC] Code: 077616784537
Big 8 Solitaire v3.0 : Code: 5380582
Big Bucks Slots v1.1 : s/n: 760138
Biggieboy DHTML Editor v2.01 : Enter any 7 characters.
BigJig v4.0 : Name: CHJXTM s/n: BJ4-713-380
Big Jig v5.01 : Name: UOLOUP s/n: BJ4-709-391
Big Thesaurus : AxxxxBC (x=any number)
Biker Diary v1.10 : Name: Team DEMiSE Code: 447825250029
Bikers Log V1.01 : code: 732-389-9227
Bikers Log v2.01 : Code: 732-389-9227
Billionaire v2.6 : Name: escom/CORE s/n: rm-68719476736
Billionaire v2.7 : Name: escom/CORE s/n: rm-68719476736
Bill Power Plus! v4.6 : s/n: 105251070511971 Leave the Name field blank.
Bill Power Plus! v5.0 : s/n: 160226651900771
Bill Power v5.1 : s/n: 32312487392525
Bill Power v6.0 : s/n: 43290272928553
Bill Power Plus! v6.0 : s/n: 159109809531263
Bill Power Plus! v6.0.98 : Regular: 43290272928553 Plus: 159109809531263
Bill Power Plus! v6.0.99 : Regular: 43290272928553 Plus: 159109809531263
Bill Power Plus! v6.1.1 : Regular: 43290272928553 Plus: 159109809531263
Bill Power Plus v6.1.106 : Regular: 43290272928553 Plus: 159109809531263
BillQuick v2.03.048 : RegNum: 49857372
Bill Quick v2.04.068 : Go to the settings button and click on company info and enter: Name: davy - blizzard Key: 321027-93-909312258 Then go to the help button and click on register and enter: Code: 554-321027-93-909312258
BillQuick v2.05.081 : Go to Settings -> Company Info and enter: Name: Delusion Key: 68611-93-859315317 Then Go to Help -> Register and enter: Key: 554-68611-93-859315317
BillQuick v2.05.095 : Name: Paul Bar LicenseKey: 68611-93-859315317 RegKey: 554-68611-93-859315317
BillQuick v2.05.098 : Name: jman LicenseKey: 65294-93-789314313 RegKey: 554-65294-93-789314313
Binary Browser v1.0 : s/n: 105384D29900454E
Binary Browser v2.2 : s/n: 105384D29900454E
Bills Calendar v1.3 : s/n: 4532-1146-9461-4921
Binary CLOCK 1.3 : Name: RIK Code: CS1177J
Binary Clock v2.3 : Name: fjalar s/n: WA6638Y
Bingo 2.0 : name: Virus - ML code: 8610511411
Binuscan 1.0 : 16849 PW1: QRBs2LBUeY4 PW2:vUEpAVINq8C
BirdSpeech 101 v1.0.1 : Name/Company: (Anything) s/n: bs1-0103802
Birmy PowerRIP 3.1 : s/n: 6307 or Printer Code: 2981212585-82 Fulfillment Response: 318444283
BitCom v5.4C for Dos : s/n: A271113 or s/n: A329618
BitFax Professional v3.02 for Windows : s/n: 1 5104902939
BitFax v3.09c : A248258
BitFax v3.09c for Dos : s/n: A248258
BitFax/SR v4.06g and v5.6D for Dos : s/n: A006844633
BitFax/SR v4.06h and v5.6D for Dos : s/n: 1200420015594
BitmapCatalog v2.5 : Name: KiLLa CoRE s/n: ELxlmBx3cg
Bitmap Catalog v2.62 : Name: davy - blizzard1999 s/n: SnQTrEWucV
BitmapShrinker v1.02 : Name: Smakkker [Laxity/GWA] Code: 3986464
BitWare Fax/Data v3.24 by Cheyenne for Windows 95: s/n: 0900020083526 or s/n: 0300060059669 or s/n: 0300040046953
BitWare Fax/Data v3.24 by Cheyenne for Windows 95 (2): s/n: 1500420132716 or s/n: 1500420144041 or s/n: 1500001068155
BitWare Fax/Data v3.30 for Dos and Windows: s/n: 1600011096038
BizFax v1.0 : s/n: 53423423423 Key: 4678-5830-D9E0
Black Night 1.0.3 : s/n: 0000000D1FF113F
Blackboard : name: The Guardian Angel s/n: $?+1:?C=6A@8.D or name: Tellerbop s/n: $=!=A6<C7:4.23
Blackboard Backup v5.5 : Name: dsi team Code: 180
Blackboard Backup v5.5 Win9x : Name: the beeman // EcG Code: 219
BlackBoard Backup v5.7 : Name: Versus Code: 750
BlackBoard Backup v5.8 : Go to Help/Register and enter: Name: inside Code: 240
BlackBoard Backup v5.9 : Name: inside Code: 240
BlackBoard Directory Size v1.3 : Name: Mad Jester s/n: 179
BlackBoard En/Decoder 1.0 : name: jake cwc code: 668
BlackBoard Encrypt Interface : name: jake cwc code: 668
BlackBoard File Wipe v3.0 : Username: escom/CORE-zx s/n: 0900
BlackBoard Internet Privacy Interface v2.0: Name: Fully Licensed User Code: 255
BlackBoard Internet Privacy Interface v2.1: Name: Fully Licensed User Code: 255
BlackBoard Internet Privacy Interface v2.2: Name: jog from dng Code: 498
BlackBoard Lock v2.2 : Name: Mad Jester Code: 228
BlackBoard Mail Encrypt v1.2 : Name: inside s/n: 199
BlackBoard PicVu 2.0 : name: jake cwc code: 668
BlackBoard ZipBak v3.0 : Name: RTA Team Key: 159
Blackboard ZipBack 4.1 : name: Quantico s/n: 198
BlackDog Web Expander v2.25 : Name: dustie of blizzard Code: mgcw5y
Black List v1.7 : s/n: 15-BF-00-69-X-963
Black List v1.8 : s/n: 15-BF-00-69-X-963
Black List v1.9 : s/n: 0A00XXFFFFAB0BFFFF
Black Swan v3.2 : s/n: Leb-11513-523438
Black Widow V2.03 : name: CORE/DrRhui s/n: 98667717
Black Widow v2.06 : Name: (any as long as it is space separated) Key: F
Black Widow v3.22 : Name: lxcore97 s/n: 829-4132/58-16713
BlackWidow v3.5 : Name: John Smith s/n: 12345678901234567
Black Widow 3.5.3 : name: Francisco Carpio s/n: 1W3-W2U0-F6-E1M8F
BlackWidow v3.54 : Name: Ruben Jimenez s/n: 9U0-X0W0-T0-Q0S0Q
Black Widow v3.61 : Name: Ruben Jimenez s/n: 9U0-X0W0-T0-Q0S0Q
BlackWidow v3.63 : Name: Versus! s/n: 2Q5-D6D3-F8-W1L0Q or Name: EmpressOfEternity s/n: 1U6-U1A1-T4-W6T7R or Name: Phrozen Crew s/n: 7J5-E0W3-E7-W8S6U or Name: Registered User s/n: 1Q1-W6Q5-Q6-Q6T4Y
Blade Runner for Windows : s/n: KD921A10007637
BladePro v2.1.2 : s/n: 759823
Blanch 1.4g : Name: ind s/n: 102EE7A
Blanch V1.8 : Name: R Zeluck s/n: 1000af7
Blanch 1.8b : Name: Warp98 s/n: 10464ed
Blanch 1.9 : Name: Mark Fletcher s/n: 10374ca or Name: n03l s/n: 1028cba
Blanch v1.9b : Name: R Zeluck Code: 1000af7
Blanch v1.9d : Name: (Anything) Code: Whatzabuzz
BlasterMaster v6.2 : (Put the next line in your autoexec.bat) SET SBMASTER=798-3240
Blastermaster v6.x : (put the next line in a batchfile) SET SBMASTER=798-3240
BlastWords v1.00 : Name: Leo Jerabek Email: s/n: 7948B141 S-Key: (None) T-Key: TH753E39EC
Blobshop v1.20 : Name: Fluke Code: f5e7c
Blobshop v1.21 : Name: coSmoS City: [True] Code: 1509c9
Block and Attribute Tools v4.0 : s/n: THF14SPIN980501003 Certificate Number: 543000000218131
Block Drop v2.1 : s/n: DROP2233
Block Shifter v1.1 : s/n: BSHF5498
Blocks Door +v1.00 : bbs: G.!.$ bbsPhone: 031000000 name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 439920
BlubberPatrol v1.0.0 : Name: Ringer Key: 35055
BlueLine E-Z InVoice v1.2 for Windows 95 : s/n: 00064923
Blue Marble GeoObjects v1.6 for Win9xNT : Code: 95R56Y34TT1B
Blue Marble Geographics FormatX Tab Reader library v1.0 : Password: 98DTG2Q0ZM55
Blue Marble Geographics GeoObjects v2.0 : s/n: ZQ92BDMN6AAT
Blue Marble Geographics GeoView v5.6 : Password: GC198CD691BA
BluePrint 5.0.2 : 2500-00009062 or 2500-00019822 or 2500-00029682 or 2500-BKWM5642
BluePrint v1.0.50 : Name: davy Password: 4x9x4x Company: blizzard
BluePrint v1.0.56 : Name: davy Password: 4x9x4x Company: blizzard
BluePrint v1.0.58 : Name: davy Password: 4x9x4x Company: blizzard
BluePrint v1.0.66 Win95 : Name: EzD Password: zCyoo9rozDbL Company: VERSUS
BluePrint v1.1.1 Win9xNT : Name: Bisoux Password: ALJZ97UTyB9TDxca
Blue Print v1.1.4 : Name: EzD Password: zCyoo9rozDbL Company: VERSUS
Blueprint v1.2 : Name: MoonCat [PCY] s/n: ALJZxTT8cxhVjLczQx8hLQDxca
Blueprint v1.2.2 : Name: Bisoux s/n: ALJZ97UTyB9TDxca
BluePrint Personal Edition v1.2.6 : Name: James Bond Password: CoREqxI3UV9T84q394ERoC Company: (Anything)
BlueWave +v2.12 for Dos : name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL s/n: 11667543 or name: TeLLeRBoP s/n: 44234186
BlueWave +v2.31b for Dos : name: TeLLeRBoP Dos-s/n: CGCMC68T 386-s/n: I94C4B8T OS/2 s/n: XCB7498T
BlueWave Mail Door +v3.2? : name: The GuaRDiaN aNGeL name mail packet: Bwave s/n: 16080490
BlueWave Mail Door v3.2x : name: 2U! name mail packet: Bwave s/n: 13525402
Bluewave v2.12 : name: Batman s/n: 43688093
BlueWave v2.31b for Dos, 386 and OS/2 : name: 2U! Dos-s/n: MAGEMI22 386-s/n: L8B12K22 OS/2 s/n: 87L4EJ22
BMP To Ico v3.0.3 Win95/NT : s/n: 666T3991
BMP To Ico v3.1.01 : s/n: 161X0961
BMPToGif Pro v2.0 : Name: MisterE[iNSiDE] Pin: 1234567 s/n: 723B54
BMP to GIF Pro v2.01 : Name: (Anything) Pin: 6969696 s/n: CF0DEF
BMPToGIF Pro v2.1 : Name: (Anything) Pin: 0000000 s/n: 000097
BNR Football Forecaster 98 : s/n: 23a793e27
Bob Connect v1.0 Final : Name: thomas mcgrath Key: BC1-NA5T89JDJ2K34QFH
Body Works 3.0 : Q24474
Bogart v3.01 : s/n: 55-2368-1836
Bolo CD-version : s/n: 7000465510-LNK
Bologna Pony Express v2.55 : Key: d2393l17
Bomb Golf v1.01 : Name: BombGolf Code: 78045280
Bomby v7.16 Win9xNT : Code1: 12768 Code2: 4392
Bomby v7.3 : Code1: 12768 Code2: 4392
Bones Pro v2.00d For 3dsmax v2.5 : Code: OXDI-GWPF-IAW
Bonus Wheel Slots v1.1 : s/n: 252771
Bonus Wheel Slots 1.2 : Key: 252771
BookBin v3.01 : s/n: BI-300-BC65921-240136-03
BookBin v3.02 WinNt/95 : s/n: BI-300-BC65921-240136-03
BookBin v3.03 : s/n: BI-300-BC65921-240136-03
Book em for Kali95 v0.72 : Name: rk39f^n*; Code: 890890890890890890890890890890
Bookie Bookworm- All stories : 1-900-903-2665
Bookie Bookworm: All stories : 1-900-903-2665
Book Catalog Pro 1.8 : UserName: Password: 357216
BookLock v1.1 : s/n: Hex19571975
BookMaker IPF Authoring Tool for OS/2 : s/n: 549732655482
Bookmark v2.0 : Right-click on the background of the program and choose 'Upgrade' and enter: s/n: XAX-XRXTX-XHXUX-XRX (X can be any uppercase letter)
Bookmark Integrator v2.01 : Key: SpriteX Code: anrmqkfrxhg
Bookmark Integrator v2.02 : Key: SpriteX Code: anrmqkfrxhg
Bookmark Magic v2.1 : Add the following to your WIN.INI Line1: [Bookmark Magic] Line2: RegTo=CORE/ITR Line3: RegNo=BMAG5F78H01234R67890123
Bookmarks V1.04 : name: jeagon s/n: BW-336338
Bookmark Tray 1.0 : s/n: bm724439bm
Bookmarx Wolf v1.04 : Name: TIC s/n: BW-160772
Bookmarx 1.xx : Name: DanThaMan/fACTOR '98 s/n: BW666-120165
BookMarx v1.04 : Name: s/n: BW1925-153901
Book Organizer Deluxe v1.0 : Name: Azrael [PC] s/n: 831195569-731
BookTracker Collector's Edition v1.4 : s/n: BCE1L4024910Y004
Bookworm : User Name: JuNiOr s/n: 0B9F9D6YRW8JA77FKBZH
Bookworm (2) : User Name: Arnold Hansen s/n: 0R3LNYMT6Z97YCYW0PYB
Boot 'R +v2.17 : s/n: BOOTR-14306-0004-000 s/n: RH-004001-000
Boot 'R v2.1? : name: TwinHead s/n: EWG58RN5QH3DF or name: TwinHead [TWH/BDC] s/n: FVG599M5TP11 NetworkUsers: 65535
Boot 'R v2.11 : name: "Your own" s/n: RH-004001-000
Boot 'R v2.17 : BOOTR-14306-0004-000, RH-004001-000
Boot 'R v2.1x : s/n: EWG58RN5QH3DF name: TwinHead
Boot 'R v2.1x (2) : s/n: FVG599M5TP11 name: TwinHead [TWH/BDC] NetworkUsers: 65535
Boot Administrator 2.21 : s/n: ID-Vx-Sx-HRomNRvU
Boot Commander v1.27 : s/n: R302582-TTHY
BootCon v2.00 : s/n: bcf4vxxn39fe
BootLocker v3.01 : Name: MoWAX s/n: 2903552
BootLocker v4.1 : Name: Team Nobliege s/n: 20320692
Boot Locker v4.6 : Name: in_sane/PGC s/n: 16538950
Boot Locker v5.01 : Name: Liithium2/PGC s/n: 17343681
BootMagic v1.0 : s/n: PM400ENWDL-003380
Boot Manager BootMenu v4.22 : Name: Blacklist me Code: BM1-E2A8M-ED78B-AC7F
BootManager BootMenu v4.25 : Name: Barry Day, Utopia Code: BM1-FFBDD-EAAFB-AC72
BootManager BootMenu v4.26 : Name: Barry Day, Utopia Code: BM1-FFBDD-EAAFB-AC72
BootManager BootMenu v4.27 : Name: Barry Day, Utopia Code: BM1-FFBDD-EAAFB-AC72
BootManager BootMenu v4.28 : Name: Barry Day, Utopia Code: BM1-FFBDD-EAAFB-AC72
BootManager Bootmenu v4.32 : Name: Ringer DaMan Code: BM1-E2BDD-ED7BR-BC7A
BootManager Bootmenu v4.33 : Name: Registered User Code: BM1-E1B6U-EA7ER-BC76
Boot Protect 98 : name: dv - blizzard code: 26194F59701031D1F191530B
BootProtect98 v3.0 : Name: jacky_x [TRPS] s/n: ACD0D2DFC9D1E794C0B7C692C2CCC
BootProtect v4.0 : Name: Jaydee 99 s/n: 8CD0E8D8B5D78FAD9E
Bootscroller v1.89 : s/n: 12986
Boris Filters 1.0 : 8F002G-03B8M09-123DL
Boris FX 3.02 : s/n: 111222-3334445-55621
Boris FX v4.0 : s/n: 199908-666166-00615
Borland -US- Office v2.0 for Windows : s/n: IA332A10046950
Borland C++ v2.0 for OS/2 : s/n: BCP1420WW10180
Borland C++ v3.1 : s/n: IA973a10267379 Par: 14LB-TCP02
Borland C++ Builder v4.0 Enterprise Edition : s/n: 100-000-0427 Key: xcx8-19x0
Borland C++ Builder v4.0 Professional Edition : s/n: 100-000-3448 Key: 86x8-19x0
Borland JBuilder v2.0 Standard : s/n: 1111111111 Key: 4d-0-0-0
Borland JBuilder v2.0 Client/Server Suite: s/n: 9263389126 Key: 1e-0-0-0
Borland JBuilder Pro v2.01 : s/n: 1000000171 Key: c3-7-0-0
Borland Office v2.0 for Windows : IA332A10046950
Boscado Khronos v1.0 : Name: Arfa [PCY] s/n: 23b5pcy
Boscado Quill v1.0 : Name: Arfa [PCY] s/n: 476apcy
Boscado Wrap v1.0 : Name: Arfa [PCY] s/n: 8ed4pcy
Boscado Xplore v1.0 : Name: Arfa [PCY] s/n: 6b1fpcy
BoundsChecker V5.0 : name: Richardcrack code: 0kadr1rk
Bounds checker v6.0 : Standard: 6000-00009D-9B VC++: 6100-00009B-9B Delphi: 6200-00009F-9B C++ Builder: 6300-00009F-9B
BOWatch v1.2 : Name: Blackstar TRPS98 s/n: 52161212819
Brain Cell v1.01 : Code: BC-000001-10
BrainHex 1.0.x : whole new world 'Anonymous'
Brain Power v1.0 : Name: s/n: bpwr-1212124
Brainstrain v2.1 : Name: DSG TeAM Code: QNLAECPT
BrainWave Generator v2.0.7 : Name: Kimberly Allen s/n: 25638-7A3n
Brain Washer v1.0 : Name: Killing Joke s/n: 36448
BreakThrough : s/n: 1212106406042270
BreakThrough Game v1.0 : s/n: 5432790423443430
BreakThru for Windows : s/n: 017904
Breathe Mp3 Player v1.0 : Name: TRPS s/n: 177822-SER-131364-17388
BreeseFTP v3.0 : Name: TEX99 Email: TEX99@GMX.NET Single: 5E92GT6211EJ9 Custom: 5E92GT6217CD9 Enterprise: 5E92GT62LKH9 Site: 5E92GT6217KG
Bridge Manager v0.33 for Windows : s/n: 373-0111-03
Briefcase Plus v1.1 : Name: Bisoux s/n: 2833152
Bright Work Lan Center Inventory : s/n: LAI-100-11522 p/w: P18-QXAO
Broadcast v1.1.13 : Name: davy Password: Vf6mVm Company: blizzard
Broadcast v1.1.14 : Name: davy Password: Vf6mVm Company: blizzard
Broadcast v1.1.15 : Name: davy Password: Vf6mVm Company: blizzard
Broadcast v2.09 Pre-Release : Name: Lynda Rhiel Password: ERWCBRQVfLTjQzDBVTz3KLN
Broadc@st v2.0.20 : Name: Joseph Acce Password: jzoqDesz4jLqDDzDzLDrEpg
Broadc@st v2.0.21 : Name: Joseph Acce Password: jzoqDesz4jLqDDzDzLDrEpg
BroadFax v6.3.25 : Company: NeXiuS-VERSUS s/n: A602113FDD08E8
Broadway : User Name: JuNiOr s/n: 08Z10Y43VPRAWN3Y74UN
Broadway (2) : User Name: Arnold Hansen s/n: 0FPQRU9BUN1FJR0XX467
Broadway v1.4 : Name: Douglas Hill s/n: 08FL3JKZAC1DLL3U3KM8
Brother's Keeper v5.2f Windows June Revision : Name: TRPS98 s/n: 12341234 Password: 5487433
Browse And Zip v1.0a : s/n: 9876543210123C
Browse and Zip v1.5 Beta 5 : s/n: 9876543210123C
Browse and Zip v1.5 Beta 6 : s/n: 9876543210123C
Browse and Zip v1.5 Beta 7 : s/n: 9876543210123C
Browse And Zip v1.5 Final : s/n: 9876543210123C
BrowseGate v2.01 : s/n: 20123299 Key: zqkFLhpdRwYVD
Browser Lock v1.0 : s/n: afx4000-e1e10
BrowserMaster v2.01 : Name: Lukundoo [HPA] Email: s/n: BMSTR-0E9D2413E1734105
BrowserMaster v2.02 : Name: Jupiter99 Email: s/n: BMSTR-BC348FE0890D1DA6
BrowserShield v1.2 : Name: Lyne M. Esler Key: 2206147
Browserola 1.01 : Name: phenox [prophecy] key: CBW95-R10409-0000652
Bryce 3D v3.0 : s/n: 200500001507800
Bryce v4.0 : s/n: BF00WBB-0000000-CUY
Bryce3D Meta Creations : Name/Company: RiSE s/n: 200500001507800
BS/1 Professional v1.0 : Name: davy - blizzard Single: b935k524 Multi: c9kk43111
BS/1 Professional v1.0a : Name: davy - blizzard Single: b935k524 Multi: c9kk43111
BS/1 Professional v1.0b : Name: davy - blizzard Single: b935k524 Multi: c9kk43111
BS1 Professional v1.0c : Name: (Anything) Single: b935k5111 Multi: c9kk43111
BS1 Professional v1.5 : Name/Company: (Anything) Code: b935k5111
BS1 Professional v1.5a : s/n: b935k5111
BS1 Professional v1.6c : Company: (Anything) Code: b935k5111
BS1 Professional v1.6d : Name/Company: (Anything) Code: b935k5111
BS/1 Small Business 1.1h : name: PRiMESTAR s/n: f25xfs96
BS/1 Small Business 1.1I : name: PRiMESTAR s/n: f25xfs96
BS/1 Small Business v1.1i : Name: davy - blizzard Single User: b935k4111 Multi User: c9kk42111
BS/1 Small Business 1.1k : Name: (Anything) Single: b935k4111 Multi: c9kk42111
BS1 Small Business v1.5 : Name: PRiMESTAR s/n: f25xfs96
BS1 Small Business v1.6 : Name: davy - blizzard Single: b935k424 Multi: c9kk42111
Btrieve v6.15 for Windows NT : s/n: 110464
BTS Click and Paste v3.0.2 : s/n: t03117g51-0301
BuddyPhone v1.55 : Name: Jamez CoKeBoTtLe99 s/n: IKFK-LIUG-JHKG-HHOG
BuddyPhone v2.0 : FirstName: CoKeBoTtLe99! LastName: [Anthrax] s/n: 1781589856-1781644923 FirstName: Doctor LastName: Evil s/n: 9660506579-9660556015
BuddyPhone v2.01 : FirstName: CoKeBoTtLe99! LastName: [Anthrax] s/n: 1781589856-1781644923
Budget For Success v2.17 : name: davy - blizzard code: 980215
Budget for Success v2.30 : Name: Azrael [PC] s/n: 980215
Budget for Success 32bit v2.19 : Code: 980215
Budget for Success v2.20 : Code: 980215
BugCollector V2.01 PRO : user: Larry Walker Code: 5AE9B62B1891F52
BugCollector V2.02 PRO : user: Larry Walker Code: 5AE9B62B1891F52
Bug Collector Professional V2.02a : Name: SiraX DNG Code: 6Z35Z9BZ983BF5E
Bugeteer v1.5a : Name: davy - blizzard s/n: 249F0
BuilderCalc v2.1 : s/n: 3832914598
Bulk AutoMailer 95 v2.0.11 : s/n: 3435995693-721301971
Bulletproof FTP v1.07 : Create a new registry entry and put this in it: Line1: REGEDIT4 Line2: (skip) Line3: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\BPFTP] Line4: (skip) Line5: "Info1"="emhmpjqnpefpjinbnfdpbgpigochnmgmfidij jikl hngfchbenbbhjmlcpogjneoeihdol" Line6: "Info2"="hoqmegbjgibmbehlfdkkifgbkjoeoedmifkeo fhkn bqeccbjhpdhlmhdqnecqbqmcgpoei" Line7: "Info3"="elhdpedeckgpggofqknpkfqieoooqnnb"
Bulletproof FTP v1.09a : Put this info into a registry file and then run it: Line1: REGEDIT4 Line2: (skip) Line3: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\BPFTP] Line4: (skip) Line5: "Info1"="meqijcidlefkppqmrngpmmffljlojegbqhegh odhp fonoer" Line6: "Info2"="igmfepibiplfnleghjgigeiofgpeiforhcdop jcoi gdifch" Line7: "Info3"="gjgnklsbdmrmfpriddiipoinflikjhbhflegr djnd giofgcm"
Bunker! v2.0.11 : Name: Azrael [PC] Key: P38NTHK7A7A
Burn Baby Burn v1.4 : s/n: 69412172
Burning Monkey Solitaire : s/n: K5294186
BuroManager Pro v3.1 : s/n: 0E01188472020
Busines Work for Win v7.2 : REG: LE-154540 s/n: 70W23490
Business Analyst v3.5 Pro : s/n: BA350B-0556-4506901 Key: 5D7B-1B51
Business Card Designer Plus v5.50 : Name: Ringer Company: Ground Zero Inc. s/n: BCD5-D234567-CAM1
Business Cards v3.20 for Windows : name: TwinHead compa: United Cracking Force s/n: 62404691
Business Cards v3.20 for Windows(2) : name: TwinHead [uCF] !96 compa: United Cracking Force s/n: 080B5436
Business Cards v3.24 for Windows : name: ED!SON '96 company: [UCf/Xf] s/n: 02054536
BusinessCards WIN v3.x : s/n: 62404691 name: TwinHead com: United Cracking Force
BusinessCards 32 v4.18 : Name: MiRaMaX Company: TheForceTeam s/n: 07074D58
Business Cards v4.19 : s/n: 1613BC41
Business Card Designer PLUS v5.5 Win95NT: Name: IBH-RiP Company: TNO s/n: BCD5-IBH-RiP-CAM1
Business Contacts v1.2.1 : s/n: 2255-14554513
Business DataManager v3.5 : Password: SLSjx990101KSF8
Business Management 99 v3.07 : Name: EinZtein Company: FE Code: 0033-0124793-1999-04207969-5544
Business Management v3.08 : Name: Crystal s/n: 0124793-1999-04207969
BusinessObjects v4.1 : Name: PREMiERE Organization: (Anything) Product Key: ER6L-A83QG-8JE5 RDBMS Key: 7E6B-26SI6-GPE9
BusinessObjects v4.1.3 : Product Key: S3mr-b6i6e-cpkg Database Key: Vn59-66un5-gfe5
Business Vision II Delta v2.13 for Dos : s/n: 7416-1775-1331
Business Works Accounting v8.0 : s/n: 80-32493
ButtonWiz v4.0 : Code: 2KUL
ButtonWiz v5.1 Home Page Edition : Code: 4109
ButtonWiz Programmers Edition v5.2 : Code: 3381
BuyPin Component Pack v1.00 : Name: tKC Code: 151515-BUPACK1-1125-13440 or Name: tKC/CiA '99 Code: 444000-BUPACK1-4125-1280
Buzof v1.42 for Windows95 NT : Code 00065536 - 00010133
Buzof v1.44 : s/n: 16162081-13030100
Buzof v1.46 : s/n: 38285716-20231424
BVS Solitaire Collection v2.0 : s/n: BSG-006-B342-6832
BWS Data Workshop 4.3.28 : Name/Company: Gabrielle Borkan s/n: 3364176
By Design for WordPerfect for Windows : s/n: W20FE06314
By Design v2.0 : s/n: 637040360
Byelines v3.5.0 : Name: snowmannen s/n: 605741065110
ByeLines v4.1.1 : Name: CORE/JES s/n: 60A02E756EB9FB3F
ByeLines v4.2.1 : Name: CORE/JES s/n: 60a02e756eb9fb3f
Byron Mortgage Calculators v1.4 : First/Last Name: UNICITY Code: Y-14283552236
ByteCatcher Pro v3.0 : s/n: 239856538576
ByteCatcher Pro 3.1a : s/n: 239856538576
Bytecatcher Pro v3.2 : Name: Ringer Company: Ground Zero Inc. s/n: 239856538576
ByteCatcher FTP Client v1.04b : Name: The Master DaVinci Company: Phrozen Crew s/n: 98437856278
BytesBak v1.15c For Win95NT : s/n Prefix: BB s/n: 8021972 Company: Kill3xx / AVaLoN #ofCodes: 9999 License Type: network License Key: US24VAV86WHFETCX
Battlefield Vietnam
S/N: FR33-HS5B-1Z11-DTLF-A24A
LC2J-6FE9-W651-WZ51-S9AA or DKH9-MM4Y-65S1-9STY-1E48 or AQ88-VV58-879Q-Z234-6EA1 or KHDD-73NZ-E96W-ZALA-15OC or CBD5-KWAZ-1DF9-6AKO-HSLN or HEF7-Y3RG-YFAS-MISP-A6AR or A67F-VUFU-1321-5EAE-1AFW or FAM5-M65D-F687-ZB6D-1R51 or ZJU4-94AW-35W1-ZL84-EFA9 or


code: F2SS-GFNM-2004-7GTI-G0IH

Battlefield Vietnam 1

Battlefield 1942 1
Key: 6784-2734899-2989528-0725
From: 678427348992989528

Battlefield 1942 1.0
S/N: 4508-1190622-5295798-0863

Note: and never forget: Don't register it online !!!

Battlefield 1942 Beta 8
S/N: 1500-8865273-0256050-0144

Battlefield 1942 [page 01]
S/N: 5000-0000000-0000000-1318
S/N: 1500-9148038-8208537-0266
S/N: 0901-8364486-6551585-1602
S/N: 0901-2117082-6411623-2820
S/N: 0901-1705530-6464377-0746
S/N: 0901-2232621-4402577-0357
S/N: 1901-1612487-1621652-2550
S/N: 0901-6612228-5254810-3549
S/N: 0901-7450251-3833766-3223
S/N: 0901-2113787-5776636-3338
S/N: 0901-0120062-1518273-2120
S/N: 4509-4188686-4654577-0456

Battlefield 1942 [page 02]
S/N: 0901-8364486-6551585-1602
S/N: 0901-0736450-3704788-0804
S/N: 0901-6727546-1413284-1863
S/N: 1500-5079527-8176867-0932
S/N: 4507-5241453-0962773-1766
S/N: 0901-0015535-5555406-1554
S/N: 0901-0168575-1582222-1020
S/N: 0901-4132752-0638788-3355
S/N: 0901-6333483-0184262-1357
S/N: 0901-4366245-6124611-2452
S/N: 0901-4012488-5776632-3546

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