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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

BBC World TV Quiz Game

BBC World TV Quiz Game 
1.       Which gate of Delhi was renamed Victoria after the recapture of the city by the British in 1857?
Ans---Lahori Gate
2.       Who is the only individual to have won a gold medal at both the summer and winter Olympics?
Eddie Eagan
3.       Who led the Russian army, when it finally gave battle to Napolean Bonaparte at Borodine in September 1812?
Ans---General Kutusov
4.       Which psychological probe for personality traits based on the interpretation of ink blots is named after its Swiss creator?
Ans---Rorschach test
5.       What name did the Roman Emperor Gaius Caesar adopt from the Latin for ‘little boot’?
6.       Who had presented the gem to Sita which she sent back with Hanuman as a token for Rama?
7.       Before Zinedine Zidane, who was the last player to score two goals in a world cup final match?
Ans---Mario Kempes of Argentina in 1978
8.       Inspired by the ancient Shilpashastras, which Indian city was designed and constructed by Vidyadhar Chakarborty?
9.       Of which political group of the French Revolution did Tipu Sultan become a member, even while at Seringaptam?
Ans---The Jacobin Club
10.   In 1932 from which city did JRD Tata fly to Bombay in the first ever commercial mail flight in the subcontinent?
11.   Which stretch of water, by its shape is also known as La Manche, French for ‘the sleeve’?
Ans---English Channel
12.   What wasthe name of the Portuguese taxation system by which every Indian ship sailing for trade had to buy passes from the viceroy of Goa?
13.   What was the name given to the Tsarist parliament instituted by Nicholas II in 1905?
14.   What was Nazi Germany air force called ?
15.   Which social practice was abolished by lord William Bentinck by ‘Regulation 17’ of 1829?
16.   On which Bengali novelist’s story did Mrinal Sen case his 1969 Hindi film Buvan Shome’?
Ans—Bonophool by bolai chandra
17.   What political movement was started in 1870 by Isaac Butt in Ireland and later influenced a similar movement in india?
Ans---home Rule Association
18.   Which greek mythological figure was endowed by the gift of prophecy but was fated never to be belived?
19.   How many colours are there on the squares of Rubik cube?
20.   The name of which US public opinion statistician has now become a generic term for sample surveys of public opinion?
Ans--- George Gallup

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