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Sunday, June 6, 2010


3 - 2
Language is the most commonly used medium of self-expression in all spheres of human life – personal, social and professional. A student must have a fair knowledge of English language and skills to communicate effectively to handle the future jobs in industry. The objective of this course is to enable the diploma holders to acquire proficiency, both in spoken (oral) and written language. At the end of the course, the student will be able to develop comprehension skills, improve vocabulary, use proper grammar, acquire writing skills, correspond with others and enhance skills in spoken English. It is expected that each polytechnic will establish a communication skill laboratory for conducting practicals mentioned in the curriculum.

1. Facets of Literature (14 hrs)
1.1 Short Stories
1.1.1 Homecoming – R.N. Tagore
1.1.2 The Selfish Giant - Oscar Wilde
1.1.3 The Diamond Necklace- Guy- De Maupassantt
1.1.4 The Stick – Justice Surinder Singh

1.2 Prose
1.2.1 I Have A Dream – Martin Luther King
1.2.2 On Habits – A. G. Gardiner
1.2.3 My struggle for An Education- Booker T Washington
1.2.4 On Seeing People Off – Max Beerbohm

1.3 Poems
1.3.1 Ozymandias – P.B. Shelley
1.3.2 Daffodils – William Wordsworth
1.3.3 Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening – Robert Frost
1.3.4 Forefathers- Edmund Blunden

2. Grammar and Usage (10 hrs)
2.1 Parts of speech
2.1.1 Nouns
2.1.2 Pronouns
2.1.3 Adjectives
2.1.4 Articles
2.1.5 Verbs
2.1.6 Adverbs
2.1.7 Prepositions
2.1.8 Conjunction
2.1.9 Interjection
2.1.10 Identifying parts of speech
2.1.11 Structures: Verb patterns, Question tags,
2.1.12 Subject – Verb agreement (concord)

2.2 Pair of words (Words commonly confused and misused)
2.3 Tenses
2.4 Correction of incorrect sentences
2.5 One word Substitution

3. Translation (04 hrs)
3.1 Glossary of Administrative Terms (English and Hindi)
3.2 Translation from Hindi into English

4. Paragraph of 100-150 words from outlines (08 hrs)

5. Comprehension (04 hrs)
Unseen passages of literacy, scientific, data/graph based for comprehension exercises

6. Communication (08 hrs)
6.1 Definition, Introduction and Process of Communication
6.2 Objectives of Communication
6.3 Notices

1. Locating a Book in Library
2. How to look up words in a Dictionary: meaning and pronunciation of words as given in the standard dictionary using symbols of phonetics,
3. How to Seek Information from an Encyclopedia
4. Listening pre-recorded English language learning programme
5. Paper Reading before an audience (reading unseen passages)
6. Study of spelling Rules
7. Study of essentials of a Good Speech to respond and comprehend visual, oral themes, situations or stimulus and practice before select gathering
8. Exercises on use of different abbreviations
9. Greetings for different occasions
10. Introducing oneself, others and leave taking
11. Exercises on writing sentences on a topic
1. The Text Book on “English and Communication Skills, Book-I By Kuldip Jaidka et. al. developed by NITTTR, Chandigarh is recommended to be used for teaching and setting-up the question papers.
2. A communication laboratory may be set up consisting of appropriate audio-video system with facility of playing CDs/DVDs and a video camera for recording the performance of each student with play back facility. A set of CDs from any language training organization e.g. British Council etc. may be procured for use of students.
3. Elements of body language will be incorporated in all practicals
4. The practical exercises involving writing may also be included in Theory Examination.

1. English and Communication Skills, Book-I By Kuldip Jaidka, Alwainder Dhillon and Parmod Kumar Singla, Prescribed by NITTTR, Chandigarh Published By Abhishek Publication, 57-59, Sector-17, Chandigarh
2. Essentials of Business Communication by Pal and Rorualling; Sultan Chand and Sons
3. The Essence of Effective Communication, Ludlow and Panthon; Prentice Hall of India
4. New Design English Grammar, Reading and Writing Skills by AL Kohli (Course A and course B), Kohli Publishers, 34 Industrial Area Phase-II, Chandigarh,
5. New Design English Reading and Advanced Writing Skills for Class XI and XII by MK Kohli and AL Kohli; Kohli Publishers, 34 Industrial Area Phase-II, Chandigarh,
6. A Practical English Grammar by Thomson and Marlinet
7. Spoken English by V Sasikumar and PV Dhamija; Tata McGraw Hill
8. English Conversation Practice by Grount Taylor; Tata McGraw Hill
9. Developing Communication Skills by Krishna Mohan and Meera Banerji; MacMillan India Ltd., Delhi
10. Business Correspondence and Report Writing by RC Sharma and Krishna Mohan; Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Company Ltd. New Delhi
11. Communication Skills by Ms R Datta Roy and KK Dhir; Vishal Publication, Jalandhar
Topic No. Time Allotted (Hrs) Marks Allotted (%)
1 14 30
2 10 20
3 4 10
4 8 15
5 4 10
6 8 15
TOTAL 48 100

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